Holodomor Education Fellowships

The organizers of the Holodomor Symposium would like to invite applications for Holodomor Education Fellowships. The fellowships in the amount of $100 are for history and social science teachers, community college instructors, university faculty, librarians, and all those who are interested in the issues of human rights and social justice. The applicants must attend at least seven events, including the master class, write a one-page reflection on the symposium, and design one activity that will incorporate the topic of the Holodomor. The funds will be available through our sponsor, the Ukrainian Culture Center-Los Angeles, as follows: an award of $100 available in January 2018, after the completion of the deliverables.

To apply, please complete our symposium Registration Form section Holodomor Education Fellowships RSVP.   

Holodomor Essay Writing Contest

Call for Submissions: 2017 Holodomor Essay Writing Contest

The organizers of the Holodomor Symposium would like to invite submissions for the 2017 Holodomor Essay Writing Contest. Essays should be no longer than four double-spaced pages, including reference matter, and in English (please see Submission Guidelines). Completed submissions must be received by November 5, 2017. Please send a copy of the essay and a brief biographical sketch to the Millstones of History, our contest sponsor, at millstonesofhistory@gmail.com as email attachments.