Dr. Melissa JordineMelissa Jordine

Associate Professor

Office: SS 127

Email: mjordine@csufresno.edu

Office phone: 278-5418

Ph. D. - Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (1998)
M.A. - Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (1995)
B.A. - Western Illinois University (1993)


Research/Teaching Interests:

German intervention in N. Africa in 1940, World War II, Modern Germany, Dictatorships

Select Publications:

Dispute Over Gibraltar, edited by James Matray & Christian Green, for the Arbitrary Borders: Political Boundaries in World History series (Chelsea House Publishers, 2006)

"A Practical Compromise to Teaching World History: Thematic Bridges, Standards, and Technology." World History Connected. June 2008. Co-authored with Maritere Lopez. http://worldhistoryconnected.press.illinois.edu/5.3/lopez.html> (21 Oct. 2009)

"Radio signals and intelligence activities by the British and Germans during the war in North Africa, 1941-1942" (in progress)

Courses Offered:

Western Civilization II, World History I & II
Modern Germany
The Holocaust
20th Century Dictatorships
20th Century Europe
Warfare in the Western World
The Blitzkrieg (Graduate Seminar)

Work in Progress:

I am continuing to research British and German intelligence activities in North Africa during the Second World War. I am also the consulting scholar for a lesson on the Origins of the Cold War. This lesson is part of the History Blueprint Cold War Unit, currently being developed for 11th grade teachers by the Statewide Office of the California History Social Science Project, and it is aligned with both the California History Social Science Standards and the Language Arts Common Core Standards.