Mark Arvanigian


Office: Social Science 121


Office phone: (559) 278-2297

PhD - University of Durham (2001)
BA, MA - California State University, Fresno (1991, 1993)

Research/Teaching interests:

Medieval and early-modern English politics and political culture; landed economy and society; political ideas and their expression; war and finance; aristocratic and gentry cultures; religious and intellectual history of later medieval England.

Select Publications:

Ralph Neville & the Governance of England, 1367-1425 (Book manuscript under contract with Brill).

"Henry V and the North." Reign of Henry V, ed. G. Dodd (Woodbridge [UK], 2012).

"A County Community or the Politics of the Nation? Border Service and Baronial Influence in the Palatinate of Durham, 1377-1413." Historical Research (Journal of the Institute of Historical Research, London), vol. 81: no. 151 (2009), pp. 41-61.

"Managing the North in the Reign of Henry IV, 1402-1408." The Reign of Henry IV: Rebellion and Survival, 1403-1413, ed. D. Biggs and G. Dodd (Woodbridge, 2008).

"Regional Politics, Landed Society and the Coal Industry in North-East England, 1350-1430." Fourteenth Century England, 4 (2006), pp. 175-91.

"The Durham Gentry and the Scottish March, 1370-1400: County Service in Late Medieval England," Northern History, 42: 2 (2005), pp. 259-75.

"'Lancastrianization' of the North in the Reign of Henry IV, 1399-1413," in Reputation and Representation in Later Medieval England, ed. D. Biggs, A.C. Reeves and S. Michalove (Leiden, The Netherlands, 2004), pp. 9-38.

"A Lancastrian Polity? John of Gaunt, John Neville and the War with France, 1368-1388," Fourteenth Century England, 3 (2004), pp. 121-42.

"Henry IV, the Northern Nobility, and the Consolidation of the Regime," in Reign of Henry IV: The Establishment of the Regime, ed. G. Dodd and D.L. Biggs, (Woodbridge, 2003), pp. 117-38.

"Landed Society and the Governance of the North in the Later Middle Ages: The Case of Sir Ralph Eure," Medieval Prosopography, 22 (2001), pp. 65-87.

“Regional Society and National Politics: The Rise of the Lancastrian North,” Regions and Regionalism: Essays in Honour of A.J. Pollard, ed. Peter Fleming (Boydell & Brewer, 2016).

“Richard II, the Beauforts and the Political Crisis of 1397,” awaiting ed. decision, Historical Research (IHR, London).

“Public Life, Private Power, and the Origins of a Distinct Lancastrian Political Culture,” article in revision for Fourteenth Century England (VIII), 2016


Courses Offered:


History 1 Western Civilization to 1688
History 2 Western Civilization since 1688
History 11 U.S. History to 1877
History 12 U.S. History since 1877
History 100 Historical Methods and Writing
History 121 Europe in the Middle Ages
History 122 Medieval Culture
History 124T Medieval History in Film
History 124T Later Medeival English Culture and Society
History 124 British History through Literature and Film
History 125 Europe in the Renaissance
History 126 Reformation Europe
History 149T Great Figures from the British Past
History 149T Great Figures in European History
History 149T England from Chaucer to Shakespeare
History 150 England to 1485
History 151 England and Empire
History 192 Readings in Medieval History


History 200 Historiography -- Medieval and Early-modern historians, writers, and traditions.
History 200A Ancient and Medieval Historiography
History 220T The Hundred Years' War
History 220T France, England and the making of the State
History 220T Tudor England
History 220T English Political Society in the Later Middle Ages
History 230 Late Antiquity: Rome, Byzantium, and the West
History 235 Shakespeare's Kings: England in the Age of Richard II and Henry IV
History 235 France and England in the Later Middle Ages
History 235 England under the Three Edwards
History 290 Research and Readings in Medieval History

Teaching in the Honors College, CSU, Fresno:

Humanities 10H Honors Introduction to Ancient and Medieval
Humanities Honors 101 Emerging Voices after Colonialism: Revolution in Theory, Revolution in Practice

Work In Progress:

I am finishing a project on the dukes of Lancaster and the political culture they nurtured, and am writing a book-length manuscript on politics and landed society in the north of England for Brill. I am also starting work on a book-length study of kingship, nobility and the political culture of England in the late middle ages.