Dr. Lori CluneLori Clune

Assistant Professor
& Social Science Credential Advisor

Office: Social Science 129A

Email: lclune@csufresno.edu

Office phone: 278-8895

PhD U.C. Davis (2010)
MA New York University
BA Purchase College


Research/Teaching Interests:

Cold War America, McCarthyism, U.S. Diplomatic History, U.S. and Vietnam

Select Publications:

What Died with the Rosenbergs?  Losing Hearts and Minds in 1950s Latin America,” in Avital Bloch and Rosario Rodriguez, eds., The Cold War: North America and Latin America, 1945-1970 (Mexico: University of Colima Press), Spanish translation, forthcoming, 2014.

"Political Ideology and Activism to 1966" in Andrew L. Johns, ed., A Companion to Ronald Reagan (Mass: Wiley-Blackwell), forthcoming, April, 2014. ISBN: 978-1-11-860777-0.

"Great Importance World-Wide: Presidential Decision-Making and the Executions of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg," American Communist History, Volume 10, Issue 3, December 2011, p. 263-284.

Executing the Rosenbergs: A Transnational History (book manuscript, in progress)

Courses Offered:

American History from 1877
Trials of the Century
Colonial Americas
U.S. - Latin American Diplomacy
United States and Vietnam
United States during the Cold War
Methods & Materials for Social Science Educators

Work in Progress:

I am currently working on a book project, Executing the Rosenbergs: A Transnational History. I am also interested in exploring the political activism of singer/actor Paul Robeson and his passport issues in the context of 1950s anti-communism. I also plan to delve into Dwight Eisenhower and his presidential management style, and explore a political biography of Kermit the Frog.