Jewish Studies Certificate Program Enrollment Form

Department of History, Fresno State

Welcome to the Jewish Studies Certificate Program!  To enroll in the program, please provide the following information and list the classes you have already taken or are enrolled in this semester.  Enrolling in the program online is the easiest way to let the program coordinator know about your interest in Jewish Studies.  You can also schedule an appointment to meet with the program coordinator:
Jill Fields, Professor of History, Social Sciences 123, 559-278-5414,



Jewish Studies Certificate Program Guidelines and Checklist

Certificate Requirements:

Complete a minimum of 12 units with a grade of C or better
Complete a minimum of 15 units with an average GPA in certificate-eligible courses of 3.5 or higher to earn a Certificate in Jewish Studies with Honors
Coursework in at least two disciplines (eg. history, religion, culture, politics, language)

Course Offerings (may include but are not limited to the following courses):

  • ENGLISH 116/PHILOSOPHY 134: Literature of Old Testament* (4 units)_____
  • ENGLISH 179: Multi-Ethnic American Literature (4 units) _____
  • HEBREW 1A: Hebrew (3 units) _____
  • HISTORY 103: History of Early Christianity (3 units) _____
  • HISTORY 107: Modern Middle East (3 units) _____
  • HISTORY 115: Ancient Israel (3 units) _____
  • HISTORY 140: Holocaust (3 units) _____
  • HISTORY 186: American Immigration and Ethnic History (3 units) _____
  • PHILOSOPHY 158: Judaism (3 units) _____
  • SOCIOLOGY 169: Sociology of Religion (3 units) _____
  • JEWISH STUDIES COMMUNITY SERVICE 101:** (1-3 units) _____
  • JEWISH STUDIES TOPICS COURSES ("T" courses: 3-12 units) _____ _____ _____ _____

Special topics classes with a Jewish Studies focus recently offered include Greek 131T: Josephus; History 129T: Anti-Semitism from Medieval to Modern World; History 179T: Jewish American Popular Culture; Political Science 144T: Middle East Politics.

  • Community Service Internship or an approved internship course in any major may satisfy the service learning internship option for this certificate (subject to approval by the Jewish Studies Certificate Program Coordinator).
  • Certificate coursework may include a supervised internship undertaken for credit that will fulfill one certificate course requirement. **COMS 101 allows 1-3 units. CR/NC grading only. See
  • Courses taken to fulfill the requirement of the Jewish Studies Certificate may be used to fulfill requirements of other degree or certificate programs.
  • The certificate will only be issued after students consult with the Jewish Studies Certificate Program Coordinator to ensure that courses taken meet certificate requirements.

Rev. 5/7/15