Credential Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree in an area other than education.

2. Education Courses (2042 credential, post Sp 03):

Prerequisites: (1) EHD 50 (2 unit) or waiver (45 hours, see ED 100 for forms) (2) pass the CBEST


Deadlines: September 30th for Spring, January 31st for Summer, February 28th for Fall

CI 151 Social Foundations of Education 3 (with or before

CI 152 Psychological Foundations of Education 3 155A)

CI 161 Methods & Materials in Secondary Teaching 3 (fall only)

CI 159 Curriculum & Instruction in Secondary Schools 3 (with 155A)

SPED 121 Teaching Students w/Special Needs in the Gen Ed Set 2 (with 155A)

EHD 155A Initial Student Teaching (Middle School, >2 periods) 4

LEE 154 Content Area Lang & Lit for Secondary Learners 5

EHD 155B Final Student Teaching (High School, >4 periods) 10

Total 33 units

(33 units post BA, usually takes 2 semesters)

3. Subject Matter Competency (must demonstrate competency before 155B)

A. California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET)

I. World History; Geography 39 multiple choice items and 3 essays

II. U.S. History; Geography 39 multiple choice items and 3 essays

III. Civics; Economics; California History 40 multiple choice, 3 essays




New Plan (for students receiving BA after May 2009)