Do you want to TEACH 7th – 12th grade Social Science?

Get a Bachelor’s Degree in History,

complete Subject Matter Competency in Social Science,

and take the prerequisites for the

Social Science Single Subject Teaching Credential

Neil Conner, Social Science Credential Coordinator,, SS128


Grade 7World History and Geography: Medieval and Early Modern Times; Grade 8 – United States History and Geography: Growth and Conflict; Grade 9 – Elective Courses in History-Social Science; Grade 10 – World History, Culture, and Geography: The Modern World; Grade 11 – United States History and Geography: Continuity and Change in the 20th Century; Grade 12 – Principles of American Democracy / Principles of Economics; and SS AP classes


Credential Check List:

_____ Bachelor’s degree (recommended in history, political science,  geography, or economics)


Prerequisites:  (you must complete these BEFORE being admitted to the Credential Program)

_____  EHD 50: Introduction to Teaching (3 unit) OR Early Field Experience Waiver,

_____  Take and pass the CBEST

_____  CI 149: Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology (3 unit) (or semester 1 for 3 semester plan)


_____  Subject Matter Competency:California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET),

I.  World History; Geography – multiple choice items and essays

II.  U.S. History; Geography – multiple choice items and essays

III.  Civics; Economics; California History – multiple choice items and essays


Coursework: Social Science Subject Matter Plan (on flip side)





COURSES:       CI 151: Social Context of Teaching & Learning (3 units)

                          CI 152: Adolescent Learning & Development (3 units)

                          CI 161: Content Specific Expertise & Pedagogy (3 units, OFFERED FALL ONLY)

                          SPED 158: Differentiated Instruction in Inclusive Secondary Settings (3 units, school site)

                          LEE 156: Content Area Literacy & Communication (3 units, school site)

                          LEE 157: Differentiating Instruction: English Learners (3 units, school site)

                          EHD 155A: Student Teaching in the Secondary Schools (4 units)

                          EHD 154A: Student Teaching Seminar A (1 unit)

EHD 155B: Student Teaching in Secondary Schools (10 units)

                          EHD 154B: Student Teaching Seminar B (1 unit)


Semester 1         CI 151, CI 152, CI 161 (FALL ONLY) or SPED 158, LEE 156, EHD 155A, EHD 154A

Semester 2         LEE 157, CI 161 (FALL ONLY) or SPED 158, EHD 155B, EHD 154B              


 Semester 1         CI 149, CI 151, CI 152

Semester 2          CI 161 (FALL ONLY) or SPED 158, LEE 156, EHD    155A, EHD 154A

Semester 3         LEE 157, CI 161 (FALL ONLY) or SPED 158, EHD 155B, EHD 154B                    LC_6_2015