Picture of girl doing math workIf you are interested in teaching in the state of California you need a Teaching Credential. To teach any of the Social Sciences (history, political science, economics, geography) on the middle school or high school level (grades seven through twelve) you need a Social Science Single Subject Teaching Credential.

To earn this credential you need three basic things:

  1. A Bachelor's degree in an area other than education. Most students major in history, political science, geography, or economics.
  2. Education courses which total 34 units, usually taken over 2 semesters. This includes student teaching in a middle school (4 units) and student teaching in a high school (10 units). This work is predominantly post-baccalaureate.
  3. Demonstrate subject matter competence: Complete an approved subject matter preparation program or pass the subject matter examinations designated by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Three prerequisites for the credential program, to be completed while working on your bachelor's degree are:

  1. Take and pass the CBEST and,
  2. Take EHD 50: Introduction to Teaching or complete Early Field Experience Waiver (See Kremen School of Education)
  3. Subject Matter Competency (SMC). This is the state of California's way of saying the person has proven they know enough about the subject they can teach it. Competency can be proven one of two ways:
  • Take and pass the three parts of the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) for Social Science OR
  • Take courses in the CSU Fresno Social Science Subject Matter Competency Plan (63 Units) .