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Grant Opportunities

Reachable Grant

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Reimagine Educating:  American Civics and History Academies for Better Learning and Engagement.

High-need students and students from underserved populations have the opportunity to build the future by studying the past through the REACHABLE grant.

Last year, Fresno State was awarded a $1.7 million REACHABLE grant by the U.S. Department of Education. A grant that seeks to engage Fresno State scholars with local teachers and students around a shared interest in history and civics. It also offers opportunities to teachers and students in the greater Fresno area who are excited about learning more about history and civics, but who may not have had opportunities to explore these themes in greater depth.

Our goals include increasing student achievement and developing college-ready skills for students through introducing them to the rich resources of national parks, national monuments and historic landmarks in California.

Spearheaded by former Provost Lynnette Zelezny and Dr. DenBeste, Fresno State is offering many resources to assist in this project.  A number of Fresno State scholars give lectures to participants and are involved in planning appropriate activities. Fresno State has also partnered with the Fresno Historical Society and the California History Social Sciences project to provide content as the REACHABLE grant seeks to demonstrate that history matters.