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S OgunjemiyoWelcome to Geography and City & Regional Planning Department at California State University, Fresno and thank you for visiting our webpage. We are a student centered department that prides in the quality of our programs and the commitments of our faculty to educational excellence. Our programs are designed to train students so they can be equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to be competitive in global market and have a successful career as an urban and regional planner, GIS analyst, data and mapping consultant, information specialist, climatologist, natural and resources specialist, environmental consultant state/local public health/social services administrator, diplomat, teacher and economic researcher.

Our department has one of the most diverse faculty in the California State University System. This is especially important considering the faculty, staff and students at Fresno State University are from diverse ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our faculty members are currently engaged in research projects that address problems that not only affect our life here in the San Joaquin Valley, but which may also affect life elsewhere in the world. Our majors have the opportunities to work on faculty projects as paid student research assistants and attend local and national conferences.

I encourage you to explore our webpage for more information about our department and contact us for any questions you might have. The department office is located in Science I Building, Room 182.

Thank you.

Segun Ogunjemiyo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair


Most Oustanding Student 2014-15
Victoria Burnell


Congratulations to Victoria Burnell for being the 2015 most outstanding student of the Department of Geography and City & Regional Planning. She was unanimously and enthusiastically selected for this honor by the department faculty in recognition of her academic excellence and a remarkable record of service to the university and her community.

Victoria arrived at Fresno State in the fall of 2013 as a transfer student from Fresno City College. Though her initial plan was to major in political science, she quickly changed to Geography and Planning on realizing the discipline provides the pathway to fulfil her goal of acquiring a greater knowledge and understanding of the interactions between humans and their environments. I got to know Victoria very well when she was in my air quality class in fall 2014. As a student, she demonstrated a love of learning and the level of commitment necessary to succeed in college and beyond. Her intellectual curiosity is evidenced from the list of her academic achievements as evidenced from her current overall GPA of 3.92 and her placement on the President’s list or the Dean’s list in each semester she’s been at Fresno State. She is expected to graduate this May as a Summa Cum Laude.

Victoria doesn’t only excel in the classroom. She has passion for community service and volunteer work, and has given back to her community in several ways. In fall 2010, she helped lead the Ventura College Women’s Soccer Team to a Western State Conference title as a freshman captain. After her third surgery due to injury from soccer, she decided to take it easy and would help run training clinics for children. At Fresno State, she founded the Fresno State Women’s Soccer Club and has been the club’s President and captain since fall 2013. She has also been a very active member of the Geography Club since 2013, and is presently serving a very active role in that club as secretary. She has provided exceptional leadership for the club and has striven to encourage club members to become involved in university and community related activities.

Victoria is a member of the Kappa Theta chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon, which is an international geographical honor society. Her ultimate goal is to pursue a career in the field of emergency management and work for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or the American Red Cross as an emergency manager.


Most Outstanding Student 2013-14
Nicole Hoke

hokeCongratulations to Nicole Hoke for being the 2014 Department’s Most Outstanding Student.  The Department is very proud of her and what she has accomplished. .

Seventeen years ago, Nicole was a pregnant teenage high school dropout. She graduated Spring 2014 Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in Geography with a minor in Urban Studies and a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems. What a story!

Nicole is an exceptional student with a strong passion for pursuit of knowledge and excellence. She arrived at Fresno State in the fall of 2011 as a student majoring in geography, and who was ready to make the most of the opportunities that were to come her way as she continued to pursue her dream of obtaining a college education.  Arriving as a transfer student with a GPA of 3.95, Nicole quickly got to work and made the President’s List in her first semester of the fall 2011, again in the spring of 2012, and once again in the fall of 2012. In the spring of 2013 she earned one “B” and made the Dean’s List. During her time here at Fresno State, Nicole has earned, so far, a major GPA of 4.000 and an overall GPA, so far, of 3.953, and that she will graduate from Fresno State as a Summa Cum Laude.

Nicole worked with Dr. Mohan Dangi on research focusing on understanding Life Cycle Analysis of Green Waste in Fresno, CA. She has presented her work at four conferences and won the Best poster presentation award at the 2013 Central California Research Symposium and her poster was among the finalists for an award at the Global Waste Management Symposium 2012. Because of her ability to comprehend technical-social interface topics easily, she stands out among her peers.

But Nicole doesn’t only excel in the classroom. She also excels in her service to the university and to the community. She has been involved in the Geography Club since 2011, and is presently serving a very active role in that club as its’ president. She has provided exceptional leadership for the club. She helped restart the Kappa Theta chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon, the international geographic honor society and has striven to encourage club members to become involved in university and community related activities such as voter registration and Valley Children’s Kid’s Day. She also helped to prepare geography majors for careers in geography through participation in professional organizations such as Association of American Geographers, California Geographical Society, Association of Environmental Professionals, and American Planning Association. To that end, she has worked very closely with the central chapter of the Association of Environmental Professions to bring students and professionals together at events such as 2013 AEP Interactive Panel and this year’s upcoming AEP Speed-Networking. She organized the group of students that went to Tampa in April to attend the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting.

Of all of her accomplishments at Fresno State, Nicole is most proud of the way she has demonstrated the importance of higher education to her children. She hopes they see that it is important to attend college, but more important to make the most of every opportunity and always go above and beyond what is required of you.







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