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Virtual learning will continue through the summer 2020 term - Click here for latest information about COVID-19.

Dr. Neil Conner, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geography

Office: Science 152
Office Phone:

Class Schedule Spring 2020

Class Time Date Location
GEOG 2: Cultural Geography 9:00-9:50am MWF S 147
GEOG 173: American West 10:00-10:50am MWF S 147
GEOG 173: American West 12:00-12:50pm MWF S 147

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1:00-2:30pm; Tuesday 3:00-6:00pm or by appointment


Neil Conner is an Assistant Professor of Geography and joined the Department of Geography and City & Regional Planning at California State University, Fresno in 2018. Dr. Conner's research interest lies at the intersection of Cultural and Political Geography, and includes the following:

Sense of Belonging:
Contested Notions of Identity; Immigration; Multiculturalism; Inclusion/Exclusion; Territoriality

Geographic Education:
Teaching Controversial Topics; Globalization; Citizenship; Religion; Geographic Scale

Popular Geopolitics:
Place Representations, National Narratives, Imagined Communities/Worlds of Fandom, Sports.

What unites these interests is a concern with how place-based identities are undergoing profound changes in an ever-expanding/shrinking globalized world. Despite popular rhetoric about how globalization is 'bringing the world closer together,' in reality, the integration of political, economic, and cultural systems is rife with conflict. By better understanding the political and cultural construction of belonging and how this process materializes at various geographic scales, we can begin to deconstruct the ways in which societies operate and how identities are being both created and contested on an everyday basis. This focus on the (geo)politics of belonging, then, provides us with a way to more fully comprehend historic divisions within society, and also begin to craft more inclusive places and spaces that allow for greater cooperation and mutual understanding.

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