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Minor in Urban Studies (Interdisciplinary)

The interdisciplinary Urban Studies Minor provides exposure to the analysis of urban and regional problems and serves as an excellent supplement to other academic degree programs offered throughout the university. A special major in urban studies may be designed to meet the needs of students with an interest in this area.

Coordinator: Consult department chair, Geography Department.

Faculty Advisers: Undergraduate advisers of the Geography Department, Anthropology Department, and Sociology Department.

Required Courses

Concepts and Issues* (9 units)
GEOG 160, or SOC 163 (3 units)
PLSI 181 (3 units)
GEOG 181 (3 units)

Methods and Techniques* (6-9 units)
Select from the following list of courses:  GEOG 30, 132, 141; PLSI 90; SOC 175

Electives (3-6 units)
With the approval of a program adviser, elect 3-6 units with no more than 3 lower-division units from the following list of courses: AFRS 1, 104W, 135; ANTH 120; BA 120, 154; CLAS 3; CRIM 2; ECON 40, 50; FIN 180; GEOG 128, 132, 141, 142, 143, 146, 149, 160, 181, 187T, 190, 192; HIST 137; PLSI 90, 103, 160, 163; SOC 2, 111, 125,131, 163. Senior students may elect internship by registering for SSCI 185 (1-3 units).

Total (21 units)

* Students with a course equivalent to one in this category, taken in their major, may, with the approval of the coordinator, substitute additional units from the electives list for the units required here.

Note: The minors also require a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence.


Credential Program

See the Social Sciences credential adviser, Social Science Building, Room 118, for advising, and refer to Secondary Teaching Credential under Social Sciences Programs.