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Geography is a discipline that can trace its beginning to the ancient Greeks. Eratosthenes, a Greek scholar who lived in the third-century B.C., is thought to have been the first to use the word geography (from ge, meaning the earth, and graphe, meaning description). Since those early days, Geographers have studied the earth, the distribution of life upon it, and the complex interactions of the environment and the many cultures of humankind. In a very real sense, Geographers are uniquely trained to "see the big picture" of life on this planet. They employ the foundations of thinking and the research methods of what are now known as the natural and social sciences, many of which can trace their beginnings to the discipline of Geography.

Faculty, in the Department of Geography, are currently engaged in research projects that address problems that not only affect our life here in the San Joaquin Valley, but which may also affect life elsewhere in the world.

We wish to invite students to join us on our exploration of the earth of the 21st century, and to help us solve some problems so that all of our lives could be made a little better.

Thank you,

Segun Ogunjemiyo, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair



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