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Major Advising

It is strongly recommended that students meet with a faculty advisor a minimum of once an academic year regarding their progress. Any  full-time faculty serves as faculty advisors and you may see any faculty regardless of your option. You may not see a part-time faculty member for academic advising.

The Department of Criminology does online advising to help streamline the process of students receiving timely advising assistance and to lift advising holds.  Online advising is available through Blackboard under "My Organizations" where you will see a group called - Criminology Student Advising.  There are five (5) Advising modules that you will need to complete in order to earn your Certificate of Completion.  Please note that upon completion of the online advising and receipt of the Certificate of Completion, that if you still need to see a faculty member for advising, you must bring your current detailed DARS report, your online Advising Certificate of Completion and your student file from the Department of Criminology to that meeting.  Faculty members will not see you without these items.

Full-time Faculty Office Hours

Be reminded that major advising should be acquired during the fall and spring semesters. Advisor availability is limited during winter and summer session.

Minor Advising

Any criminology full-time faculty can serve as an advisor on the minor in criminology.

NOTE: Part-time faculty do not function as faculty advisors.