Off-Campus Program


Students can register for the off-campus courses once they have received a permission number from Dr. Schweizer. This is done after determining the applicant’s eligibility for the program. With minor exceptions, registration is done online. If the system indicates registration is not available, contact Dr. Schweizer at

Applicants to the program must qualify for transfer admission to Fresno State. This requires the prior completion of at least 60 units, and all lower division GE requirements. Applicants who have not yet completed but are close to completing their lower division G.E. courses, can still enroll in our courses on a case by case basis as long as they make progress in completing their G.E. requirements. Applicants should email copies of their college transcripts to Dr. Schweizer who will review them, determine if the applicants can enroll in classes, and provide assistance with the formal transfer admissions process. Students enrolling in courses prior to transfer admission are not eligible for financial aid until they are formally admitted.

General Information on CSU transfer admission requirements can be accessed at:

NOTE:  The new minimum GPA requirement of 2.9 for transfer students does not apply to students enrolling in the Off Campus Program.

Payment information:

Payment for courses can be made via credit card or online electronic bank transfer at the time of course registration. It is also possible to pay by check, money order or credit card at the cashier's window in the Joyal Administration, in which case the payment must be designated to DCGE (Continuing Ed) and made into the student's account. Credit card payments made at the cashier's window will not incur an extra fee. Credit card payments made online are processed through a third party and will incur a 2.9% processing fee.

Payment has to be made in some form either at the time of course registration or within 24 hours of registering, or the course registration is voided. Contact Dr. Schweizer for course registration and payment AFTER the starting date of classes.

Contact Dr. Schweizer if you do not have a student account or you cannot access it. It is important for new students to establish an account and obtain a university email address and student ID#. This information is needed to access the online course information on the CANVAS learning portal.


Extension program students MUST be employed by a governmental agency at any level (federal/state/local, etc.) or employed full time in a significant security related function such as with a major bank, manufacturer of surveillance or other high tech equipment used by government. 

Former government employees recently laid off from area government agencies due to budget cutbacks, are eligible for the program on a "space available" basis.

Police officers from foreign countries are invited to enroll in our program courses. The exchange of ideas and experiences in the course discussion sections can be invaluable.


$305 per unit. The cost for a three unit course is $915.

Students may register for any of these courses online through Continuing and Global education by visiting this website.

After contacting and receiving a permission number from Dr. Schweizer, students experiencing difficulty with the process should contact Dr. Schweizer via email. Students receiving financial aid must register for all courses offered during a particular semester at one time, but must first notify Dr. Schweizer of their financial aid status to avoid the system dropping the course registration because of non payment.


Documents must be reviewed by all students enrolled in CSU Fresno courses.

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Classes are held online. Classes may require zoom meetings.

  • All students must have a functional computer and internet access
  • Computer literacy and ability to use Internet based


Optional ZOOM MEETING discussing the program and courses

Saturday, 28 August 0900-1200

A zoom link will be emailed to all students/faculty participating in any of the fall courses.

The first meeting is an Introductory zoom meeting for all students. A link to the meeting will be emailed to all students prior to the meeting. Any persons currently working in a CJ or related capacity are also welcome to join the meeting to learn more about the program. Such persons should email Dr. Schweizer for a zoom link.


23 Aug-18 October 2021

§  CRIM 01 Strategies for Success

§  CRIM 100 Criminological Theory

§  CRIM102 C.J. Organization and Administration

20 October- 5 December 2021

§  CRIM 109 Comparative C.J. Systems

§  CRIM 110 Police in America

 SPRING 2022

 January-March 2022

§  CRIM 170 Research Methods


 March-May 2022

§  CRIM 112 Professionalism in C.J.

§   LING 115 Language, Culture and Society GE IC

FALL 2022

August- October 2022

§  Crim 174-Ethnic and Gender Issues

§  Crim 113-80-77243 Forensics in C.J.

October - December 2022

§  CRIM 138-80-77281 Punishment and Society

§  CRIM 117-80-77241 Criminal Legal Process


Program coordinator contact information: 

Dr. Harald Otto Schweizer 

Extension Program Coordinator 559.278.8880


NOTICE: The cost per unit of instruction is $305 with a three unit course costing $915. There are no other fees, except for any textbooks that may be required by the instructor.


Students are encouraged to attend optional in-person class meeting from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on some Saturdays each semester in the conference room of the Criminology Office. These meetings will allow students to have additional interaction with faculty and other students in the program.