Internships (CRIM 180I)

Complete the following (ALL ARE REQUIRED):

1. Criminology Student Advising (Can be accessed on Canvas

2. CRIM Mandatory Pre-Internship Orientation Tutorial (Can be accessed on Canvas)

3. Attend one(1) mandatory in-person "pre-orientation" meeting within one year prior to enrolling in CRIM 180I. 

  • This is a great opportunity to take notes and have any questions answered about the Criminology Internship course. Dates Pending.

4. Open only to Criminology majors. Prerequisites: CRIM 1, CRIM 2, CRIM 20 (A letter grade of a C or better must be awarded BEFORE you can register). Co-requisite: CRIM 112 and senior standing, or permission by instructor/internship coordinator

Pre-Internship Orientation dates:

***Must attend one meeting prior to enrolling into CRIM 180I***

Spring 2020- Pre-internship orientation will be held online in Spring 2020. Details will be posted on the internship webpage by April 15th.

Date Time Location

Internship Class meeting dates:

Spring 2020

Date Time Location
Wednesday, 2.5.2020 5:00-10:00 p.m. P. Ed. Ctr
Wednesday, 3.11.20 5:00-10:00 p.m. P. Ed. Ctr
Wednesday, 5.6.2020 5:00-10:00 p.m. P. Ed. Ctr

Fall 2020

Date Time Location
Wednesday, 9.9.20 5:00-10:00pm P. Ed. Ctr
Wednesday, 10.14.20 5:00-10:00pm P. Ed. Ctr
Wednesday, 12.9.20 5:00-10:00pm P. Ed. Ctr

Campus Map link (click here)

Meeting Topics:

1: Placement and Discussion of Job Descriptions and Applications

2: Applications and Behavioral Expectations

3: Oral Boards

4: Background Investigations

5: Psychological Testing

6: Final class meeting-all required material must be turned in 

You will have the opportunity to sign up for specific agencies during the first scheduled internship meeting, (footnoted in the Schedule of Courses) unless you have already been accepted by an agency on your own efforts. If you find an internship on your own, all internship forms must be completed.

Summer Internship information:

Students desiring a summer internship must attend one of  the April internship orientations. That is when they will be placed.  The early summer internship section is a three week “special session.” Since it is not possible to complete 120 hours during that time, students will receive an INC grade, which will be changed to a CR after all requirements are completed.  A syllabus will be posted in April.

CRIM 180I SAMPLE PDF FORMS (DO NOT USE) forms will be provided through Canvas once you are enrolled in the course.

Fall Syllabus

Spring Syllabus

Summer Syllabus

For professional experience substitution consideration, consult your assigned internship faculty prior to or during the first internship meeting.  Professional Experience Guidelines.


For more information, please contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Otto Schweizer.