Internships (CRIM 180I)

Complete the following (ALL ARE REQUIRED):

1. Criminology Student Advising (Can be accessed on Canvas

2. CRIM Mandatory Pre-Internship Tutorial (Can be accessed on Canvas)

3. A minimum of 90 units by the end of the semester preceding the internship semester.

4. Until further notice, the previously required attendance at a pre-internship orientation meeting has been replaced with an ON LINE ORIENTATION that students must complete immediately after registering for internship and which is accessible in each internship section on CANVAS. This ensures that students familiarize themselves with the latest and most current information

  • Any changes after the COVID-19 restrictions end will be posted here.

5. Open only to Criminology department majors. Prerequisites: CRIM 1, CRIM 2, CRIM 20 (A letter grade of a C or better must be awarded BEFORE you can register). Co-requisite: CRIM 112/FBS 114 and senior standing, or permission by instructor/internship coordinator. Since FBS does not require internships, FBS students will be allowed to register on a space available basis

Pre-Internship Orientation dates:

As you know, since March 2020, the CRIM 180I Pre-Internship orientation cannot be held in person any longer until further notice. It is now accessible as a module and preview in the tutorial link on CANVAS. Once  students are registered for internship, they will have access to and be required to complete an updated orientation as part of the internship requirement. 

This means that if you attended a face to face orientation in Fall 19 or earlier, it is no longer valid, as there have been many changes due to COVID-19.

Those who have access to the online pre-internship tutorial, should
also have access to the orientation preview. If you do not have access to the CRIM Mandatory Pre-Internship Tutorial and Orientation on your CANVAS portal, please email or contact Dr. Schweizer at to be added.

PLEASE NOTE: only email your request be added if you plan on
taking CRIM 180I this summer or next semester (Fall 2020) in order for
us to process the request in a more timely manner.

CRIM 180I Permission number request process:

Students graduating in December have priority.  If you have not completed at least 90 units by the end of May 2020, you will not receive a permission number. Emails to waive this requirement will not be responded to.

Students with 90 or more units but fewer than 102, and all FBS students, will be placed on a wait list until all students who need an internship in order to graduate this December have been given permission numbers.

After that, space in the internship sections may be limited or filled up.

Law enforcement. Corrections and Victimology option students who are required to complete an internship and who have fewer than 102 by the end of May 2020, and who are unable to register for this fall, are required to again request a permission number for Spring 2021 once spring registration opens up.  If they are then in their last semester, they will be given priority.

Before Dr. Schweizer can email you a permission number YOU MUST FIRST EMAIL HIM THE FOLLOWING:

(Copy and paste the questions below. Write the information next to each question or write Yes or No) Leave the questions as listed below and provide the answer next to them.

 Your full and complete name as shown in your portal:

Which semester is this for:

Your student ID#:

Which option are you in?

Did you complete CRIM1

Did you complete CRIM2,

Did you complete CRIM20

Did you complete CRIM112 (or FBS 114 for FBS majors)
(if you hope to take it the same time as CRIM180i, I need a screen capture that shows you are registered for CRIM 112/FBS114) Do not send the screen capture sideways or it will be deleted/not read and you will go to the bottom of the list of students requesting permission numbers)

Have you completed the ONLINE CANVAS tutorial and orientation with a perfect score on the quiz?

When did you complete it?

How many units will you have completed by May 2020?

 This information will be verified. If your responses cannot be verified, you will not be given a permission number.

If you indicate that you completed CRIM112/FBS 114 or will successfully complete it in May 2020, but you fail to do so, you will be dropped from any internship section you registered for.  Also, if you are taking CRIM112/ FBS 114 this fall but then fail to stay registered or withdraw from CRIM112/FBS 114, you will be dropped from any internship section you have registered for.


DO NOT send email through CANVAS. Email Dr. Schweizer at and use your regular Fresno State student email address.

Internship Class meeting dates:

Spring 2020

Date Time Location
Wednesday, 2.5.2020 5:00-10:00 p.m. P. Ed. Ctr
Wednesday, 3.11.20 5:00-10:00 p.m. P. Ed. Ctr
process is online N/A  

Fall 2020-All dates tentative and subject to change

Date Time Location
Tentative 5:00-10:00pm P. Ed. Ctr
Wednesday, 10.14.20 5:00-10:00pm P. Ed. Ctr
Wednesday, 12.9.20 5:00-10:00pm P. Ed. Ctr

Campus Map link (click here)

Meeting Topics:
(If meetings remain suspended, all topics and related information will be provided in an online mode.)

1: Placement and Discussion of Job Descriptions and Applications

2: Applications and Behavioral Expectations

3: Oral Boards

4: Background Investigations

5: Psychological Testing

6: Final class meeting-all required material must be turned in 

You will have the opportunity to sign up for specific agencies during the first scheduled internship meeting, (footnoted in the Schedule of Courses) unless you have already been accepted by an agency on your own efforts. If you find an internship on your own, all internship forms must be completed.
The above process may be moved online depending on circumstances.

Summer Internship information:

Students desiring a summer internship must have completed the tutorial, at least 90 units, and all course pre-requisites to be given a permission number for summer internship. Until further notice, attendance at a previously required pre-orientation is no longer required. This pre-orientation is not an ORIENTATION that is part of the actual internship course once registered.

Some summer placements may be possible, but most students will be given an ALTERNATE internship related assignment to complete. The early summer internship section is a three week “special session.” Since it is not possible to complete 120 hours or the alternate assignment during that time, students will receive an INC grade, which will be changed to a CR after all requirements are completed.  A syllabus will be posted by the  fourth week of April.

CRIM 180I SAMPLE PDF FORMS (DO NOT USE) forms will be provided through Canvas once you are enrolled in the course.

Fall Syllabus

Spring Syllabus

Summer Syllabus

For professional experience substitution consideration, consult your assigned internship faculty prior to or during the first internship meeting.  Professional Experience Guidelines.


For more information, please contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. H.O. Schweizer.