Criminology Department Advising

The Department of Criminology consists of 18 full-time faculty members whose expertise includes numerous specialties in the criminal justice system, including corrections, counseling, victimology, juvenile delinquency, theory, legal studies, supervision and management, and criminal justice administration.

Only full-time faculty serve as advisors to students. Please contact them directly to set up an appointment during their office hours for major advising.

Please note: It is a requirement of the Department of Criminology that students complete Criminology Online Student Advising before meeting with an advisor. You can find Criminology Student Advising on Canvas. please contact the Department of Criminology if you do not see it on your Canvas.

College of Social Sciences Advising Center

Students have the option to visit the College of Social Sciences Advising Centerto meet with an advisor. The COSS Advising Center is located in McKee Fisk 207.
Click here to visit the College of Social Sciences Advising Center website to see the services they provide and contact information. 

Criminology Full-time faculty Office Hours

Please contact the Department of Criminology for questions regarding office hours at or 559.278.2305.

Spring 2021

Full-time Faculty Office hours
Dr. Emma Hughes

Dr. Andrea Arndorfer
FBS Major Cooordinator
Dr. Allen Azizian  
Dr. Keith Clement
Corrections Coordinator
Dr. Peter English
Department Chair
Dr. Chadley James  
Dr. Jenna Kieckhaefer
Honors Coordinator
Dr. Jason Kissner  
Dr. Hollianne Marshall


Dr. Jordan Pickering
Graduate Coordinator
Dr. James Pitts
Dr. Kenneth Ryan  
Dr. Otto Schweizer
Law Enforcement Coordinator
Internship Coordinator
Dr. Marcus Shaw  
Dr. Candice Skrapec
FERP Available for Fall semesters
Dr. Monica Summers  
Dr. Tinneke Van Camp
Victimology Coordinator
Dr. Yu Zhang