Full-Time Faculty

The Criminology Department consists of 19 full-time faculty members whose expertise includes numerous specialties in the criminal justice system, including corrections, counseling, victimology, juvenile delinquency, theory, legal studies, supervision and management, and criminal justice administration.

Only full-time faculty serve as advisors to students. You may see any full-time faculty during their office hours for major advising.

Spring 2014 Faculty Office Hours

Full-Time Faculty Listing

Keith Clement - Associate Professor - Internship Coordinator & Homeland Security  Certificate of Advanced Study Coordinator
web page
Office: S2 145
Phone: 278-1011
email: kclement@csufresno.edu

Toni DuPont-Morales- Associate Professor
Office: S2 144
Phone: 278-4302
email: tdupontmorales@csufresno.edu

R. Thomas Dull - Professor Emeritus
web page
Office: S2 152
Phone: 278-3914
email: tdull@csufresno.edu

John Dussich - Professor Emeritus
web page
Office: S2 142
Phone: (559) 278-6046

Peter English - Associate Professor
web page
Office: S2 147
Phone: (559) 278-2329
email: penglish@csufresno.edu

Eric W. Hickey - Professor Emeritus
web page
Office: S2 149
email: erich@csufresno.edu

Emma Hughes - Associate Professor - Corrections Coordinator
web page
Office: S2 139
email: emhughes@csufresno.edu

Jerome E. Jackson - Professor
web page
Office: S2 134
email: jeromej@csufresno.edu

George Kikuchi - Assistant Professor -  Graduate Coordinator
Office: S2 148
Phone: 278-4223
email: gkikuchi@csufresno.edu

M. Jason Kissner - Associate Professor - Legal Studies Coordinator
Office: S2 143
Phone:  278-2369
email: mkissner@csufresno.edu

Ruth E. Masters - Professor Emeritus
web page
Office: S2 154
Phone: 278-5712
email: ruthm@csufresno.edu

Bernadette T. Muscat - Professor - Department Chair
web page
Office: S2 159
Phone:(559) 278-1012
email: bmuscat@csufresno.edu

Barbara Owen - Professor Emeritus
web page
Office: S2 151
email: barbarao@csufresno.edu

Kenneth J. Ryan - Associate Professor
web page
Office:  S2 137
Phone:  278-2379
email: kjryan@csufresno.edu

H. Otto Schweizer - Professor - Law Enforcement Coordinator and Downtown Program Coordinator
web page
Office: S2 138
email: haralds@csufresno.edu

Candice Skrapec - Professor - Forensic Behavioral Sciences Coordinator
web page
Office: S2 153
email: candices@csufresno.edu

Yoshiko Takahashi - Assistant Professor - Victimology Coordinator
web page 
Office: S2 135
Phone: 278-4800
email: ytakahashi@csufresno.edu

Arthur V. N. Wint - Professor Emeritus
web page
Office: S2 136
Phone: 278-7027
email: arthurw@csufresno.edu

Steven D. Walker - Professor Emeritus
Office S2 149
Phone: 278-2803
email: stevend@csufresno.edu

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