The Department of Criminology is located in the New Science II Building, Area C. See map

Science II entrance



About Us

Mission Statement

The Department serves the San Joaquin Valley and the expanding global community by offering a quality educational opportunity for qualified students at the certificate, minor, baccalaureate, and graduate levels. The Department recognizes the importance of servicing the academic community, and supports and contributes to the General Education program.

The Department encourages and supports an environment that promotes the critical examination and discussion of criminological thought and inquiry at every academic program level. The Department also is committed to the principle that all segments of the academic community must learn to live in a diverse and changing society, founded upon partnerships, shared efforts and mutual respect. To this end, the Department's focus upon excellence in teaching and scholarship includes a respect for open communication, and commitment to our diverse students and community. The Department's programs, faculty, students and partnerships are intended significantly to contribute to the quality of life in the changing global community.

Vision Statement

The Department seeks excellence in faculty teaching and scholarship and the preparation of a diverse student population for positions as leaders in our discipline, both in the academic and in the larger community. The Department envisions itself in a partnership involving faculty, students, and the University and the expanding community.

Justice Center

New Science II BuildingThe Department also administers a Justice Center that provides education, training, assistance, and consultation to criminal justice agencies throughout the Valley. The Justice Center offers intensive seminars in areas of interest to working professionals. Some of these areas may include: victim services, drug abuse, alternative sentencing, juvenile justice, exclusionary rule, crime prevention, and industrial security. Please email our office for more information.