Students choosing to pursue a CLAS major or double major have a number of exiting opportunities. The CLAS major will give students an understanding of the growing Chicano/Latino population in the US, as well as the Latin American region. The Latin American major will give students the opportunity to learn in-depth about an important region in the world. Both majors will give students an important edge upon graduation, considering the changing US demographic and the increasing economic importance of Latin America.

The CLAS department also works to provide students with exiting opportunities that they can pursue throughout their academic career.

Professors in the Department have organized field trips as part of their courses: in Spring 2012 Drs. Perez and Torres organized a field trip for their classes. The trip involved a visit to museum exhibits in Los Angeles.

CLAS Professors also encourage students to pursue their research interests and have collaborated with them on research. These research teams of students and professors have successfully applied for funding, the Undergraduate Research Grants, which has made it possible for students to collaborate with professors, while receiving some economic support for their research. During the 2012-13 academic year Dr. España-Nájera is working with two students on a project that analyses voter turnout in Latin America and one that explores how politicians function in unstable party systems. Dr. Lopes is working with two students to examine the historical economic relationships on the Mexican-U.S. border.

CLAS Professors also work to bring exciting speakers to campus to give students the opportunity to learn about new and exciting research on Chicanos/Latinos and Latin America. In the Spring of 2013 Dr. España-Nájera organized a panel that examined the U.S. Presidential Election, including the Latino Vote. In the Fall of 2012 Dr. Lopes organized a talk by Dr. Ronzón on the New Spanish Fleets, while in the Spring of 2012 Dr. Herrera organized a visit by prominent Chicana author Melinda Palacio.

The CLAS department also encourages students to take advantage of study abroad opportunities. There are a number exciting programs in Spain and Latin America, for which students might qualify for financial assistance. We encourage students to get in touch with The Office of Study Abroad and International Exchanges to discuss them.