Welcome to Chicano and Latin American Studies

Thank you for your interest in Chicano and Latin American Studies! Many students ask us: “what is Chicanx Studies?” “What is Latin American Studies?” In short, Chicano and Latin American Studies examines the diverse histories, literatures, cultures, and social experiences of Latinx peoples both in the United States and Latin America. Faculty in our Department hold degrees in disciplines including Literature, Anthropology, History, American Studies, Political Science, and Education with a particular focus on Chicanx/Latinx/Latin American populations.In today’s challenging times, CLAS and Ethnic Studies courses affirm our communities’ humanity and significant contributions to the United States and abroad.

A 2018 study by San Francisco State University, in fact, found that students who enrolled in and passed Ethnic Studies courses graduated at higher rates than students who did not (see Insider Higher Education, July 9, 2018 report). So, what can you do with a CLAS degree? Anything! With the Latinx population now being the largest ethnic group in the state of California, various industries require knowledge of this population. Our students have gone to graduate school and have worked as teachers, lawyers, social workers, and nurses, to name only a few professions. As teachers, community advocates, social workers, government employees, and victims’ advocates, for example, your degree in Chicano and Latin American Studies will prepare you to consider how issues such as language, gender, ethnicity, race, and citizenship affect the Latinx community, helping you to become a more compassionate, critical, and informed professional. Your training will serve you well in these fields and more. Our brand new Certificate in Chicanx/Latinx Studies in Secondary Schooling prepares future teachers and administrators in teaching Ethnic Studies in the 9-12 grade system. With ongoing activities we organize, such as our Latin American Film and Lecture Series, our Department remains committed to serving the local Fresno community. I invite you to check out our website, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@FresnoStateCLAS) to view our latest news and announcements. I hope you consider our major, minor, or double major options!


Dr. Cristina Herrera, Chair, Chicano and Latin American Studies Department
Degrees and Certificates Offered:
B.A. Degree in Chicano Studies
B.A. Degree in Latin American Studies
Minors in Chicano/Latino Studies and Latin American Studies
Certificate in Chicanx/Latinx Studies in Secondary Schooling