Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many units do I need to become a CLAS Major, Dual Major, or CLAS Minor?
For either the Chicano or Latin American Major you need 120 units total.
For a Chicano Studies Dual Major you will need to complete 24 units.
For a Minor you will need to complete 21 units.

Q. Who can I contact about academic advising?

Faculty Advisor Student last names beginning with Office Phone Email Office Hours
TORRES A – E and Liberal Studies SS220 278-4115 MWF 2-3pm or by appointment
ESPAÑA-NÁJERA F – J SS222 278-3020 Tu/Th 9-10:30am or by appointment
SANCHEZ K – O SS215 278-2239 MW 12-2:30pm or by appointment
HERRERA P – T SS219 278-2123 MW 2-4pm or by appointment
PEREZ V – Z SS217 278-8352 MW 10-11am, M12:30-1:30pm or by appointment


Q: Do I have to speak Spanish to become a Chicano Major?
No, Spanish is not needed all you need is to have the interest and the will.

Q: Do I have to speak Spanish to become a Latin America Major?
While you won't need to become fluent in either Spanish or Portuguese, you'll need to take at least 6 units total in either language, or take an exam that demonstrates your proficiency in the language.

Q: What can I do with a CLAS degree?
A CLAS Major will serve all majors. Given the growth of Latino populations nationally, most employers will be hiring Latin@s and will want you to have a good understanding of Chicano/Latino issues, culture and history. CLAS will highly support your career choice (see our Careers section).

Q: What is the difference between Chicano, Mexican, Hispanic and Latino?
The meanings of these terms fluctuate given the context, time period, and the people who utilize them
Chicano = A Latin@ social change activist whose vision is closely associated with "El Movimiento," the Chicano Civil Rights Movement.
Mexican = A person who has strong national associations with Mexico.
Hispanic = A Latin@ who accepts the more general and "acceptable" identity label usually utilized by government institutions for data gathering; the terms is also used for proposal writing and conference panels
Latino = A "politically correct" term currently in used to include Mexican@s, Chican@s and Latin Americans.