Degrees & Programs: Bachelor of Arts Degrees

The Department of Chicano and Latin American studies offers two Bachelor of Arts Degrees. The new B.A. in Latin American Studies offers students the opportunity to learn about Latin America. The B.A. in Chicano Studies provides students with a combined focus on Chican@ studies and Latin America.

We encourage students to learn about out two Majors, Double Majors and Minors and to meet with a CLAS advisor to discuss your interest in Latin America and Chican@ studies. For the list of faculty members that you can talk to click here.

Students seeking advising about their G.E. requirements should visit the University's Advising Services. Students can make an individual appointment with an academic counselor by calling 559-278-1787 or by dropping in to Joyal Administration, Room 224 (on the second floor, across the hall from Financial Aid).