John Pryor, Ph.D.

Interests: Complex hunter gatherers, style, and material culture studies, teacher education

Region: California

I am an Archeologist in the Anthropology Department at CSU-Fresno. My area of expertise is California Archeology. I have over 25 years of field experience mostly working in California, but also I have done a bit of archeology in England, and the Eastern US. In the last 8 years I have been actively involved in teacher education. In addition to the California Studies class, I also teach four 1 unit Extended Education short courses, one each semester. The course run from Friday night, through Saturday, to Sunday. The courses are designred for teachers or future teachers. In the Fall semester I teach a course on Archeology in the classroom. In the Winter semester I teach a course on Sierran Prehistory. In the Spring Semester I teach a course on California Native Plants and their uses by Native Americans. Lastly, in the Summer semester I teach a course on Ancient Empires. In each of these classes I provide a thick resource book with stories, lesson plans, and resource material. In addition to these areas of expertise, I have a long standing interest in Human evolution, and have been active as a forensic archeologist as it pertains to data collection at murder sites.

Contact Information:

Phone: (559)278-5150 | email
Office: Peters Building 254 | Lab: MCL 212