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Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for anthropology graduates are increasingly numerous and varied because cultural pluralism and international communication are on the increase. There is a growing need for people with cross-cultural sophistication and an ability to mediate between value systems. Graduates of our department have established successful careers in such fields as personnel work, mental heath, social research, education, law enforcement, business, and government.

Students who contemplate graduate study, whether in anthropology or another field, find that our program is both rigorous and thorough. In fact, anthropological training at the undergraduate level is widely recognized as excellent preparation for advanced degrees in many professional fields. Graduates of this department have completed graduate programs in medicine, law, social work, international business, and international relations, to name a few.

Professional careers in anthropology itself usually require a Ph.D. At present, traditional academic posts are scarce. However, enterprising anthropologists throughout the nation have been remarkably successful in securing high-level positions in both government and business, usually under titles other than anthropologist. These successes indicate that employers at the highest levels appreciate the unique training and capabilities of professional anthropologists. In fact, the majority of professional anthropologists today are working outside of academia (i.e., higher education). Imaginative anthropologists who can communicate their special abilities have been able to establish rewarding careers in a variety of settings.