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Anthropology is concerned with everything that is human, in all parts of the world, both present and past. It is unique among the social sciences in its holistic scope.

The Department of Anthropology provides undergraduate training (major or minor) in anthropology with emphases in Archeology, Cultural and Physical Anthropology. Fieldwork opportunities through the Institute of Public Anthropology and our Archeology field school provide multiple opportunities for students to gain hands on research in ongoing investigations.

Contact Information

Department of Anthropology
College of Social Sciences
Peters Business Building, Room 385
5245 North Backer Ave. M/S PB16
Fresno, CA 93740-8001
Phone: (559) 278-3002 | FAX: (559) 278-7234

The Department of Anthropology is located on the third floor of the Peters Business Building (room 385). Drive to Woodrow Avenue from either Barstow or Shaw Avenues. Campus map