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Welcome to the Africana Studies Program

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The Africana Studies Program (previously the Ethnic Studies Program) offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that contains cross-cultural courses about the experiences of African peoples all over the world and other ethnic groups in American society.

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Africana Studies Program description and objectives, career opportunities, degree requirements, course descriptions.

Schedule of Courses
Current and upcoming course offerings - available through the Fresno State Web Portal

Exciting courses offered this semester

AFRS 55T: Afro-Latin America

MWF 9:00-9:50 a.m. Course #76667

(meets Lower Division elective requirement for Africana Studies)

It is well- known that most African Americans are descendants of enslaved peoples, but many do not realize that only 4.4% of all Africans sold into slavery came to the U.S. The remaining 10-12 million Africans brought to the Americans found themselves dispersed throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. As a result, black or Afro-Latin American populations can be found throughout every country in the Americas.

AFRS 55T: Afro- Latin America examines the experiences of Africans and their descendants throughout Latin America. The guiding questions of this course are: What does it mean to be black in Latin America? What do the experiences of blacks living in the region reveal about Latin American history and culture? How do Afro-Latinxs living in the United States negotiate their racial and national identities?

Wile the course will begin with the era of slavery, most of our attention will focus on the histories of Afro-Latin Americans after emancipation. Topics we will explore include: slavery and slave resistance, African-based religious traditions, popular music, and immigration.

AFRS 135: African American Community

TuTh 3:30-4:45p.m Course # 70941

(meets Upper Division elective requirement for Africana Studies)

This course will provide a context for understanding the contemporary Black experience through examination of the historical and socio-economic factors that have shaped the status of Black people in America. It will focus on one of the most important social institutions in the Black community, the Black family, and the ability of Black families to overcome systematic racism and discrimination while shaping the world in their own image and interests. Topics for discussion include family formation, health issues, community organizing, and economic security.African American Family

Contact Information

Professor Thomas-Whit Ellis, Program Coordinator
Science Building, Room 148 
Phone: 559.278.2832

Mailing Address: 2555 E. San Ramon M/S SB 69
Fresno CA 93740-8034
Phone: 559.278.2832
Fax: 559.278.7268

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Upcoming Events

Interested in learning about how the African diaspora intersects with Caribbean and Latin American history and culture? If so, consider taking AFRS 144 Race and Relations in May 2020. The course will include a one week visit to the Dominican Republic. For more information contact Drs. Brunson and Reese.