Fresno State's Strategic Priorities: Priority Four


Grow and develop collaborative and engaged community partnerships to increase support for students and the University.


We measure progress and success by tracking outcomes of K-16 partnerships, monitoring the number of service learning opportunities and internships and the hours spent on each, quantifying the impact of research on the community, tracking contributions and donations, and assessing the quality of collaborative efforts.


821 Formal "For Credit" Internships

Total Dollars Raised Over 3 Years - Total Gift Commitments

Total Dollars Raised Over 3 Years - Total Gift Commitments

Gift commitments include new gifts, new pledges and testamentary commitments. Total Gift Commitments are reported annually to the CSU Chancellor’s Office. Fiscal Years run from July 1 – June 30

Total Alumni Donors Over 5 Years

Total Alumni Donors Over 5 Years

Priority Four Themes

  1. Support the Central Valley Promise outcomes.
  2. Increase campus-community connections through service-learning, internships, short courses, continuing education, and community-based problem-solving research.
  3. Plan and launch a comprehensive campaign to support campus strategic priorities.

Priority Four Highlights

Genetics and Molecular Biology

A $1 million gift from an anonymous donor supports student research in genetics and molecular biology, and the President's Circle for Excellence.

Central Valley Promise

Launched the Central Valley Promise


Hired Marts & Lundy to begin an internal assessment to determine campaign readiness


A $450,000 gift from Chevron supports STEM education

Bee Sweet Citrus

Bee Sweet Citrus donated a state-of-the-art fresh fruit packing line so ag students can benefit from hands-on instruction

Genetics and Molecular Biology

Asset Allication and Distributions

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