• Review existing surveys and all campus marketing efforts to assess where the campus is with regard to marketing and communications.
  • Develops a plan for the integration of marketing and communications that will:

    1. Develop a strategic plan for the marketing of the University which translates the University's mission, vision, values and Plan for Excellence into a set of key messages and a visual identity for the University.
    2. Successfully integrate Web, publications, public relations and marketing functions across the University;
    3. Provide the organizational framework to ensure the communication of the University's image through an institution-wide program of branding and marketing;
    4. Achieve a high-level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in development, production and distribution of marketing communications;
    5. Identify marketing opportunities for the campus and make recommendations about funding and support of integrated marketing communications efforts;
    6. Review current University policies guiding University communications and make recommendations for changes in these policies to reflect integrated marketing communications plans;
    7. Establish survey tools and other methods to determine the effectiveness of marketing communications for the campus;
    8. Modify marketing and communications efforts based on surveys and research; and,
    9. Encourage thoughtful discussion among internal and external constituencies with regard to the University's identity.