Council Charge

It is imperative that we coordinate our messaging, both internally and externally, in order to promote the overall academic excellence of the University. This strategic marketing effort is directed by the Integrated Marketing and Communications Council.

Several recent efforts (President's Ad Hoc Communications Advisory Task Force, Friends of Fresno State, Alumni Attitude Survey and the Academic Affairs Review led by Mass Communication and Journalism faculty) have provided data which can be valuable in developing a coordinated approach to marketing and communications.

Greater coordination of campus marketing efforts will reduce costs through efficiencies of publication, advertising and promotion. The combined impact of campus messaging will better express key University goals and aspirations. Improved marketing of the campus will help in the success of the comprehensive campaign to generate high levels of donor support for the campus.

The council will foster discussion to help the campus clarify, sharpen and coordinate the way we communicate to Fresno State's message to our various constituencies. The council will develop key messages for use by campus programs in the marketing of academics, entertainment and cultural activities, the comprehensive campaign, athletics, university strategic communications, digital communications and instruction. The council will develop strategies to address the University's changing competitive and political environment.