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March 21 – May 9, 2018

Posted on: 06/20/18

President Castro your willingness to listen and be fair on things that need attention to.

I am finishing my first year as an assistant professor. One aspect of my experience that really stood out was the faculty orientation. The Center of Faculty Excellence did a wonderful job helping me to learn what I needed to know as I got started. The facilitation of this orientation helped me to build relationships with faculty in and out of my department. I hope Fresno State will make a long-term commitment to the extended version of faculty orientation.

I so appreciate the leadership at Fresno State. I appreciate you and your cabinet’s transparency and support of the first amendment, even when it’s challenging. I know that hasn’t been an easy task. Thank you.

I love working at Fresno State and feel like the administration truly cares about the students/faculty/staff it serves. With grace and poise, the administration serves our community and I truly appreciate the genuine concern and support.

Supports diversity and keeps friendly and peaceful atmosphere on campus.

Diversity is celebrated and encouraged here at Fresno State and I appreciate the efforts in that regard.

A genuine concern for student success is evident.

Accommodate disadvantaged students.

Fresno State has been awesome at facilitating student research but at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Diversity among students and faculty is wonderful! Appreciate your friendliness and presence around campus, you are very visible. Appreciate your prompt response to issues on campus (I just read your email related to the English professor) and your focus on respect for others.

This year catered food has been delicious, has a great menu, and the service professional. Thank you for the great improvement from last year.

Fresno state has the best balance of activities and academics in the entire CSU system.