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September 29 – November 29, 2018

Posted on: 01/25/19

Fresno State is doing great academically and athletically! It is on the rise each and every day.

Thumbs up to your feedback page. I have submitted several suggestions through the feedback page and have seen the changes/upgrades completed over the past couple of years. Thank you :)

Serve the people of the Central Valley. We are the flagship of the area.

Thank you for keeping us informed of happenings on and around campus.

Kudos to the men and women who provide traffic control in the mornings on Barstow Ave.. Heat, cold, rain or sunshine they are out there. I want them to know their efforts are very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

I like that there are designated programs that help enrich the campus community, such as the Cross Cultural and Gender Center.

Fresno State provides many opportunities to a diverse student body, including Latino/a and Hispanic communities. I appreciate Fresno State's commitment to uplifting historically marginalized communities.

I love the spirit and organizations that Fresno State has to offer. I love how the administration seems to really value the students and they get involved especially Dr. Castro, VP Lamas and AD Tumey. Would love to see more administration and faculty get involved.

Providing supplemental workshops to help with classes.

It has a very clean, well-kept campus. I appreciate that.

Helps with financial aid issues and concerns.
Has great food.
Amazing faculty.

Provide a sense of community.

Attracts students from diverse backgrounds.

They great in diversity, however they do not include Caucasian, white in any activities, ie hispanic clubs don’t welcome white but have to allow it to avoid discrimination.

Inexpensive education.

Listen to feedback.