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Feb 15 - April 7, 2019

Posted on: 05/16/19

Fresno State administration really does take the time to address certain situations with regards to the feedback, even if it is something that is repetitive. The fact that the information is out there for someone who may have missed it previously is important.


Creating a welcome environment

I love the Buckets new menu items. I want to applaud the staff for the new salads and bowl options. Not only do they taste great, they are very affordable! Kudos to The Bucket!

Our office loves the new taco bar buffet that Campus Catering offers. Their food is always so fresh and the staff is so friendly. Keep up the good work.

The catering department on campus is great to work with. I love their menu selection and their price is great too. Every time I place an order everything is done efficiently and the staff that works the events are nice and friendly. Great job catering team!

Provide a safe and clean campus for students, faculty, and staff, including the general public.

Serve the people of California!

Being an inclusive campus.

LOVE the police department for keeping traffic moving on Barstow during business times!

As an alum of the Jordan College of Ag Sciences and Technology I can say they do a great job of preparing students for careers in their respective industries.

Serve the interest of the students

FSU keeps the campus grounds very nice, some buildings need some paint and updates.

Provide equal opportunities for students

Commit to an inclusive community for staff, students, and the greater Fresno County

Fresno State supports student success and teaching in a way universities should, where students are always the priority.

Offer great services for students, such as, tutoring, food pantry, some daycare options, pharmacy, career advising, and MUCH MORE. Keep up the amazing work Fresno State!

Fresno State, including our administration, faculty, staff and student body, are learning to respect diversity and views of people who may be different from their own. Misinformation, blatant bias and fake news have no place in a school of higher learning.

Respect for diversity