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September 29 - November 29, 2018

Posted on 01/25/19

CONCERN: I was unable to get financial aid until October and I would really appreciate it if more instructors made their required textbooks available through Course Reserves at the Henry Madden Library. Only one textbook from one of my classes (out of four) is available there. I feel that by having these textbooks available via Course Reserves, I would have been able to better participate in class because I was able to do the reading.

RESPONSE: Thank you for submitting your concern. While obtaining access to required course materials is the responsibility of the student, we are making significant efforts to help faculty obtain and use open educational resources at zero or reduced rates. Unfortunately, that is not possible in many courses. In some cases, faculty may have a print text that can be placed on reserve. Where the library has instructional materials in their collection, faculty work with the library to place these on reserve.

You may be interested to know the library is developing a proposal to Associated Students (ASI) that would ask ASI to acquire some textbooks for large enrollment courses that could then be managed by the library through the reserve desk.

For concerns about your Financial Aid, please stop by the Student Services Center in the Joyal North Lobby or call Director Kelly Russell at 278.2182.

CONCERN: Day of Giving has everyone at each other’s throats. It generates a spirit of dissension. Instead of pulling together, colleges and schools are extremely uncooperative with us, and even rude. In my college, we all feel pressure to get higher numbers than everyone else, because we are in competition with them. And then, after all the work we put in, if we don't come out as the "top" college or school for donations, we feel like failures. 

This kind of fighting among ourselves cannot be good for the university. It generates all kinds of ill will. Can't you stop this cutthroat competition? If Day of Giving can't be about cooperation as a university, it shouldn't happen at all. Thank you.

RESPONSE: Thank you for taking time to express your thoughts on Day of Giving, our campus-wide annual fundraising event. The purpose of the campaign is rooted in growing donor participation (not dollars) and raising the profile of Fresno State. As we see it, there are no "winners or losers," only more alumni and friends on a path to increase their life-time giving to our University. We actively encourage campus leaders to participate and motivate their groups with a focus on the spirit of giving that ultimately supports student success.

We appreciate this opportunity to remind our campus community that the 2018 Day of Giving was a huge success on two major fronts—the campaign raised the visibility of our University across the globe (with donations from 42 states and 18 countries), and it inspired 2,142 individual donors to support our mission. 

CONCERN: I understand that room and professor availability affect how many sections a course can have but why would you only offer one section of a “core” course each semester such as Biol 103 or Biol 105. It’s a core course and hence mandatory for those pursuing their degrees in biology. It doesn’t make sense that only one section of those core courses are available each semester especially since there are several hundred students who all need to take it in order to graduate. Why make a course mandatory for graduation if you can’t even offer enough sections of those courses.

RESPONSE: Biology is an expanding field and the number of biology majors has grown dramatically over the last decade, which has led to challenges in meeting student demand in some key courses—both electives and the core. The Department of Biology continues to make significant efforts to match its faculty and classroom resources to student needs. For example, the number of seats available in core courses such as BIOL 102 and 105 has more than doubled in recent years, and a second section of BIOL 105 has been added for Spring 2019 in response to unprecedented high demand. Additional sections of BIOL 103 have also been offered during summer intersession for the past several years to offset graduation bottlenecks. Additionally, BIOL 105 is being offered during Summer 2019 for the first time. The department’s ability to offer seats is also impacted by the faculty’s continued efforts to provide direct research experience to our students both in class (CUREs) and independent study (BIOL 190). Nonetheless, we recognize that the academic progress of some students has been impacted by the availability of seats in some biology courses. We are therefore working towards long-term solutions to course demand issues in the major, including developing academic plans for majors by Summer 2019. We hope this will aid us to better plan course schedules that meet the needs of our diverse student body.

CONCERN: It really upsets me that time and time again, student's [sic] voices and concerns are met with "oh I’m sorry you feel uncomfortable, here just do this." Professors who clearly step over the line need to be held accountable. It baffles me how many complaints have been emailed to University employees about a faculty member, yet the faculty member still works here because of tenure. I'm concerned for the mental well-being of my fellow classmates and countless others who had to take classes from this faculty member. Please follow up with the on these allegations.

RESPONSE: Thank you for submitting this piece of feedback. Due to the seriousness and complexity of this concern, I have asked several campus entities to provide input on my response. These entities include Human Resources, Faculty Affairs and the chair of the Academic Senate. While each circumstance is unique, here is a global response.

The University reviews all documented and attributable student complaints about faculty. When allegations are found to have validity, appropriate action is taken within the context of the collective bargaining contract, the California Education Code, relevant laws, and appropriate University policies and procedures. The University does not comment on any personnel matter, including issues regarding faculty.

It is also important to note that faculty, and students, have considerable latitude in learning environments in terms of what is said and done as long as it is related to the academic content of the course. The principle of academic freedom (not tenure) gives faculty a wide range of choices on how to teach their classes, some of which might make students uncomfortable. If this involves exposing students to new, and perhaps very uncomfortable ideas, then we believe that this is good for the student. If we are talking about a faculty member verbally abusing and/or demeaning a student, then this is a very serious matter that needs to be brought to the attention of the appropriate University personnel beginning with your department chair or dean. Given the circumstances presented, either the dean or chair can request that the Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation (DHR) Administrator and/or Title IX Coordinator follow up further to address the student's concerns.  Students also have the right to file a complaint directly with the DHR Administrator and/or Title IX Coordinator.  

CONCERN: A number of Cabinet members have been involved in breaches of confidentiality. They cannot be trusted. What we need is a new Cabinet. Only then can we avoid a repeat of this.

RESPONSE: I am unaware of any breaches of confidentiality by Cabinet members. If you wish to share any specific concerns, you may do so by following the instructions found at:

CONCERN: We need better communications! For example, the Monday newsletter for faculty and staff only gets sent once a week, so if we miss a narrow margin of time, our messages get overlooked or ignored. Why don't you just let us send out our own messages to campus? University Communications is not respectful of our time and efforts, nor is it supporting us. University Communications admits it's not going to include our messages in the newsletter, if deemed "not timely or relevant." We should not be required to depend on it. Departments and offices should be supported, not dictated to. We need some other options.

RESPONSE: As experienced at other large organizations and universities, many employees feel inundated with the number of emails they receive weekly. Campus News, the weekly e-newsletter for faculty and staff, helps address this challenge by having news and events gathered in one email. It is distributed each Monday (barring holidays) and contains information that may be of interest to the broad campus population. The content deadline for each issue is noon on Friday before the newsletter is published on Monday.

In addition, most colleges and departments have their own communication channels, including list-servs, newsletters and social media. We encourage you to speak with your communications specialist (if your college has one) and/or department head to explore how your information can be shared with more targeted audiences.

CONCERN: I want to see the New USU begin construction. I believe that alumni that voted for the project deserve to see progress on it by the end of Fall 2018. More importantly, students who are still beginning their college career deserve to reap the rewards from the New USU as soon as possible.

RESPONSE: We are excited about this project and are currently in the process of selecting the design/build team. We expect construction to start in fall 2019 with an expected completion by fall 2021. This is a very aggressive project schedule.

CONCERN: The university must find a way to improve its dining options. Many other Cal State's regularly have food trucks come to campus. We should be able to do this as well (Bulldog Bites is not a viable option). We shouldn't have to wait for the new USU to be constructed to have some good dining options. Same goes for the Vintage Room and the campus catering service. Other schools, Cal States included, have diverse and healthy food for catering events and some even have on-campus restaurants. Events on campus only provide cheese, crackers, and deep fried foods. We should leverage the Gibson Farm Market's presence, much like Cal Poly Pomona does with their farm store and pumpkin patch.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. We continue to increase the number of healthy menu items in our campus dining concepts, and, most recently, The Bucket added a new Healthy Eats Menu. This menu and other dining options can be found on Dining Services’ website  A number of healthy grab & go items are available at our Paws-N-Go locations and the Union Snack Bar. Organizers of on-campus events can choose a variety of healthy options for event catering including freshly made specialty salads as well as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free items. Menus chosen are at the discretion of the event coordinator. At this time, food trucks can only be requested for approval for individual events. If you have a specific dietary restriction and would like more information about any of the menu items offered at our various campus dining concepts, please contact Megan Sarantos in University Dining Services at 278.4345 or via email at

CONCERN: Could we be provided parking dispensers that also accept cash or more coin operated parking dispensers throughout the campus? My friend and I wanted to see the showing of "Incredibles 2" but was hindered from doing so because the parking dispensers would not take my card.

RESPONSE: I am sorry for the inconvenience you experienced. The campus has 178 parking meters that accept coins. Alternatively, daily permits may be purchased via PayByPhone or in the Fresno State app, using location number 5446. Please contact Interim Director of Parking and Transportation, Derek Brantley ( or 278.6709) if you experience any issues in the future.

CONCERN: Nearly every time I drive onto campus from Cedar onto Barstow just before 0800, there is a stream of cars stopping and going, and stopping and going, each time just one student steps onto the crosswalk. At 0743 or at similar times, the problem is worst at Barstow and Campus drive. There is no crossing guard in sight. Yet the following intersection (Jackson), and the one at Maple, always has a crossing guard to facilitate a smooth flow of traffic. I commented on this malady years ago, suggesting a portable or otherwise traffic light with buttons for pedestrian traffic. Nothing has happened and when I see a stream of traffic behind and in front of me at Barstow/Campus Drive, and brake lights going on and off, and any individual student crossing at any time stopping all traffic, this reminds me that we are in the nut capital of California.......

RESPONSE: Traffic-control personnel are deployed as efficiently as possible throughout campus during times of heavy traffic. As part of the Barstow Avenue Summer 2019 re-paving project, we are reviewing options for traffic calming and pedestrian safety on Barstow Avenue and Campus Drive.  Please note the intersection signalization at Cedar and Barstow Avenues is managed by the City of Fresno.

CONCERN: This link is out of date. Nothing has been posted recently.

RESPONSE: Thank you. If you visit the page now, you will see three stories were posted in December on a variety of topics regarding Fresno State alumni.

CONCERN: I'm appalled by the actions of Fresno State and their hiring policies as well as the new culture of exclusion by deans and department managers. In all my years at Fresno State there has never been such wide spread incidents of unfair privileges to managers and when faculty report concerns they are disappeared as detailed in the Collegian. As a member of campus I am very concerned with how Human Resources responds. It never seems to help our faculty or the students. I hope that President Castro brings in outside resources to look at the hiring practices and attacks on faculty and staff that point out wrongdoings or concerns. The fact that Human Resources removes faculty and staff for their concerns is appalling and as faculty and staff we are taking notice.

RESPONSE: The University does not comment on specific personnel matters.  If you have concerns about any hiring procedures for faculty, please contact Marsha Baum, Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs (278-3027) and for staff, please contact Marylou Mendoza-Miller, Associate Vice President of Human Resources (278.2032) to discuss your concerns directly.

CONCERN: Students choose not to live on campus because of the “prison” style layout and the outdated appliance given to students. This is the students’ home away from home and we want it to feel like that. I know there is talk of new dorms being built, but I feel that our students need updates to the current dorms before the university spends money on new ones that only some students will live in.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern.  We are working on a feasibility study with Brailsford and Dunlavey who gathered feedback about opportunities for new on-campus housing. While we don't have a confirmed timeline for this project, we will be reviewing plans for both new and renovated facilities. Stay tuned for additional plans to be announced later this spring.

CONCERN: We understand this is a festive week on campus, but we also need to remain cognizant that students (our priority?) are attempting to study, complete assignments, exam etc.

Could someone make sure the noise level during regularly scheduled class hours on our academic campus is kept low so students can concentrate?

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. It is our intent that events should not disrupt instructional activities. The Interim Time, Place and Manner of Free Expression Policy (D-19) references the use of amplified sound and is consistent with the City of Fresno standards. Event reservations using amplified sound are approved through the Scheduling Office or the USU Reservation Center. Please contact University Police (278.8400) if at any time you need to report excessive event noise disruption during instructional hours.

CONCERN: We need staff development training for computer/phone applications that pertain to our job responsibilities. As an example, Camtasia training would help tremendously to support our social media efforts yearlong as well as during Day of Giving.

RESPONSE: Great idea – thank you for the feedback! We have passed on this suggestion to Organizational Excellence, and they will endeavor to get these trainings on the calendar. We are excited to share that, beginning in February, we will have a new online portal (CSU Learn) for all employee training. This will enhance our ability to add online training as well as in-person learning opportunities.

CONCERN: Please look into bringing new food vendors to replace current vendors on campus. It would be nice to bring in places that makes fresh sushi bento boxes, salads, and paninis. Although The Bucket makes burgers, I personally would prefer a Carl's Jr on campus. We also need vendors who offers tasty and quality food at reasonable prices, friendly services, and who can turn on their Tapingo.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. We are currently in the planning stages of the New Student Union and reviewing new retail dining options for our campus community. Your input is appreciated when we survey our campus community for ideas for new concepts.

CONCERN: Crossing Keats between Education and Music - could the road be striped like it is between Science I and II for pedestrian crossing? When classes get out the current crosswalks are too small to accommodate everyone so people cross throughout the street. It might help drivers slow down, they are driving way too fast in that area to try and beat the pedestrians.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. Speed-limit signage has recently been installed in this area to help drivers slow down. We will work with our Traffic Operations team to evaluate this issue and to recommend additional improvements, in consultation with our Campus Planning Committee.

CONCERN: We need the get rid of General Ed. General Ed is not necessary for a career and we shouldn't have to waste money and time on classes we don't care about. The only reason we take General Ed is so that the administration make more money off of us.

RESPONSE: General Education is not a campus requirement, but a legally required component of a Bachelor's degree curriculum as set forth in California's Code of Education (Title 5). Anyone who plans to earn a Bachelor's degree from California State University must complete required GE classes. That being said, there is value to a higher education beyond preparing for a specific career-especially since most college graduates will have a number of different kinds of jobs. General education is crucial to that preparation as it strengthens a student’s ability to speak, write and reason (including quantitatively). The GE curriculum also ensures a basic understanding of modern society, a basis for dealing with unstructured problems, and a launching pad for lifelong learning. We hope you will be better prepared to participate in our diverse democratic society with a strong ethical foundation.

CONCERN: Major safety issue. On Tuesday, November 6 as I was leaving work around 5 pm. I almost didn't see one of those utility carts as I was backing out of my parking spot on San Ramon in front of the Engineering West Bldg. It is not have any lights and it was going way to fast in addition to the fact that the man driving it had a child with him. I was shocked. He had his arm around the little girl as he sped on his way and turned south on Campus Drive. Over the years there seems to be more and more of these utility carts. I agree with the comments of these vehicles speeding by making you feel like if you don't move you'll get hit. If there was a way to supervise these drives you would be shocked to see the drivers texting while speeding along. Now will something be done about this, I think not. But, I did my part to report it.

RESPONSE: Thank you for letting us know. We have shared your concern with our Facilities Management and Public Safety managers.

CONCERN: I am a staff member and graduate student in the Kremen School of Education and Human Development. First of all, I'd just like to say how much I appreciate our beautiful campus. My hope is that such care for our facilities can be focused into the first floor of the Kremen Building -- specifically, its bathroom. For years, the women's bathroom on the first floor of the Kremen Building has been known as filthy and old. Is there any way these bathrooms can be remodeled, or at least cleaned more frequently?

RESPONSE: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Facilities Management has made it a priority to provide more frequent servicing of restrooms. Although improvements have been made, they are continuing to restructure service schedules in order to provide additional weekday cleanings for high-traffic buildings.

CONCERN: I am an alumni, graduate student, and staff member at this university. I believe that there are way too many vehicles on walkways at any given time during the day. I believe that driving automobiles and/or carts is being taken for granted. Every time I walk across campus I'm looking all around me every few minutes as if I'm on, or crossing, a street. Unfortunately, due to the volume of walkway motorized traffic it is only a matter of time until someone is seriously injured. There needs to be much less driving in our walkways by full-sized vehicles and carts alike. It is a walkway after all, and, to add, I guarantee that anywhere you notice a cart or vehicle, there is likely a parking lot within very reasonable walking distance away (that is, unless heavy equipment needs to be on site, but seldom is that the case).

RESPONSE: The campus has restricted drive zone guidelines outlining where vehicles can be used on sidewalks. We will review your concern with our Traffic Operations team to identify ways to reduce vehicle traffic in these areas.

CONCERN: I was wondering what the status is of the locker rooms at the North and South Gyms?

RESPONSE: The North and South Gym Modernization Project has resumed construction, and the project will be completed this spring. We appreciate the patience of our campus community as we work to modernize these buildings and incorporate the added scope requirements required by the State Fire Marshal.

CONCERN: Would it be possible to add more lights or brighter lighting around campus? Especially during the winter, some parts of campus can get fairly dark such as the walkway near the Armenian Genocide memorial and the Conley Arts Building. Although transportation services are available, it can be a bit unsettling at times to walk through alone after 5:00 PM.

RESPONSE: We have invested significantly to add LED exterior lighting campus wide, including parking lots and pedestrian walk ways. We recently conducted our annual Night Safety Walk and identified specific areas where landscape needs trimming or lighting needs improvement. We conduct this walk annually and have made numerous improvements based on our findings. We will review this area at night to identify opportunities for additional lighting.

CONCERN: Replacement of tables in the USU food court area. Also how much money is needed to be fundraised to replace robertitos with anything else such as chipotle, bring back Chick-fil-A, Etc. I could write a thesis on why a place like Chick-fil-A could bring more profit to Fresno state that robertitos.

RESPONSE: In 2013, a national consulting firm was hired to conduct a retail dining assessment on campus. Knowing we have very limited retail dining space on campus, students, faculty and staff were invited to participate in surveys and focus groups to determine the wants and needs of the campus. Among other findings, the overwhelming request was for an authentic Mexican restaurant, with Robertito’s receiving the most votes. We are currently in the planning stages of the New Student Union and reviewing new retail dining options.  We appreciate your input and will consider this as our plans move forward.

CONCERN: Having an electric vehicle charging station in the dorm parking lot! I believe that another place to charge these engines of change for the future of our environment is key to making this university a campus where innovative minds will feel welcome. During the day, the charging stations are completely full, and leaving my car there involves planning my day around walking back to the dorms from parking it, and retrieving my car by foot exactly four hours later. I enjoy the exercise, but my carbon footprint would be even smaller if this ritual was more convenient. Thanks for your consideration.

RESPONSE: We recognize demand has increased for our Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) stations. As mentioned in a previous response to the Feedback page, we are currently pursuing funding opportunities to add more EVC stations on the west side of the campus. We will review options to install EVC stations as we evaluate the engineering for the reconstruction of P27.

CONCERN: Policies and procedures are not being followed in the hiring practices of certain divisions on campus, University Advancement being the prime example. This should not be allowed to continue.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. Please contact Director of Human Resource Marylou Mendoza-Miller (278.2032) directly to share your specific concern.

CONCERN: The University Courtyard needs to lower their price on their rent dramatically because it is way too high. A dorm with 6 people living in it costs around $5000 and the food is around $4000. The food is also cheap and frozen that they just heat up themselves. The administration doesn't care about the students at all. They want just their money.

RESPONSE: Housing costs at University Courtyard are the lowest in the CSU and UC. We make every effort to keep the costs as low as possible for our students. Meal plans are managed by our University Dining Services staff.  Meals are prepared fresh daily and provide a variety of healthy options.  Please contact Debbie Guill (Manager of the University Dining Hall) at to discuss menu and meal options.

CONCERN: I drove in today, Nov 16, 2018, under a smokey, hazy sky, due to the wildfires up and down our state. I parked in the parking lot by Ag Sciences at 6:40 this morning. To my surprise, it was even dustier along the road and in the parking lot, as grounds maintenance had a leaf blower strapped to their back and was blowing leaves and debris into the parking lot and roadway, and dust into the air, from the sidewalk areas. As I looked at him doing this, my radio was on and they were giving us a VERY POOR air quality report for the day, and it was already UNHEALTHY due to all of the smoke from the fires.

As well, this grounds maintenance tech had parked his club car on the handicap ramp, in between the two handicap parking spaces right by the breezeway and stairwell next to the parking lot - effectively blocking the ramp and access to the building if anyone were to have to park in these spaces due to their handicap.

So my request it two-fold. 1. Can we please NOT blow leaves and dust around on bad air days. It doesn't matter if it is before 7 am. These particles get in the air and linger, making it difficult to breathe for those of us with asthma. 2. Please ask groundskeeping to NOT park their vehicles in a manner that blocks special needs access to a building. There were numerous empty parking spaces that he could have used, or even parked on the grass or walkway area where he was blowing dust and debris.

Thank you for your time and attention.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. Our Grounds team does a great job in keeping our campus looking beautiful and after sharing your concern with them, they will strive to minimize the use of blowers on bad air days. Areas to park their vehicles have also been discussed to address your concern about blocking access to designated handicap parking spaces.

CONCERN: The ramp outside Upward Bound in the University Center has disintegrated, to such a point that the support rail is exposed. Please address this before an accident occurs.

RESPONSE: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Facilities Management will inspect the area and identify any necessary improvements. At any time, please send a message via Twitter (@fsfacilities) or contact Facilities Management at 278.2373.

CONCERN: I do respect the reason for having all-gender restrooms. However, some of the practices should be refined and improved. For example, in Science II, South Wing, Second Floor, it is annoying when people walk along the hall way and find out the room is knocked. There should be only one all-gender restroom for all floors. The current setting wastes university resources as well as time of individuals.

RESPONSE: We have converted most single-stall restrooms to gender-inclusive restrooms. In Science II, we updated the men's restrooms on the 2nd floor to become gender inclusive. The first floor men’s restroom has not changed. 

CONCERN: On more than one occasion, I have received mail (addressed to me) that has been opened. Who is opening the mail that is clearly marked and sent to me with my name on it? The information within these specific correspondences so far has not been confidential; but, it still does not give anyone the right to open my mail. Why is this happening? Whether it is the campus mail room or my department, it needs to stop.

RESPONSE: Please share your concern with your department so they are aware that your mail is being opened. Our mailroom staff do not open mail, they just deliver it.

CONCERN: Fresno has horrible air quality from the wild fires. As of today (November 19th), the AQI (Air Quality Index) is at 152, which is in the unhealthy levels. UC Merced has closed for the week for the poor air quality and the rating for Merced is at 134. I'm just confused why Fresno State isn't closing this week due to poor air quality. It seems not logical, especially for those that work outdoors.

RESPONSE: During the period in November when air quality was a concern due to the wildfires throughout the state, the University’s Campus Preparedness Team closely monitored the Air Quality Index on the Environmental Protection Agency’s AirNow website. Readings from the closest monitor, located in Clovis, indicated that the AQI remained below 200, which is the level at which we would consider the cancellation of classes. According to the EPA, a 200 AQI is the level at which everyone, not only those who are medically sensitive to degraded air quality, may experience adverse health effects. Fortunately, the AQI in our local area never reached 200 in November.

That said, we understand the importance of this issue. Given that we live in a region where the AQI is often in the mid to high 100s at various times throughout the year, we must balance health considerations with the importance of continuity in our academic endeavors.

CONCERN: Have crisis support for Fresno State Alumni that lost immediate family member. Currently it's setup for students only, so those who lost their family member do not have support.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your concern regarding our Fresno State Alumni. Fortunately, there are many resources available in the community to help those in crisis. While our current students are able to receive services through the Student Health and Counseling Center, the staff are happy to provide a list of referrals for alumni in need.

CONCERN: Given the history of marginalization of communities of color, I am confused when white students win scholarships that prefer students of color - for example, a white student who does not identify as Hispanic winning a Hispanic scholarship, which I know has happened. I understand that technically all students should be allowed to apply to these scholarships. But this suggests NO Hispanic student, despite being preferred for the scholarship, could live up to a white student's accomplishments. I find this hard to believe and rather insulting. I urge Fresno State to truly consider students of color for scholarships, especially when it is designed to support historically marginalized communities. Doing otherwise reduces Fresno State's commitment to supporting its diverse student body.

RESPONSE: California Proposition 209 prohibits public institutions from discriminating on the basis of race, sex, or ethnicity. Fresno State does not have scholarships that are designated for specific ethnic groups. There are a handful of scholarships we award that are designed to recognize students who have demonstrated an interest in specific cultures. It is important to keep in mind that scholarships are awarded to the best-qualified candidate for each scholarship opportunity without any consideration to the applicant's ethnicity, as required by law. We encourage all students to apply for Fresno State scholarships. The application deadline for the 2019-2020 academic year is March 1, 2019. For more information, please visit

CONCERN: Went to the health center today. I was told that I have a $66 fee from 2016 that was never paid! I told the workers that's not possible. Why? I would've had a hold on my account until it was paid... and I have since graduated with my Bachelors! I'm currently a grad student. Anyway, I went to talk to Nellie Lee (medical records supervisor) and she couldn't find any record of my payment. I told her that I actually remember the first time they told me I had a $66 that I thought I had already paid. I trusted that they weren't wrong so I paid the fee (at least a year ago). After watching Nellie frantically click through her computer, she said that she would just write it off because she didn't want to take the time to go through two years of my medical history. Before leaving her office, I said to her, "I hope there are not more mistakes like this being made simply because someone doesn't want to do something." How does the health center system not have ANY record of my payment?! Where did my money really go?! Surprisingly, this is not the first time Fresno State has tried to unjustly charge me. Let's look at the time the library tried charging me a late fee for borrowing a laptop charger. I borrowed a laptop and charger and then returned it on time. For whatever reason, though, the library said that I returned JUST THE CHARGER 11 hours late. That means that someone who worked at tech lending didn't scan my items in at the time they should have. How hard is it to work at the library? Seriously? I had to talk to some person like Nellie who said they would write it off because they believed that I was not lying. Seriously? Is that what we're going off of? So, what improvements do I suggest to make Fresno State better? Get staff members who can actually do their job correctly, and care about doing it correctly! That means staff members should not be making simple mistakes, like scanning items 11 hours late, but should also be able to create a reliable database for medical records when needed.

RESPONSE: Thank you for addressing this issue. We appreciate you bringing it to our attention. While I can assure you that our system keeps careful records on fees paid, steps have been taken to ensure its accuracy.

CONCERN: While I appreciate the concept of the Red Folder and the idea of helping our students receive help when in troubling situations, the process is difficult to maneuver. A faculty member was attempting to reach out to the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) and followed the steps within the Red Folder with no solution. The number listed under resources for BIT leads to the VP for Student Affairs. When you ask the person to direct you to the BIT, they have no idea what it is or who to transfer you to. I was transferred to a person's voicemail who was in no way related to this project. If you follow the link to BIT's website, you can fill out a referral/ contact us form. But then you get a website error when you do that. So I have no idea if my email will actually be received. The faculty member who brought this to my attention stated the student merely received an email a couple of days later. Every situation isn't dire or need the intervention of campus police, but an email is very impersonal, especially for a student who is having a hard time. Also, the counseling center doesn't answer the phone even during their office hours. How are we supposed to know sending a student to the health center is what's best for them, if we don't know if someone is actually there to help? I understand our departments are busy, but that's a serious matter and should be well staffed.

RESPONSE: Thank you for pointing this out. We have contacted the Chancellor’s Office and asked that the information in the Red Folder be corrected. We have tested the online referral form for the BIT and CARE team, and it is working properly. The CARE team’s response to reports has to be kept confidential, so staff and faculty may not always be aware of action taken. The phone line at the Student Health and Counseling Center is always monitored during business hours, but at times there are multiple calls at once that tie up the lines. The CARE team website has direct contact information for all of the team members, and you are always welcome to contact any one of them:

CONCERN: Can the search box on the website go back to how it used to be? I find it really hard to find anything on the updated version. When I search up something like "final exam schedule" it does not give me anything related to that. However, if I go to google it takes me directly to the final exam schedule for fresno state. The new system is very inconvenient.

RESPONSE: Thank you for taking the time to send information about your experience with the new search feature on the Fresno State homepage. I apologize that you had an unsatisfactory experience with the search tool. Because of a recent change of vendors providing web searches for all 23 CSU campuses, Fresno State is working on refining and improving the University website search tool. We are also looking into alternative means of providing search results on the Fresno State homepage and plan on having alternative search tools tested and possibly in place by early Spring 2019. 

If you continue to have issues and cannot find the information you need, please reach out to our Fresno State Service Desk at 278.5000. 

CONCERN: If the university is going to require faculty and staff to have a cell phone in order to log to access university tools (e.g. Blackboard, Google apps, etc.), then the university should pay the cell phone bills of faculty and staff. The option of using the landline is ludicrous, and not all computers/devices accept a FOB.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your ideas about our recent information security and privacy initiatives. Technology Services offers a variety of mechanisms for employees to complete the two-step authentication process. Most people have found that the free mobile app available for their Android or Apple cellular phones or tablets is the most efficient and convenient way to verify the second step in the authentication process. While the mobile app can use a push notification via a cellular phone signal or wireless internet signal, there is also an option that does not require a cellular phone signal or wireless internet signal to operate. There are other options including a university-provided standalone hardware token that will also generate two-step passcodes, which works locally and internationally, and works in conjunction with web browsers on all devices.

Please stop by the Technology Services Service Desk to speak with someone who will be happy to explain each option and help you determine the one that best fits your needs. You may also call the Service Desk at 278.5000.

CONCERN: My professor said that I might be docked points for turning in a late assignment. My grades not are posted yet but I do not think it is fair for professor to deduct points for turning in a late assignment when all the computers in the union are not working.

I think it's unfair to lose points on my grade for not being able to print my assignment because of the labs. How’s that fair?

RESPONSE: The university computer requirement (found at reads: At Fresno State, computers and communications links to remote resources are recognized as being integral to the education and research experience. Every student is required to have his/her own computer or other personal access to a device with all the recommended software. The recommended standards for devices and software, which may vary by academic major, are updated periodically and are available from the Kennel Bookstore. The university provides students access to some software free of charge or at reduced rates. Faculty will presume that students have 24-hour access to a device and the necessary communication links to the University's information resources. Fresno State maintains a limited number of workstations in various labs and laptops for checkout to facilitate this access. It also provides a wi-fi network on campus for access to the Internet.

CONCERN: Regarding Academics, I think there should be a clear policy regarding absences. I feel there is too many “personal” policies by faculty regarding student absences. Some professors are caring and understanding and some are very cold regarding absences. I understand students sometimes abuse there academics and skip classes but I don’t feel that there is any consistency when it comes to absences.

RESPONSE: There is such a policy-APM 232 (available online at The first part reads: A student’s first responsibility is to attend class and learn. The University expects students to attend all classes for which they are enrolled. Instructors may establish specific attendance regulations and make-up work policies governing their classes and must provide them to their students at the beginning of the semester.

CONCERN: Another issue I have come across is the hours for dining. There are late classes and most dining services close at 7pm. What about the late night students who get hungry? The university could be losing funding because students are eating off campus because almost all food options are closed. Even those who get out of classes at 7 pm and may want to eat.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. North Gym Paws-N-Go is open until 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday with a variety of grab & go options. The Union Snack Bar is open until 9 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and offers pizza by the slice, hot dogs, salads, wraps, and many other items. Our campus Starbucks is also open until 9 p.m. Sunday –Thursday, and we have expanded our menu offerings to include paninis, wraps, protein boxes, sandwiches and salads in addition to a variety of bakery items.

CONCERN: Faculty and staff have pointed this out numerous times in the past but nothing has been done to curtail the use of expensive, excessive, inefficient, and unnecessary PRINTED promotional materials, e.g., event invites, flyers, announcements, etc., on card stock. During these trying times, the university needs to find more ways to reduce costs as most of these materials go straight to the recycle bins. Instead of sending everyone personally labeled post cards, perhaps one per department is enough since the same announcements are sent out to everyone via email anyway. Cutting down on paper use has to come before recycling – not only does this benefit our bottom line but also our environment.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback. We have converted many collateral materials to electronic forms, but agree we can continue to evaluate the number of hard copy printed materials sent to every department. Most of the internal print pieces are handled by Printing Services. Printing Services does a good job at advising campus units on how to save costs, which could include reducing the number of print pieces. Printing is at the discretion of each campus entity, and we try to encourage the use of electronic communication when possible. Regarding major University events, these requests go through Brand Strategy and Marketing. For these events, we intentionally try to reduce the number of printed invites to our campus community while still sending a formal printed invitation to our external alumni and friends.

CONCERN: Hire more teachers to teach course that have only one course per specific semesters only because this can cause over laps of courses that students are required to take.

RESPONSE: The colleges and departments make every effort to provide sufficient seats in courses to accommodate students. However, if demand for a particular course warrants only a single section, it would not be a wise use of university resources to offer multiple sections. Given a single section offering, it is difficult to schedule in such a way that there is no conflict with other courses. Departments are usually able to work out such conflicts within their own offerings but have limited control over the timing of courses offered in other departments, which may be required in the major.

CONCERN: Library complaint - The computer work stations located on the second and third floors of the library appear to never be maintained, and there is no one available to give students assistance when there is a problem. Please keep the computer work stations functioning properly and provide the assistance needed. It is so frustrating!

RESPONSE: I appreciate your feedback, and I am sorry to hear about your experiences with the computer workstations in the library. Our Library and Technology Services teams regularly inspect all public computing workstations, and Chief Information Officer Leon has personally asked his teams to look into the computers on the second and third floors of the Library, as well as the processes we have in place to provide assistance for these computers.

You will now see information about how to get help with any computer issues on the computer screens. If you continue to have issues and cannot find the information you need, please reach out to our Fresno State Service Desk at 278.5000.

CONCERN: Fresno State has been great, but I feel that registration has been more of a hassle this year than it has been in the past. In the past prerequisites for classes existed such as "must pass class with a C or better" and it still allowed me to register for the upcoming semester. This year I have been having some serious registration issues with the business and physics department. I cannot register for MKTG 160 because I need to pass MKTG 100S with a C or better which i'm currently in. I spoke to that instructor and they said they cannot issue a permission number til the second week of the semester. The worst part of all this is that MKTG 160 session that worked for me is already full and I desperately need it for my minor. I've looked into other options but i need other classes before i can take those upper division classes as well. My only hope right now is that somebody drops that class next semester or else I will not be able to get my minor. Lastly, I have a buddy with the same issue but with finance. He was able to talk to the finance department and they were able to get him a permission number 10 minutes before registration which is great. I really hope this issue gets fixed!!!

RESPONSE: The registration system has not changed with regard to course prerequisites. Students who are in-progress with a prerequisite course are allowed to register for subsequent courses prior to receiving a final grade in the prerequisite course. Students experiencing difficulty registering for a particular course are urged to see an advisor to review specific circumstances, which may be preventing enrollment.

CONCERN: Out of all the CSU units our campus is one of the few that does not have a trip-based campus recreation program or equipment rental program. Given our location in the Central Valley and proximity to such amazing natural resources, I have long wondered why we don't have such a program. Having a non-credit, trip-based outdoor recreation program on campus would be an incredible asset to our students and assist them in improving their academic achievements and achieving healthier lifestyles.

I have made several proposals for this type of initiative and have not gotten any traction. I would be happy to be an asset to develop an OR program on campus.

RESPONSE: Student Involvement offers various outdoor recreational trips throughout the year that allow our students to experience and enjoy local and regional places. We also provide information on how to access these areas. At this time, there are no plans to create a more extensive outdoor recreational program.

CONCERN: As a student who often visits the Rec Center during the evenings on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, I would like to suggest having the parking lot lights in North Lot Row 4 turned on longer during the weekends and during breaks (such as spring break, summer break, and winter break). The lot is usually lit on weekdays, but is unlit on the weekends. However, if there's an event happening at the Save Mart Center during the weekend, the lights would be on. Even if there are no events happening at the Save Mart Center, this creates a safety concern for students trying to get to and from their vehicles in the dark, knowing that they would exposed to being victim in a robbery or having their cars damaged from other drivers hitting parked cars or getting their cars broken into. If the University could set a timer on these lights for a few more hours after the Rec closes on the weekends, This would ensure safety and give time for people to get to and from their vehicles.

The only lights that are lit on weekends are only the ones that lead to campus - from Matoian Way (between Woodrow Ave to Chestnut Ave) and on Woodrow Ave.

I understand the University is trying to save on costs - considering that it's less busy on the weekends or there are no events happening at the Save Mart Center, but I feel like student's safety is still being put at risk.

RESPONSE: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Those lights are usually on if there is a Save Mart Center event. We will ensure they are on during the academic semesters.

CONCERN: Registration issue for graduating seniors. Some required courses are restricted to seniors during all or part of registration. With a minimum number of 120 units required for graduation, the coding restriction needs to change from class level to a specific number of units completed (105-110+ units). Updating the programming would allow students who need the course to register. Otherwise, students are forced to take winter session, intersession, summer session or put off graduation for an additional semester.

RESPONSE: Course registration priority is based on class seniority. Seniors (90+ units completed) have registration appointments earlier than juniors, sophomores and freshmen. Within this class seniority, students with more units register first in each class level. For example, a senior with 110 units would register before someone with 90 units on the same day. Similarly, freshmen with 15 units would register before freshmen with 10 units on the same day.

CONCERN: The "Red Friday" program offered at Fresno State is great. It's so nice to be able to go meet with your colleagues from across campus and enjoy a yummy breakfast treat. The raffle prizes are also wonderful, but I had a suggestion. To win the prizes you have to be "present to win". This is very difficult as I work at a public service desk on campus. I, unfortunately, cannot spend an hour (or more) at the Red Friday event to win a prize. It seems that there should be a policy in place that if the person isn't present then the winner can be called to collect their prize. Please consider this suggestion, not only for myself but for others who aren't allowed to take an hour break for these events. Thank you.

RESPONSE: We have shared your concern with Belinda Munoz (Staff Assembly Chair), who will discuss with the Staff Assembly leadership. 

CONCERN: The vehicles people are driving to campus are getting larger and larger, with oversize SUV's, trucks etc. often overflowing into the next space or worse, into the driving lane of the parking lot. These vehicles need to be charged more for parking if they are going to take two spaces, or larger spaces near the back of the lot should be provided to accommodate these oversized vehicles.

RESPONSE: In accordance with section 21113 of the California Vehicle Code, the Fresno State Police Department enforces several ordinances as well as other provisions of the California Vehicle Code. Any vehicle must be completely contained in parking spaces and will be ticketed if the parked vehicle creates a traffic hazard.  The campus does not restrict parking areas for oversized vehicles, but many utilize parking options surrounding the campus such as parking areas of the Savemart Center and the University Farm.

CONCERN: Pedestrians, skateboarders and bicyclists on campus are often entering the roadway unsafely, dart out between cars, or just walk across the road with eyes glued to their phones and not paying attention and/or crossing major roads on campus without stopping and with no concern for moving traffic. There needs to be some sort of pedestrian control put in place so someone doesn't get hurt or killed.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your concern and commitment to safety. We will monitor more closely. It is an ongoing challenge to monitor as we endeavor to educate versus issuing citations.