Feedback received April – September, 2019

Posted on 10/21/19


CONCERN: I don't have any suggestions but I do have a simple question. What is the correct pronunciation "Joyal"? I have heard several different pronunciations at my time here at Fresno State, and no one seems to know the exact pronunciation (pronounced the same as Royal or Royale). I find that most people pronounce it the same as "Royale" even though there is no 'e' at the end. I, and I'm sure many others, would love to know what the correct pronunciation is. Thank you!

RESPONSE: Your question prompted a fun discussion among my cabinet colleagues, as we realized that some of us have been pronouncing the Joyal name incorrectly. A former member of the University’s Board of Governors reminded us that Dr. Arnold Joyal, who was president of Fresno State between 1948 and 1964, pronounced his last name as rhyming with the words “royal” and “boil.”

CONCERN: Would the Cabinet please consider implementing summer hours (7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.) during Spring Break? I've spoken to several other staff members on campus and we all agree it would be work out great with our schedules.

RESPONSE: Thank you. I will discuss this idea with the President’s Cabinet.

CONCERN: It would be great to have a GI 2025 website and have a visual of how we are progressing. I have heard about how different areas on campus are "moving the needle" but we do not always have the chance to share this with each other. CSUSB and CSU Stanislaus have a wonderful website sharing information on how different areas are working to accomplish this goal. We might not be working directly together on GI 2025, but we are working together to accomplish this major goal. Let's see it on our website and be proud of all of our efforts in this work.

RESPONSE: Thank you for this suggestion. We will certainly explore the creation of a website, with our partners in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

CONCERN: I am a lecturer and always believed that our campus is following it is mission on respect and inclusion, but recently it seems there is a system of hierarchy in place, especially from tenures and chairs of departments. Most of us have the same level of education and sometimes with more years of experience than tenures or our chairs. I would really appreciate it if in your meeting with deans there would be a reminder for their chairs and ultimately other faculty members of this matter.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Our lecturers are essential partners in furthering student success. We will certainly remind the deans to foster a sense of community, inclusion and belonging with their entire faculty.

CONCERN: If you’re going to have a liberal speaker, Buttigieg, then have a conservative speaker as well. We need the students to hear more than one point of view.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your note. Fresno State has a long history of promoting and encouraging civic engagement for our students and community. Over the years, the campus has hosted numerous speakers from a wide variety of viewpoints. Some noteworthy examples include evangelist Billy Graham, President George H.W. Bush, President Bill Clinton, and more recently political commentator and community organizer Sally Kohn, publishing executive Steve Forbes (who was a candidate in the 1996 and 2000 Republican Presidential primaries) and Ela Gandhi, the granddaughter of Mahatama Gandhi.

Regarding presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s appearance on campus in June, MSNBC approached the University about hosting their nationally televised policy forum, and paid for rental of the venue. As California increasingly plays a more prominent role in presidential elections due to the change in its primary election schedule, we welcome visits from any of the presidential candidates and our elected officials as an opportunity for our campus community to learn about their values, principles and policies.

CONCERN: As a student researcher, it is of much importance to provide the option for analytical software such as InVivo or Atlas for qualitative research and software such as SPSS for quantitative research. As a student researcher in the Psychology and Social Sciences department, I stress the importance of the availability of these types of software. Besides being in two departments, I know that there are a multitude of students who would benefit from the availability of these softwares especially for research at Fresno State.

RESPONSE: Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. Fresno State offers a suite of software for students, including tools such as SPSS, Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. Some software titles are free to use on your personal computer while enrolled as a student; some may used on your personal computer for a small fee; and some are free to use on lab computers around campus. Some colleges and schools also provide additional software for students taking classes within the college or school. Contact your faculty advisor for more information. Please review the following webpages. You may submit a support request or visit the DISCOVERe Hub if you have other questions.

CONCERN: Fresno State Magazine is great, but perhaps it would be better to only print for employees who opt in to receive it. In the department where I work, there were at least 15-20 of them in the recycle bin in our mail area. I'm sure it's not cheap to print these as it's great quality, but I just hate to see them wasted.

RESPONSE: Thank you for reaching out to us about this. Being that Fresno State Magazine is one of our primary ways of connecting with alumni and friends in the region and beyond, we feel it is important to share each issue with faculty and staff also as they are often the best brand champions in support of the University's mission. The upcoming fall/winter issue of the magazine, scheduled to publish in early November, will feature the work of numerous faculty experts.

Our readership surveys have consistently shown that the overwhelming majority of our audience, including faculty and staff, feel that reading Fresno State Magazine strengthens their connection to Fresno State. That is what we strive for, and we appreciate you sharing your concern.

In the future, please know that if there are any extra or unwanted copies of the magazine, you may contact University Communications at 559.278.2795, and the extra magazines can be used for other purposes.

CONCERN: The same way that tenure-tracks become tenured and eventually full professors, why don’t we create a similar path for our lecturers? In the past two years, our campus has lost many competent lecturers who would have preferred to stay, if there were a better opportunity for them at Fresno State.

RESPONSE: While we have to abide by Collective Bargaining Agreement procedures concerning order of assignment, those lecturers with an annual 30-unit load have a clear path toward obtaining a three-year contract. We appreciate our lecturers at Fresno State and are very much aware of the important role they play in student success.

CONCERN: The TMRRR in the Madden Library has become the new "party central" for everything on campus. That is not what it was intended for, and it feels disrespectful to have so many events there. The campus should look at the Ellipse in the Library, or perhaps other places on campus. The room is in a constant state of either loading in an event, or loading out. I am sure the TMR did not envision this space as a catering event space.

RESPONSE: Thank you for this feedback. The Table Mountain Rancheria Reading Room in the Henry Madden Library is one of our most special and treasured spaces on campus. This facility was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Table Mountain Rancheria and is used primarily for quiet study and reflection. On occasion, receptions and forums are held in the room. These exceptions are rare and must be approved by the Vice President for Administration in collaboration with the Dean of the Library. Student needs are always considered first, and we always look for alternate spaces in the library and across campus before booking the Table Mountain Rancheria Reading Room. As you know, we have limited large meeting spaces. We are revisiting our practices and will continue to monitor and limit the use for special events.

CONCERN: There are entities on campus that charge for services, such as the Print Shop, Plant Ops, Mail Services, Ag Operations, and even Technology Services on occasion (for phone systems). Yet, other entities that provide services to the campus are unable to charge for services. When University Brand Strategy and Marketing was exploring the option to charge for services, they were told this is not an option.

While I understand chargebacks can be a barrier in working with the creative team in University Brand Strategy and Marketing, I do not understand why it is not considered a barrier for other units on campus, most of which fall under Administration and Finance.

Chargebacks allow a unit to charge the campus community reasonable prices for the work that is produced. It tells that campus community that the work the unit does is valuable. It also allows a unit to increase available funding for equipment and professional development that ultimately benefits the quality of work produced for the University.

RESPONSE: Only a few select departments are eligible to utilize chargebacks as part of their operating budget in accordance with the Chargeback Policy. Annually, the Chargeback committee reviews new requests. Please contact Pam Lewis, Office of Budget and Resource Planning Manager at 559.278.3902 for more information regarding the approval process.

CONCERN: I am concerned about the lack of support for faculty research. I read with great interest the recent feedback from a colleague regarding how problematic it is that faculty must publish to be promoted to Associate and again to full Professor, yet research is not factored into our workload. The response provided (that we receive a course release during our first two years) was insufficient. Helpful as this brief release is to set up a program of research, there is no mechanism through which to systematically support faculty research—particularly mid-career faculty and beyond. How can we be expected to succeed in teaching, research and service, when all three areas are not included in our workload (APM 337)? This means that for faculty to succeed here, we must work overtime – a solution that is neither sustainable nor ethical.

RESPONSE: Research is critical to the success of faculty and students alike, as research maintains our currency in the field and assures that Fresno State is providing world-class education. The Provost’s Office secured funds to make possible Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities grants, to which faculty across the University can apply.

It is feasible to meet our current requirements with a modest research agenda.

That said, we do appreciate your point regarding a discrepancy between allocated time and promotion expectations. In part, we see teaching and research as intertwined. There is often a shift of emphasis from course design to research and service activities, as the faculty member advances. We will review the balance of applications and availability of RSCA grants, and continue to consider ways to support faculty at all levels to attain a balanced workload.

CONCERN: Why are adjuncts restricted from being nominated for all Provost Awards except for Outstanding Lecturer? Our adjuncts make up nearly 50% of the faculty population, but are only allowed to be recognized in the single category as a "lecturer." While the award is an honor, it also sets a tone that adjuncts are less deserving than their tenure-track colleagues. Our campus has many outstanding long-term, full-time adjuncts who are just as excellent in teaching, service, research and innovation as our tenure-track faculty but who largely go ignored. Why are they less deserving of the recognition? Let them be nominated and compete.

RESPONSE: All lecturer faculty are fundamental to the success of our students and university mission. We can certainly have a conversation about this. Please connect with the Office of the Provost.

CONCERN: I have tried to work through some issues with my department and with HR. I have been on campus for over 20 years and have never seen campus in such a bad way. I have been ignored for positions given to younger candidates with less experience and then told to train them up. This has happened several times. I went to HR and had the worst experience I could have imagined. They took all my concerns and then flipped it around. I feel attacked and feel that HR is now trying to intimidate me for asking them to look into the way people get hired or promoted. I feel like HR thinks that they are supposed to protect managers. I don't feel comfortable talking with HR or the HR manager about this at all.

RESPONSE: I am sorry you experienced this. I have shared your concerns with Marylou Mendoza-Miller, Associate Vice President of Human Resources, and Vice President Adishian-Astone to make them aware of this issue.

CONCERN: As faculty, our main focus should be on student success. Our classrooms are micro- sample of the macro- job market for students. We need to set standards for the class and as part of the grade, the loyalty, responsibility and commitment to those rules should be taken into account. We need to have a common system for making participation mandatory for all classes (except for classes such as independent studies) and consider a min/max number of excused absences. We need to have a system in place for all syllabi to make it clear that X number of unexcused absences is equal to F. It not fair to grade a student who has always been in the class and participated in class projects/ discussions with the same criteria. In the large classrooms, there are many tools (such as iClicker) to keep track of attendance. Thanks for caring for our student success!

RESPONSE: Thank you for your interest in student success and helping students learn the course content, the transferrable skills of participation and work ethic. Each professor has the academic freedom as part of their pedagogy to determine course requirements, including participation. At the University level, we have APM 232 (Policy on Student Absences), which must be followed for all courses and clearly noted in course syllabi. Faculty are encouraged to adopt technology such as iClickers to track attendance and participation.

CONCERN: With the new advising centers now being open for 3+ years it is time to change the organizations chart of the centers. The Associate Deans, who were instrumental in getting the new advising centers up and running and getting the advisors connected with the faculty in our respected colleges, are becoming out of touch with the centers. They do not have the time to continue to check in on their respective center and they have no idea of the day to day what advisors do in the office. Come evaluation time we are asked to either evaluate ourselves by filling in our own evaluations. It is time that a Coordinator or Director is put in place in all the centers, to handle the day-to-day operations and be given power to conduct evaluations and handle all things that have to do with the center.

RESPONSE: Currently, all advisors report directly to the associate dean in the college that houses them. At this point, we have no plans to create another MPP that would supervise the advising centers within Academic Affairs. We will reinforce with our associate deans the importance of maintaining strong communication with their respective advising centers.

CONCERN: When did the university decide to adopt the Clifton StrengthsFinder across campus? All of a sudden, it's popping up everywhere, with folks listing their "five strengths" in e-mail signatures and colleges spending considerable time on what amounts to corporate palmistry. My questions are: 1) Is this now expected of us at Fresno State? 2) What is the rationale behind adopting StrengthsFinder? Without knowing anything about its proprietary methodology, I am loath to trust any results the pseudo-scientific survey gives me. 3) Has the University spent money on this? If so, was there a vetting process I can read more about?

RESPONSE: Fresno State is committed to employee development. The StrengthsFinder assessment is one of the many resources available to employees and teams to foster better working relationships and help employees identify their unique gifts and talents, motivators and natural ways of approaching and solving problems. There are several other assessments that are also used to help strengthen collaboration and communication including Real Colors, DiSC, Hogan360 and more. These programs are voluntary and available to faculty and staff. The faculty and staff who are leading StrengthsFinder workshops are certified. More information about Clifton StrengthsFinder and Strengths at Fresno State can be found here.

CONCERN: I am a soon to be senior transfer student with an option in Finance in Fall of 2019. Therefore, my class selection is limited for what I am able to take. My registration date is not even here yet but all but 2 classes I need is either completely closed, or only has a few spots left and will be closed before I register. I understand that I can wait and hope that when open registration hits I might find some open courses. But as a student who wants to take 15+ units and graduate in 4 years, should I really have to depend on 'hope" to get into the courses I need? Thank you for your feedback.

RESPONSE: Please contact your chair about your situation, and copy the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Bernadette Muscat, as she monitors demand and availability of courses.

CONCERN: I regularly see students who fail certain lower-division math classes taught by a certain professor (on both first attempts and second attempts). This professor has been known to be a high fail-rate professor within the student body for at least several years. In fact, I often see the other sections of these classes fill up first before people have to select this professor's courses. What recourse does a department have in this? Do the student evaluation sheets actually determine how well a professor is serving their students? I am tired of seeing students on academic probation due to taking these classes and who are struggling to pass these classes just so they can move on with their degree.

RESPONSE: We monitor all high DWF courses to ensure we provide all instructors who have high failing levels the right tools necessary to restructure their lessons and make use of better methods of delivering information. The Center for Faculty Excellence has been instrumental in helping faculty who have high DWF courses. If you know of a specific instructor who needs such assistance, please contact Interim Vice Provost Xuanning Fu; all communication will be kept confidential.

CONCERN: Several campus community members and University friends submitted concerns regarding recent accreditation issues in the School of Nursing.

RESPONSE: The feedback received pertaining to the school within the College of Health and Human Services has been shared with the appropriate campus administrators. Thank you.

CONCERN: A director was recently hired without any experience supervising professional staff or managing multiple budgets. This experience is essential to the position and was specified in the job announcement. Without this experience, how can someone be an effective leader to help the department operate and grow both in terms of operations and growth of staff? In my opinion, management is allowing an individual to learn through trial and error, and it is not what the department or individuals working there deserve. The individual is connected with campus administrators; is this why they were given the position? There are talented and more qualified individuals who have this experience and more who can provide leadership and help carry out the university's strategic plan. This and other appointments have made staff question the hiring practices and integrity of the university. How is this allowed to happen and what will Fresno State do to address this inequity?

RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback on searches. Human Resources does review all applications to ensure the candidates meet minimum qualifications in accordance with the duties and responsibilities outlined in the position announcement. The appointed search committee reviews all of the qualified applicants and determines finalists to be interviewed. The search committee is charged with forwarding a list of finalists to the hiring manager who makes the final decision. If you have specific concerns about the recruitment process, please feel free to contact Marylou Mendoza-Miller in Human Resources.

CONCERN: I am reaching out to you because I do not think there should be a waitlist for the Chicano/Latino commencement. This ceremony is extremely meaningful for my family and me. When I completed my bachelor’s degree, I said to myself that one day I wanted to complete my masters’ degree as well and get hooded in front of my “raza.” Also, my parents felt connected during the ceremony, and they enjoyed the music and the program as well, which is why I wanted to give them the same experience this year. Although, I may not be part of it because I am number 61 on the waitlist, I would like future ceremonies to accommodate as many students as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this feedback.

RESPONSE: We understand your disappointment with not being able to participate in the Chicano/Latino Commencement Celebration this past spring. A considered and sincere attempt was made to accommodate as many students as possible within the space limitation. In fact, the celebration in May 2019 was the largest in its history. An extra effort was made to include more students than ever before, by eliminating faculty seating.

We have a long registration period to allow students ample time to register. The official registration period was between Feb. 18 and April 12. In addition, we added students until the end of April, as long as there was space. While we were able to accommodate many students on the waiting list, those at the end of the list could not be accommodated. Students are encouraged via social media, the webpage and by word of mouth to not wait until the last minute to register, because participation is in high demand.

Our goal is to serve students and their families as best as we can, and we will continue to look for ways to improve. Thank you for input.

CONCERN: I find it ridiculous the campus does not invest more in their advisors. These are some of the hardest working people on campus who are dealing with outrageous student-to-advisor ratios. In my time working here, I have never had a supervisor initiate themselves an in-range progression or reclassification. Instead, we have to ask for these ourselves and then wait 4-6 months to hear back of the results. The only raises I have ever received in my time here have been from my union. You have advisors stuck in a certain classification for years and years, then a new person gets hired at the same classification and starts off making more money. Be bold and establish a career and pay ladder for SSPs. We have nothing to work towards because there is no clearly established career ladder here or a way to move up the pay ladder.

RESPONSE: Without a doubt, our academic advisors are valued campus employees who make a big impact on our students. The Human Resources department, alongside managers, works to ensure that staff in any particular classification with similar experience are paid equitably at Fresno State, as well as within the CSU. A request for an in-range progression (IRP) review may be submitted by the employee or manager. Employee-initiated in-range progression requests shall be submitted to Human Resources and those review requests shall be completed within ninety (90) days, as provided for in the APC Collective Bargaining Agreement. If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact Robert Rodriguez, HR Manager - Classification & Compensation at 559.278.2032.

CONCERN: I just received the email regarding the University's commitment to providing professional development support for faculty and staff moving forward. This is appreciated, but as a staff member I am finding issue with the options being provided. These have all been offered in the past. Also, here is little to no opportunity for staff to have professional development funded for opportunities outside of the campus. Faculty have the opportunity to apply for awards and grants (e.g. the provost’s awards, RSCA, CFE funding, DISCOVERe, etc.) that the University offers, which they are able to use for conferences, travel,and equipment, among other things. It would be helpful if staff could also submit proposals for funding for conferences, program training or even completing projects that the University would benefit from. Staff are willing to work for the support we need, are passionate about what we want to pursue, and are not just expecting these things as “gimmes”.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your response and commitment to your professional development. As noted, the University invests significantly in professional development programs offered by Organizational Excellence and the Center for Faculty Development. We continue to expand and diversify these offerings each year and receive feedback from staff, faculty and administrators on what programming to offer in order to meet the professional development needs and goals of individuals and the campus. Additionally, many department support staff attend off-campus learning and development opportunities, including conferences and workshops. We encourage you to discuss your professional development and funding availability with your immediate supervisor.

CONCERN: I was wanting to ask about setting up a monthly plan for tuition. They have a payment plan in which you can pay 2/3 first and then the 1/3 that remains, however, realistically this doesn’t work for many people. If there were more of a payment-plan option, I believe more individuals would be able to access an education. Like myself for example. I am currently having a hard time with funding and will be dropped from my classes. If I were able to split my full amount by the months in that semester, I could swing paying. Because we don’t have this type of access, I am forced to be dropped and wait for funding that is not looking bright to come in, so I can re-register and hope to get it in time.

RESPONSE: I am pleased to share that we will be adding more payment plan options by fall 2020. Accounting Services is working to have these new options available in the PeopleSoft student center portal so you can set up a plan online. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Josie Almeida, Assistant Controller at 559.278.5488 to discuss payment options.

CONCERN: 108 photos for the 108 commencement? I see no doctoral or masters students in any of those pictures. Commencement has become some sort of joke to many students and an embarrassment for those of us who take education seriously! It is ok to celebrate ones graduating, but there is a time and a place. Convocation should be a time of honor and respect. There are many who worked long and hard, paid very large tuition to earn their degree, but the undergrads think this is some big party where they can do whatever they want. The recession is another opportunity to honor the students one last time, to take pictures. I was mortified at the lack of professionalism and respect shown by many of the undergrads. I felt horrible for masters and doctoral students. Bring back honor and dignity to convocation!

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. We appreciate the feedback. The purpose of the commencement photo gallery is to highlight visually compelling and memorable moments from graduation weekend. While the majority of the photos are of undergraduate students, the gallery does include a number of photos showcasing master’s students. Every year, we do our best to capture the diversity of our graduating class.

CONCERN: Why does the University have so many Development Officers, one for each college? These peopled are hired to get monies donated. Yet, in my college this person, who I understand is not exempt, does not get to the office before 10 a.m. or stay until 5 p.m., if they come in at all. For the salary, paid cell phones, office space, staff support, reimbursements for all those coffees, lunches and dinners, what is the rate of return? I would like to see a report published for each college and have transparency showing the results of donations received versus the expense of a development person. Is there a dollar amount that needs to be raised in order to continue as a development person?

RESPONSE: In fiscal year 2018-19, as reported to the CSU, for every dollar spent on fundraising, six dollars were returned to our University. 

Our team of 22 development professionals supporting Academics, Student Affairs and Athletics, along with the leadership of these respective areas, and the help of our entire campus community, exceeded our $24M University annual fundraising goal last year by raising $27.6M.

This successful result represents the second-largest fundraising year in Fresno State history.

The Directors of Development are aligned with specific schools/colleges/areas. This is so each area has adequate support and expertise in fundraising, and the development staff can focus more closely on related projects, applicable industry partnerships and alumni relationships.

Directors of Development are MPP's and, therefore, exempt employees who may flex their time. Most of their development meetings occur away from campus at the offices of the donor or prospect. Their job duties require them to have early morning meetings, and attend evening and weekend events.

Annually, the Dean (or Vice President), Director of Development and Associate Vice President for Development set an annual fundraising goal for their area and establish a development strategic plan. Directors of Development are evaluated annually on the progress of goals and metrics, including fundraising to goal, total visits/first visits, number of proposals and return on investment (ROI).

We are happy to report that each of our Directors of Development takes their jobs seriously and produces a healthy ROI.

CONCERN: When I put in a ticket with the campus help desk, I get the resolution to the ticket weeks, if not months later. This is not helpful. Most time the problem is fixed, but I don't get the email letting me know it's done until much, much later. Is there a way these tickets can be closed in "real time"?

RESPONSE: Thank you for the feedback. We understand this has happened with some of our technology service requests in the past, and we have been working on ways to provide more helpful service. With the rollout of the new campus ticketing system (Team Dynamix), the Technology team will streamline a number of processes to improve consistency and service. Part of this effort will address some of the issues you describe here, and the Technology team will more actively monitor requests that have been open for some time and provide more helpful updates.

CONCERN: When submitting PeopleSoft security requests, once the request is complete you receive an email. At the bottom of that email it says "If you have any questions regarding this email or Security Request, please reply to this email or contact the Technology Services at 278-3923" I called that number, was told to hold then transferred to Herbert in Tech Services. When I told him what happened and what the email said, he stated that wasn't the right number and to reply to the email. If calling is not an option, the wording needs to be changed to specify that. We are overloaded with work as it is, to be taken in circles is very frustrating.

RESPONSE: I appreciate your feedback. I asked Chief Information Officer Orlando Leon to look into this, and his team has started the process of making updates to the communications related to PeopleSoft security requests.

CONCERN: I do not believe the recruiting process in Technology Services is fair. Many of the new hires were pre-selected as interim or temporary before the recruitment and then given the position. It is not fair and is damaging the department. I do not feel HR is appropriately monitoring the department at all. Instead, HR defers to the department MPPs and other administrators. This has been going on for years, and the behavior is accelerating because no one is questioning the hires as pre-selected and relationship-based.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. All departments are required to comply with campus recruitment procedures as documented on our Human Resources website. Also, each search committee includes a trained EEOD (Equal Employment Opportunity Designee) to ensure fair hiring practices. If you would like to provide additional details regarding specific recruitments that you believe have not followed University procedures, please contact Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Marylou Mendoza-Miller at 559.278.2032 directly to discuss your concerns.

CONCERN: I noticed that our buildings are the typical "Fresno Beige" on campus. I would like to suggest some buildings get a coat of paint or maybe a mural. I think this could help with navigation of our students and with beautification of our campus. I would be happy to help if murals are an option.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your suggestion. The beige is a campus standard and is intended to provide a consistent color palette. The Agricultural Science Building is currently receiving lead abatement and a fresh coat of paint. An ad hoc committee, through the Campus Planning Committee, has been charged to develop a process for approval of exterior murals and will make recommendations to the Campus Planning Committee. If you would like more information, please reach out to Esther Gonzalez, in the Office of Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer, for contact information.

CONCERN: Daily parking passes are five dollars now?! and students’ parking passes are only valid starting on August 20? This is such a slimy way to get more money. Suggestion: lower the daily parking fee, lower the hourly parking rate, change student passes to be valid at least one week before classes start. If you don’t do any of these, the least you could do is pay employees’ parking fees. I shouldn’t have to pay to park at my job.

RESPONSE: Revenues generated from parking permits are used to maintain parking spaces and operate the parking program, which is required to be self-supporting. The daily rate was increased incrementally over the last two years to fund deferred maintenance projects. The last increase was over 15 years ago. Our daily rate is still the lowest of all the CSU campuses. The average CSU daily parking permit rate is $6.72. Student Parking Permits are purchased by semester, not on an annual basis. Please contact Interim Director of Parking and Transportation, Derek Brantley ( or 559.278.6709) if you need any additional information.

CONCERN: Please consider a regular evaluation process for department chairs and deans (by faculty and staff). Thank you!

RESPONSE: A regular evaluation process for department chairs and deans, including faculty and staff, already exists under the APM.

Under APM 125, a formal evaluation of a chair is completed in the final academic year of the chair's term. The AVP for Faculty Affairs works with the dean of the college to schedule the evaluation and to ensure that all steps in the APM are followed. The APM provides that notice of the evaluation is posted "seeking written comments from all concerned including staff and students." In addition, the dean ensures that the evaluation is conducted according to the procedures developed by the school faculty. The AVP for Faculty Affairs is collecting those procedures to ensure that all chairs are informed of the process to be used in their evaluations. In addition, information from the evaluation, which may be useful to the department, should be shared by the chair and/or dean with the department faculty.

Under APM 335, all MPPs (which includes deans) are subject to an annual performance review. The dean is also subject to a comprehensive administrative-performance review every four years. In addition, the President or designee may require a comprehensive review at any time. A dean may also be reviewed based on the request of the faculty in the school or college as a result of a formal petition signed by 51 percent of the tenured and probationary faculty. The evaluation committee structure, process and criteria for review are set out in the APM.

CONCERN: Currently, the lecturers are treated as second-class citizens on this campus. It's not a healthy situation in an academic setting.

RESPONSE: Our lecturers are essential partners in furthering student success. We will certainly remind the deans to foster a sense of community, inclusion and belonging with all their faculty. If you know of a specific instance that needs our attention, please contact AVP for Faculty Affairs Marsha Baum; all communication will be kept confidential.

CONCERN: Fresno State has a great employee Wellness program with lots of opportunities for staff and faculty to improve their overall fitness and wellbeing. Thank you for all of your efforts in this area. I would like to encourage the university to make the Fresno State swimming pool available to faculty and staff on more days and at more convenient times (right after work and/or at lunch time), than has traditionally been offered. For example, over the summer, the pool was only available two days/week for about 8 weeks. The pool is a wonderful resource and swimming is a fantastic exercise option for many people who are unable to do other forms of exercise due to physical limitations, or for those who just enjoy swimming. I believe people would even be willing to pay a modest fee per visit or monthly fee if the pool was more regularly available to them.

RESPONSE: Thank you. As part of our employee wellness programming, we offer fitness and activity classes free of charge for staff and faculty throughout the year. Check out the full schedule here. The primary purpose of the Aquatic Center is for intercollegiate athletics and academic instruction. We are able to make it available for employee fitness programs when it is not being used by students and student-athletes. During the academic year, employees are able to purchase a Pool Membership for $15/month from the Rec Center. The pool is available for open swim in the fall from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. During the summer, Organizational Excellence contracts with Athletics to utilize the Aquatics Center and provide swim fitness classes for employees. Scheduling is dependent on the availability of the pool, instructors and lifeguards.

CONCERN: Catering on campus has been a consistent issue and we do not feel it is being addressed. The prices are unreasonable, e.g. a gallon of water has gone up by $2 in the last year, $5.95 to $7.95. Has there been an improvement in water that warrants an increase like that? We can go to the local store and get a gallon for $0.35. They have cancelled orders on us in less than 24 hours when they require 7 days from us. They only grant waivers if they cannot reproduce the items we are asking for, which is rare. But we would prefer to go through other companies because they are usually more cost efficient and the quality is better. If we are being asked to carefully assess how we are handling funding why isn't upper administration doing the same by gathering feedback from us? Please consider that if a significant amount of staff has expressed concerns on a continuous basis, there is a large valid issue going on that should not continue to be minimized.

RESPONSE: University Dining Services is the exclusive provider of food and beverages on campus.

University Catering is a service and prices include many factors in addition to the cost of the food or beverage item. By dining on campus and utilizing University Catering, you are investing back into Fresno State and helping to provide jobs for our students. The cost of a gallon of water was raised recently to reflect increased costs associated with the items included with orders of water—e.g. plastic tumblers, linen for the beverage table, staff to deliver, set up and clean up after the event or meeting.

Waiver requests are approved for departments for a number of reasons, including discounted pricing from a local restaurant, supplier or vendor.

Please reach out to Megan Sarantos, Director of University Dining Services, so she can better understand the issues with your cancelled order. She can be reached at 559.278.4345 or by email at

CONCERN: I would like to recommend feedback is requested from staff in all department or departments that an MPP oversees for their employee evaluations. At the moment, feedback is requested for directors within our area but not for AVP's or VP's. There are some staff who report directly AVP's and VP's, and cannot provide feedback for their superiors, including feedback about harsh or unjust treatment of their employees.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your recommendation. We currently do not have a formal 360-review process for MPP performance evaluations. If you have a specific concern, please contact the Human Resources Consultant assigned to your department at 559.278.2032.

CONCERN: The inner concrete circle at Chestnut and Barstow is broken yet again for the second or third time. It needs to be repaired which the city did before. Also the roundabout further down on Chestnut where you turn off to go into the shopping area has scrubs planted in the circle but the one at Chestnut and Barstow just has bark. It would be better to have some scrubs like the other circle has. Finally, the trees planted along Chestnut to Bullard need to be trimmed better.

RESPONSE: We will provide your feedback regarding the broken curb to the City of Fresno who maintains the street and curbs at both roundabouts on Chestnut Avenue. Because of the concern for clear sight lines across the roundabout for pedestrians, the taller shrubs were removed. Our team will plant a low growing drought-tolerant groundcover within the roundabout circle. 

The trees along Chestnut Avenue north of Bullard Avenue were severely impacted during the drought and many have not recovered. In the near future, our team will replace the dead and dying trees. If you have additional questions or concerns regarding these trees, please reach out directly to Mike Mosinski, Interim Associate Director of Facilities Services at 559.278.7198 or via email at

CONCERN: Open up teacher parking lots at 5 p.m. on weekdays. There is practically no student parking by the lab building and some late afternoon/night classes start at 5 p.m. or so and students can't park in those lots until after 6 p.m.

RESPONSE: In Fall 2016, we changed the time when students can park in yellow (faculty/staff) lots from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m. This change came after an analysis of the parking stall availability in all staff lots between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Please know there was significant consultation with students, faculty and staff as well as meetings with applicable bargaining units. At this time, changing to 5 p.m. is not feasible.

A submitted concern about staffing in the Student Health and Counseling Center was received and reviewed by the appropriate administrators.

RESPONSE: The mental health of our students is of paramount importance to the Student Health and Counseling Center (SHCC). Although we currently have one psychiatrist in the SHCC, we have several other psychiatry options available in the community, and we encourage students who are interested in these alternatives to meet with or contact our Case Manager to be referred. In addition, we will have a part-time psychiatry resident joining our team in the spring 2020 semester. All appointments are issued based on the treating provider's clinical judgment.

Please contact Dr. Janell Morillo, Associate Vice President for Student Health, Counseling and Wellness, if you have any concerns regarding our care or staff. Dr. Morillo can be reached via email at or by phone at 559.278.2734.

CONCERN: The parking lots around the Rec Center, including North Lot 4, were repainted and repaved over the summer. However, all of the remaining North Lots are still left neglected with paint worn off and several bumpy roads. Please consider repainting and repaving those remaining lots sometime in the near future - preferably during the winter break or spring break.

RESPONSE: We have several parking lot improvement projects planned for the future, depending upon available funding through the parking program. The lots mentioned in your concern, along with lots P2, P5 and P6, are scheduled to be seal-coated and re-striped this year.

CONCERN: I would like to make two suggestions to improve the Rec Center:

1. Fix the AC and heating systems. Students are often working out in poor weather conditions, especially during the sweltering months without a functioning AC. This issue has been brought up to the Rec's administrative staff, but unfortunately, there is nothing they can do; not even hire someone to make the necessary repairs.

2. Install solar blackout window shades above the main entrance that can be controlled during the day or evening. When the sun sets in the afternoon, the light often shines through the windows, forcing those working at the front desk or anyone sitting in the lobby above (from upstairs) to duck down or turn around to avoid making contact with the sun, which makes it a bit difficult for them to continue working. I feel badly for my peers who have to experience this on a daily basis.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your concern. The air handling units are functioning but may need some adjustments to make sure the proper airflow is getting to all the areas of the building. We will have an HVAC contractor perform some diagnostics on airflow, zone heating and cooling, and will also review options for the lobby and front entrance areas.

CONCERN: I think it would be cool to paint a couple of the crosswalks to match the end zones at Bulldog Stadium. Red and White checkerboard.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your suggestion, however, Fresno State is required to follow crosswalk designs as outlined in the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

CONCERN: Recently, a number of outdoor trash cans were repainted bright blue and grouped with identical gray cans to encourage recycling. It seems that no new cans were obtained, but existing gray cans were repurposed as recycling cans and were moved to be grouped in twos around campus. While I applaud this effort to sort the trash from the recyclables, it appears most cans were moved away from entrances to buildings where they were convenient and greatly used. By only using them in pairs, you have effectively cut the available trash locations by 50% and it seems harder to find a trashcan on campus. Also, the "trash" can is overflowing with plastic cups while the blue can is hardly used. I thought our campus trash was recycled after pickup as we no longer are asked to sort our recycled items in the office. Has this changed?

RESPONSE: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The method of collecting and sorting recyclables has changed. All recycling now occurs at the point of generation, therefore, we have moved to replace half the landfill receptacles with recycle receptacles to facilitate and encourage sorting. We have also increased the collection times in order to minimize overflow. Please contact Facilities Management at 559.278.2373 if there is a specific location that is not optimally placed or is overflowing.

CONCERN: The concrete circle at the roundabout at Barstow and Chestnut has been run into yet again and there is a large chunk of it broken which needs to be repaired. You did this once before but it’s broken again. And It would be better to put some plants in the circle rather than just putting bark in the circle. It’s very uninviting when one sees it.

RESPONSE: We will provide your feedback to the City of Fresno who maintains the Chestnut Avenue roundabouts. Our team will soon be planting a low-growing drought-tolerant groundcover within the roundabout circle.

CONCERN: There is a need for more signs showing that our campus is non-smoking. There are many community members and specially those helping in construction who are smoking around campus. Thanks for this great initiative to have our campus healthy.

RESPONSE: Thank you sharing your recommendation. We will work with our Facilities Management team to ensure construction workers are informed of the campus Smoke Free and Tobacco Free policy and to also consider placing more signs around campus.

CONCERN: I am very concerned with the amount of MPPs and administrative assistants on campus especially because the assistants are often imbued with the power of the MPP. Either the MPPs directly states it or it becomes part of the culture. I believe this is completely inane and disrespectful to faculty, staff and students MPPs are managers and their assistants should not be so arrogant as to assume that they too are MPPs.

RESPONSE: I encourage you to reach out to your supervising manager to share your concern.

CONCERN: To continue with a concern posted in Nov. 2018, I recently witnessed a student in a wheelchair struggle coming in and out of the Accounting Services office. It is not only embarrassing and disheartening for the student, but also for staff members who try to help to the best of their ability. It is hard to believe the Accounting Services office is ADA compliant. On this particular day, the student struggled to exit the office (they had to back up because there is no way to turn around in a wheelchair) the paint on the Accounting Services door was scrapped off. As result, a work order must be submitted to have the door repainted. It, again, was a very disheartening scene.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your continued concern. We strive to ensure our facilities are accessible and ADA compliant. Design to modify this area is underway.

CONCERN: There are some staff members who are extremely rude. For example, I came in the office for parking and traffic operations this afternoon and an employee was extremely rude. She raised her voice at me, and made me feel as if I was stupid. I explained to her my situation with the parking pass multiple times, but she was not listening and kept on insisting her point of view. I just wish staff would approach their students more politely because I know that Fresno State stands for diversity and kindness, but it was definitely not what this staff member conveyed to me.

RESPONSE: I deeply regret that you had this experience and will review your concern with the respective department manager.

CONCERN: Over the years the University continues to add more and more positions. For example, why does each college need a communications person? For years, the university had but one, and we did just fine. What are these folks doing that justifies those salaries? Who is supervising them? What hours are they supposed to keep? What's the point?

RESPONSE: Communications specialists are dedicated professionals focused on showcasing the excellence of our students and faculty. A communications specialist who is based in a college or school is in tune with all the latest news, including student accomplishments and faculty successes. This way, each college or school is able to build a dedicated group of University and community followers and supporters who are informed about the most important events specific to each college. The benefits are many: Our community knows the value of our transformative education, more individuals support our University, and more community members engage with our campus. Communications specialists are supervised by the dean of each college, and coordinate their work closely with University Communications. They maintain regular working hours.

CONCERN: This is a response to the individual who submitted a complaint about the cats on campus. I'd like to note that the cats are not "strays." They are looked after by the campus Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program members here on campus. We feed them, maintain their enclosures, make sure they are spayed/neutered, and look after their health. The cats have a home here on campus, and it is distressing to me (and many others) that some people feel so hostile towards the cats. I would be remiss in not defending the cats and upholding the legacy of Dolores Vezzolini, who ran the TNR program before her passing. Please keep her, the TNR group, and most importantly, the cats in mind before doing anything to endanger their well-being.

RESPONSE: Thank you for providing this information.

CONCERN: Air quality is a problem. I see the pregnancy mobile unit has caused some comment as has the transportation busses, albeit for different reasons. I want to connect them with a common reason -- they horribly pollute our already polluted air. We have the worst air in the country, and the University should be a model of overcoming the problem. The pregnancy mobile unit doesn't seem too polluting, but they run a generator right in a highly trafficked area, which is specifically set aside for people to congregate and talk. No carcinogens should be regularly burned where groups of people are present. Please reconsider allowing generators in this crowded public space. The transport buses belch black smoke. It’s sickening to see the Fresno State name plastered on the side of something that appears to cause community harm. Could you please reconsider how our campus addresses air-quality issues?

RESPONSE: Thank you for your concern.  We appreciate your feedback and will look into alternatives to mitigate pedestrian exposure to air pollution.

CONCERN: I would like to see enforced designated electric vehicle parking spaces and more electric charging stations.

RESPONSE: We recognize demand has increased for our Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) stations. We are currently pursuing funding opportunities to add more EVC stations on the west side of the campus. We have no plans at this time to reserve parking spaces solely for electric vehicles.

CONCERN: It was very disheartening to find that, with the bookstore transition, they no longer accept Apple Pay. It feels as though we've taken steps back instead of forward in regards to being an innovative campus community.

RESPONSE: While we do not have a specific timeline for implementation, Apple Pay will be provided as an option in the future.

CONCERN: President Castro, your calls for employees to contact HR for help with issues with managers should be reconsidered. Most employees do not get satisfaction when working with HR but rather get push-back from the managers. We, the employees of Fresno State, deserve our concerns to be fully addressed by HR but they are not. In short, HR too often acts as the bodyguard for managers, and puts employees’ needs last.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your concern. I would encourage you to contact Associate Vice President for Human Resources Marylou Mendoza-Miller at 559.278.2032 directly to discuss your concerns and consult with your union representative.

CONCERN: The staff members in our office have appreciated the healthy options available at the Bucket and have taken advantage of the healthy meal offerings there many times throughout recent semesters. We were quite disappointed to find out that while the Bucket is maintaining summer hours, the offerings have been reduced significantly. We would love to have some of the healthy lunch options back on the menu for the summer so that we can access fresh and healthy food here on campus!

RESPONSE: The Bucket offers a limited menu during summer break to minimize food waste. We are happy to hear the Healthy Eats menu items have been so well received, and we will re-evaluate the summer menu to determine which of those items we are able to incorporate.

CONCERN: I wanted to follow up on the NACADA Academic Advising Program Review that was conducted in March 2017. So far, there have been no updated on the recommendations from NACADA and what changes will be made. A committee reviewed recommendations and implement the recommendations from the NACADA review team. I find it interesting that for an academic advising review, that the committee to oversee these change to advising had no advisors on the committee. We advisors took time out of our day to give input to this NACADA review team on advising on this campus, and it feels like our voices are not being heard because of the lack of progress on making changes based on the NACADA review team recommendations. As advisors on campus, we would love to get some updates and see some movement on the recommended changes in this report.

RESPONSE: Thank you for following up about Fresno State’s response to the academic advising review that was conducted alongside NACADA. From that review, an Academic Advising Council was created. It meets regularly and has developed subcommittees to work on some of the findings, mainly related to advisor professional development and advising assessment. Each college and numerous Student Affairs programs have representatives on the Academic Advising Council, so specific questions about progress in identified areas should be directed to the appropriate representative in your respective area. Per the NACADA findings, a set of Academic Advising Council bylaws were created to ensure broad representation on the council.

CONCERN: Regarding the STAR DAY. May I suggest that in the future time of lunch and the menu be advertised. How does anyone know if they could be allergic to something being served. What about those who are vegetarian?

RESPONSE: Thank you for your concern. Vegetarian options have been included for the past several years. We have forwarded your recommendations to the STAR Day organizing committee for their consideration.

CONCERN: The topic of restricted parking passes has been mentioned on every feedback with the same response. I see more students on campus with restricted parking passes, one of which is a student assistant in my building. When I called traffic operations about it they told me if a department is paying for parking, "they have no control over it". They went on to say that if an employee is not going to be on campus that day, they can give their parking permit to someone to use. Also, if the pass is reported lost or stolen, just pay $50 for a replacement, while the old pass continues to be used by others. When will the new parking pass be implemented that will be tied to each of our vehicles or tell me the work around for not having to pay monthly for parking. And how will this new parking system prevent students from getting the restricted parking permits?

RESPONSE: Yellow parking permits are sold only to authorized users. Students are not authorized to receive a yellow parking permit unless they hold student-leaderships and are approved by an appropriate administrator. Please contact Interim Director of Parking and Transportation, Derek Brantley ( or 559.278.6709) if you would like additional information.

CONCERN: I went to HR to tell them about the challenges in my college and how I was going to apply for new position. HR told my department MPP. I know this because of things that my MPP said. She was condescending to me. I am angry that they shared the information I shared with them. I talked to other coworkers in my college and other departments and know that HR does this. There is no accountability for bad MPPs and HR is no help. This needs to change ASAP.

REPONSE: I am sorry you experienced this. I have shared your concern with Marylou Mendoza-Miller, Associate Director of Human Resources, to make her team aware of this issue.

CONCERN: There has to be better leadership for catering. They should also be put in training on how to converse with students, staff and faculty. Catering who is understaffed is already price gouging everyone on campus but to have the "I'm right and your wrong what are you going to do about it" needs to be rectified. It’s very disrespectful and insulting to those who have been left with no choice to go with catering because of so many restrictions and hoops one must go through. There needs to be more training, more options especially for gluten-free people and less arguing.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern.

CONCERN: After discussing with people and reviewing previous feedback, there seems to be quite a concern regarding hiring practices and appointments. There have been various positions where staff have been assigned as interim coordinators/directors or given some type of management. These positions usually turn to permanent roles without a position being open for all to apply. This is an unfair practice because it doesn't allow an equal opportunity for growth nor does it allow for a committee to provide feedback about candidates. What is Fresno State going to do to remedy this? In addition, I suggest that staff be able to provide input to management who provide these coordinators or directors with a performance evaluation. Although an administrator supervises an employee, they are not always in the office and see the day-to-day interactions.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. All departments are required to comply with campus recruitment procedures as documented on our Human Resources website. Selection criteria that the search committees and hiring managers use to evaluate candidates includes applicable educational background and experience as well as knowledge, skills and abilities as referenced in the position description / job announcement. If you would like to provide specific information in regards to a recent recruitment, please contact Associate Vice President for Human Resources Marylou Mendoza-Miller at 559.278.2032 directly to discuss your concerns

Regarding performance input, we currently do not have a formal 360-review process for MPP performance evaluations; however, your ongoing input is important. I encourage you to reach out to the appropriate administrator to share your feedback or concerns. If you would like support with this, please contact the Human Resources Consultant assigned to your department at 559.278.2032.

CONCERN: Working at the university for about 10 years now, I've seen and experienced an inequity based on how staff are treated compared to administrators. Within our division, our administrators (vice president, AVPs, directors) have annual retreats off campus at luxurious golf resorts, but there is never enough funding and/or appropriate funding for staff who they oversee to participate in similar events where they can get together to plan, share ideas, and strategize on how they can carry out and improve functions within their designated areas. If there is funding for administrators to do such retreats, why isn’t it the same case for staff? We all work together to help students succeed and such activities help not only foster new ideas but help stem personal growth. How is Fresno State truly being inclusive of staff by allowing administrators to engage in such activities but not staff?

RESPONSE: The University is committed to professional-development activities for all employees. If there are training resources needed for your department, I would encourage you to reach out to your immediate supervisor or Vice President to discuss your concerns.

CONCERN: I would like to see the parking permit solution updated for faculty and staff, if possible. I have my parking permit in my car daily, but occasionally it falls off or if I have to switch cars with my husband I forget to put it up. It seems like they should be able to scan the license plate or have them on file in order to prevent these types of tickets. I understand that it's my fault, but I really hate paying for a $50 ticket after paying monthly for parking. Any suggestions?

RESPONSE: We are in the early stages of evaluating the feasibility of implementing a License Plate Recognition (LPR) parking payment system. Because parking permits are transferable between vehicles, they are not directly tied to specific license plates. Citations may be appealed at as we recognize that situations such as this may occur unintentionally. It is recommended that you also include a copy of your permit with your appeal.

CONCERN: As a student who worked as a student assistant throughout the whole year, I did appreciate having a job during the summer. However, I truly believe that student assistants do not need to be employed during the summer because there is not enough work for them to do. Consider this: student assistants cannot be hired during the summer, which saves money for the school, because they are encouraged to apply for internships, etc. The reality is that you are giving money to students so they can sit around and socialize with others, do homework or research, and other tasks that do not fall under their job description.

RESPONSE: I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. Student assistants contribute greatly to our workplace and many of our departments value the work experience they are able to provide student workers. The tasks and number of hours offered to each student assistant varies, depending on need within a department.

CONCERN: Dr. Castro, please do not be offended, but when you refer faculty and staff to HR, I worry. HR often is not aligned with the mission of campus but the careers of MPPs and protecting them. I've been on campus for a long time, and I have never seen an HR team behaving so one sided. We have a new director who acts like they own the department and treat us like we are disposable. A colleague went to HR and had the worst experience because they turned it all around and made my colleague feel like she was the problem. It is a story unfolding all over campus with HR. So, when you refer us to HR please know what you are really saying to us.

RESPONSE: I am sorry you experienced this. I have shared your concerns with Vice President Adishian-Astone to make her aware of this concern.

CONCERN: I was very disappointed to find out that the Kennel Bookstore will no longer break bills for customers, unless we are purchasing something. I had to pull cash from the ATM and since it only comes in $20's, I needed to give someone less than that I needed a $20 broke so I took my break and ran to the Bookstore, only to find out that they no longer break bills. I had to purchase something just go get change. Could I afford the item? Yes. Is that the point? No. I only needed change, not a candy bar. We are here for 9+ hours a day and small services/courtesies are becoming farther and fewer it seems.

RESPONSE: I am sorry for the inconvenience.

CONCERN: During construction, handicapped individuals have a hard time walking to their offices due to the fact the parking lots closest to their offices are closed. Is there any way there can be a detour to these parking lots utilizing wide walkways for cars to enter these parking lots? This would not create a large mass of cars entering, as the only ones that would be allowed to use it would be the ones who have handicap placards. My co-worker is having a hard time because she has a walking cast on and using a cane. Calling a police escort can sometimes be a long wait time for her. The walkway (which easily fits a vehicle because delivery trucks are using it), is just east of the Ag Operations Building off Maple and San Ramon.

RESPONSE: I appreciate your concern for your co-worker and reaching out for information. Our Facilities Management and Parking teams work closely together to ensure alternatives are provided if disabled parking stalls are inaccessible during parking projects. Staff can contact Interim Director of Parking and Transportation, Derek Brantley ( or 559.278.6709) to obtain available transportation options to assist them in these circumstances.

CONCERN: Other international students and I are required to take a course in Politics in America, (Pol Sci 2 class -- GE Area D1.) However, since we cannot vote and do not have the rights as US citizens do, it seems useless to be required to take the class that focuses on elections and the rights of American citizens. I understand the concern of California law to make these required this class for citizens, but what value is there for us international students?

RESPONSE: General Education requirements are established through Title 5: Education, Article 5: General Requirements for Graduation, and are required for all students pursuing an undergraduate degree within the California State University system. Regarding, GE Area D2, this is specified in § 40404. Requirements in United States History, Constitution and American Ideals, which seeks to “ensure that students acquire knowledge and skills that will help them to comprehend the workings of American democracy and of the society in which they live to enable them to contribute to that society as responsible and constructive citizens. To this end, each campus shall provide for comprehensive study of American history and American government including the historical development of American institutions and ideals, the Constitution of the United States and the operation of representative democratic government under that Constitution, and the processes of state and local government.” Although U.S. permanent resident students and international students cannot vote in the U.S., the degree they obtain is a U.S. degree and the requirement for such a degree remains equitable for all students.

CONCERN: I am concerned about the way the females on the swim team wear their bathing suits. I have noticed this for the past couple of years, during swim season, during competitions. Not very professional and not the place! I believe they are sending a very bad message that being 'sexy' is more important than conveying professionalism and a little bit of modesty. So they say that women should be able to wear what they want and not be subject to sexual innuendos or advances. Sorry, humans are humans, not to mention there are a lot of bad humans out there.

RESPONSE: The approach of our student-athletes in competition is quite simple: to strive for excellence while representing the institution and themselves with great respect and integrity. Our student-athletes don their uniforms with pride and with the intent to be successful in their respective sport. 

CONCERN: Please review and correct your policy for displaying the U.S. Flag at half-staff. It is violation of the U.S. Flag code. Only the President of the United States or the Governor of California has the authority to order the U.S. Flag be flown at half-staff.

RESPONSE: The President of the United States, the Governor of California, the Chancellor of the California State University system, or the President of California State University, Fresno, or designee, may declare a period of mourning whereby the flag may be flown at half‐staff. For more information about the flag procedures at Fresno State, please visit: