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Nov. 30, 2018 – Feb. 14, 2019

Posted on 03/21/19

CONCERN: Dear President Castro, here is hopefully a fun request…of the many pleasurable academic year-end activities to enjoy on campus, one of my favorites was the annual faculty/staff golf tournament. It was always fun to catch up with current colleagues and friends, emeriti, and meet new enthusiasts. Is there any talk of resurrecting that tradition again? Warm regards.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your question and request! I will consult with colleagues to determine whether sufficient interest exists to have such a golf tournament in the future.

CONCERN: There are flags all over campus to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is wonderful. The only problem? The flags have the wrong date on them. It says that it was January 20th. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was January 21st this year.

RESPONSE: Thank you for bringing this oversight to our attention. In keeping with our value of diversity, we display a number of flags celebrating, recognizing or commemorating various identity groups. It is important that we do that accurately. We will correct that immediately and review other flags for accuracy.

CONCERN: FFS 314 needs some soundproofing of its back wall or other adjustments so that students can still hear and learn in this classroom when there is a film, audio clip, or group work being done in the classroom next door. Everything going on in the front of the room next door can be heard by all students in FFS 314, making it impossible for them to hear their instructor. The room is packed to the back with 40 students so students have no option to hear better. Can this be fixed?

RESPONSE: Thank you for bringing this concern to our attention. Facilities Management has visited the two rooms and is considering options to reduce the sound concerns mentioned.

CONCERN: The graduate students in the biology department are unable to use the research funds provided from the Grad Net Initiative. The department has decided not to order our supplies and has determined that we must order the supplies ourselves. This is a difficult request as the average grad student does not have a credit card or $1000 in cash. It is also not against the rules to order for us as the department has done it in the past, and the chemistry department does it without a problem. The department has created its own rules that are severely affecting the research abilities of grad students in the biology department.

RESPONSE: GNI awards in the Department of Biology are made following the submission of a project proposal that describes the scope of the project, its significance and specific goals. When a project is deemed appropriate, student awardees are notified and a set of written documents as well as orientation seminars are provided to ensure proper use of the awarded funds.  

Students are able to use the funds within the guidelines outlined by the GNI program, which explicitly state that students “are expected to make their own purchases and get reimbursed.” The department is simply following the GNI rules that it has been given. If you have additional concerns, please work with the department chair.  

CONCERN: I am curious why people at the Center for Faculty Excellence don't respond to e-mails from faculty. Isn't the whole purpose of the office to support faculty? Yet, they can't take the time to respond to e-mails.

RESPONSE: Our Center for Faculty Excellence is located on the west end of the Henry Madden Library on the second floor and is open M-F from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. The best email to use for general questions is If you are not getting a response from a particular employee, please call 559.278.6892. For questions or support for our campus learning-management system (LMS), you may email or call 559.278.7373.

CONCERN: I am currently student chapter president of CLSA (California Land Surveyors Association) and currently one of the few students majoring in Geomatics Engineering, the smallest major in the Engineering department. We have just submitted our scholarships to both the GME and CLSA conference and our IRA just got denied. I ask you to please reconsider our IRA status so that those individuals who applied can actually attend the conference and receive their scholarships and hope to land a potential internship or part-time employment. I believe this conference could help promote the Geomatics Engineering program to get more students involved. I am not asking for funding for travel expenses, I am asking for help just for lodging to attend and for our price of admissions to be paid. Thank you for your time, I hope you take this into consideration to help the fellow geomatics students stay alive within the school. (This concern was edited down to approximately 150 words, to expedite the review of all submitted items and to render more user-friendly for readers.)

RESPONSE: Thank you for taking the time to submit your concern. The Instructionally Related Activities Committee carefully considers hundreds of requests for IRA funding. There are always significantly more dollars requested than are available. When it comes to conferences, the committee prioritizes attendance at those where students are presenting or competing. Attending a conference for other purposes is usually not funded.

CONCERN: I agree with the Day of Giving comment in the feedback posted 1/25/19. In our office, if you are a giver you are on the A team and if you do not give then it is the cold shoulder and you feel like you have done something wrong. I have charities that I support and feeling pressured to give at work is very uncomfortable. I gave this year just so that I would not be made to feel like an outsider.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the matter. I see this as a good opportunity to remind all campus leaders that giving to the University is voluntary. Thanking those who choose to give should be done personally, out of respect for others’ feelings.

CONCERN: Does Fresno State have female psychiatrists for those of us who don’t feel comfortable talking with most men?

RESPONSE: At this time, our budget and the level of demand only justify one psychiatrist being employed.  However, we also have a female Clinical Case Manager, and she can provide personalized referrals to you for other psychiatrists in the community.

CONCERN: More than once I have seen a staff person in the Thomas Building, who doesn't work in Career Services, pick through the Clothing Closet donations, and take bags full of clothes and load it in the back of her vehicle. Aren't the clothes supposed to be for students and not staff? Shouldn't any unwanted items be given to a homeless shelter or some other charity? I hope donations are inventoried and monitored so they're not taken from students in need and used by staff or potentially sold for personal gain.

RESPONSE: The Career Development Center (CDC) operates our very successful Clothing Closet, which serves 500-700 students per semester. The CDC staff and student volunteers sort through all donations received to pick out the professional clothing to be used in the Closet. Any casual clothing is then given to the Cross Culture Gender Center to be used for the “pop-up closet” it sponsors twice a semester for students. Other casual clothing has been donated to the CAMP and Renaissance Scholars Program on campus. Any clothing remaining is then donated to local charities such as the Salvation Army, The Hinds Hospice Thrift Store, Angels of Grace and the Dream Center Thrift Store. Some of the charities pick up the clothing that cannot be used in the Clothing Closet. Others require CDC staff to take it to them directly in their personal vehicles. Because of the volume of donations received at times, this could involve many bags. A receipt is given to the staff person to show it was donated, which is kept on file in the Career Center. All incoming clothing donations are stored in a location only CDC staff can access. Any removal of clothing from this area would have to pass through the front reception area, which is staffed all day Mondays through Fridays. Each spring, the Career Center, along with one nonprofit management service-learning class, put on a casual clothing giveaway outside the Career Center. This has been another opportunity for the Career Center to distribute more casual clothing to the students at Fresno State.

CONCERN: Fresno State emails should utilize a better system to send mass emails to students. Faculty and staff are always asking for convenience in their emails (I even received an email regarding this feedback form, asking for students to keep feedback short as to not waste time). As a graduate student, I don't think it's necessary to read emails only for undergraduates such as study-abroad opportunities or specific scholarships for undergraduates, especially since these arrive in graduate students' inboxes every 1-2 days.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your concern regarding the amount of emails that Fresno State students receive. We are working hard in the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management with our colleagues across the University at streamlining communications to students so that our messaging campus-wide is more relevant for the students receiving it. If you have additional questions or would like to discuss this further, feel free to contact Amanda Stewart, Coordinator of Communications and Media for the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, at

CONCERN: I am a campus employee who pays monthly for parking and as I am on the east side of campus, I utilize lot P2. There is a small area of yellow employee parking stalls there which are recently being utilized by what appears to be University High students. 

I have been told that employees can purchase TWO yellow parking passes if they have automatic deductions from payroll and it has been approved. I, along with other staff members, have discussed this and do not think that is appropriate. We are running out of stalls to park in as we come to work and would like to enjoy the benefit of having our designated lot of employee parking. Why has this become an issue? Who is approving this?

RESPONSE: Multiple yellow parking permits are not issued to employees nor to University High School students. Parking enforcement staff are actively on the lookout for permit misuse and have been made aware of this concern.

CONCERN: I work in the Services for Students with Disabilities office, and it’s important the campus community understand the purpose of the grey ADA tables in the classrooms. These accessible tables are designed for students who have disabilities (temporary or permanent) and cannot sit in/use the tablet desks that are in most classrooms. Unfortunately, there is a limited number of these desks. Our office, in collaboration with the University Warehouse, works hard each semester to make sure these desks and chairs are placed in the exact classrooms where our students will need them in. Please note these tables and chairs are not in the classrooms to be used as extra work space for faculty or students, and they are not "extra tables" to be moved into other classrooms or offices. They are not to be moved at all, whether within the classroom or into another classroom or office. These desks are in the classrooms to create an accessible space for our students. (This concern was edited down to approximately 150 words, to expedite the review of all submitted items and to render more user-friendly for readers.)

RESPONSE: Thank you for your message. This is a good opportunity to remind everyone that the ADA furniture is provided to ensure everyone is able to learn and work in an accessible environment. Please do not remove or relocate the equipment.

CONCERN: A complaint submitted to the President’s Feedback page about an employee has been referred to the appropriate administrators.

CONCERN: Please shorten and/or remove the extended voicemails on the Admissions line 278.2261. When you call Admissions you must listen to one voicemail directing you to the University Registrar (at 278.4743) then you encounter the extended message and finally finish with the third. The second voicemail goes through the entire process of checking on your transcripts and that takes exactly 01:05.26. It is very inconvenient and time-consuming for a student who has little time between classes.

RESPONSE: Thank you for submitting your concern. We will discuss your concern with our team to shorten the message or see if there is a way for callers to bypass the message.

CONCERN: I agree with past comments relative to the search option on the Fresno State website. It truly is awful! Sometimes you get lucky and have the yellow box at the top that will actually take you to a home page (e.g. HR), but most of the time a search will pull up all kinds of pdf documents first that you have to scroll through to find a main page. In addition, the email search is horrible! When you search by name you get everything but emails from that specific person, or maybe you get a few intermixed with lots of other emails not even close to what you are looking for. The other big issue is when a message is “archived” where does it go? There should be an "archive" folder just the same as "inbox," "sent," etc. where you can easily check each day to see if you mistakenly sent an email to archive. (This concern was edited down to approximately 150 words, to expedite the review of all submitted items and to render more user-friendly for readers.)

RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback. The Technology Services team has been working actively on improving the search tool, since its replacement in fall 2018. The fairly new search engine, SeachBlox, has been problematic for some people, and occasionally does not return helpful results. The technology team has been testing and optimizing a replacement search engine called Google Custom Search Engine, and plans to have it in place by the end of March 2019.  Please try your search again after March 31, 2019 and share your feedback by sending an email to:

CONCERN: For the past two weeks, I have not seen the campus e-blast we receive each Monday. Has it been discontinued?

RESPONSE: Thank you for the concern you submitted on January 2, 2019. I think the “campus e-blast” you are referring to is Campus News, the e-newsletter that is distributed to faculty and staff on most Mondays throughout the academic year. Staff members in University Communications, who produce Campus News, were on winter recess during the time period you mention. The distribution of the e-newsletter resumed on January 7.

CONCERN: We have an hour lunch break, but we can't take it, and do our errands or appointments due to the construction on the parking #31. If we leave, we can't come back and find a parking space again. There's no other close parking area either. Some people have health issues and can't walk too far, so please don't suggest to park a mile away. Is there any way the construction workers would do their projects during the breaks, when students were away? Also, they take parking spaces for such things as trailer with a portable toilet that could have been placed somewhere else. They closed multiple parking spaces and no-one is working in those areas either. Please help!

RESPONSE: We apologize for the inconvenience the recent work in P31 caused. This work was additional and unexpected as part of our underground sewer-replacement project, and it is taking longer than originally planned. We provided updates in the January 28th issue of Campus News to let our employees know that additional yellow parking spaces were provided in Lot P30. We do our best to schedule construction at times that minimize impact to our campus community.

CONCERN: Stop paying teachers bonus pay for including group work. I was informed by a professor that this occurs at Fresno State after I asked why there are so many group projects. Every group project here at Fresno State has included at least one student that did nothing, and yet still got an A since they were in my group. The poor performing students are simply riding the coattails of the hard-working students. Is this simply a way of making it falsely appear that grades are improving at the school?

RESPONSE: While group projects are often considered a high-impact practice that prepares students for the kinds of workplace interactions they will experience upon graduation, faculty do not receive “bonus pay” for including them in their courses. Many faculty find ways to address the “free rider” problem that occurs when a student coasts on the work of others.  If you are involved in a project that does not take this problem into account, encourage your faculty member to check with the Center for Faculty Excellence for assistance in redesigning the project.

CONCERN: Every year, the Faculty and Staff Assembly repeats itself from former years. The same kind of information is covered. There are always more infrastructure projects and more bragging about our ranking by third-rate publications. Faculty concerns are never really approached, much less addressed. If the Assembly is really for faculty and staff, why aren't our needs being considered, and why aren't we given a voice? Since there's nothing relevant accomplished at the Assembly, faculty might as well not attend. It is just a waste of time we could put to better use.

RESPONSE: Thank you for this feedback. When I prepare each Assembly speech, my overall goal is to update the campus community on our highest priority initiatives and infrastructure projects (including critical lab and classroom renovations and our central utility project), especially those articulated in the University’s Strategic Plan. I also use this speech as an opportunity for us to celebrate some of our key accomplishments. Lastly, I take questions from attendees after my presentation so that I can address any other matters of interest to those who attend. Please feel free to share with me through this feedback page any suggested topics for my Fall 2019 Assembly speech, or come to an open forum and share your thoughts with me directly. I will be happy to consider your suggestions for future speeches.

CONCERN: 1) Could the P16 parking lot be completely repaved this summer? We pay for our parking every month and it would be very nice to be able to walk on pavement that doesn't have rocks that hurt your feet. 2) The walkway leading from Ag Mechanics to P16 lot is very dark during the winter months. The flood lamp that is in that area helps in the parking lot, but not the walkway coming from Ag Mechanics and along the yard fence. 3) The women's restroom in Ag Mechanics is in desperate need of repair/remodeling. The walls in the stalls behind the toilets are literally falling apart! There are only two stalls and sinks (no ADA stall) and there is a big area with lockers. If the lockers are no longer being utilized, maybe there could be more stalls added. (This concern was edited down to approximately 150 words, to expedite the review of all submitted items and to render more user-friendly for readers.)


  1. Parking lot P16 was identified as a priority in our recently completed parking lot assessment. We are evaluating repair options and hope to address the issue in the near future as budget allows. (Parking is a self-supported operation.).
  2. Thank you for letting us know about the lack of lighting on the walkway area between Ag
  3. Mechanics and the Facilities yard fence. Our Public Safety and Facilities teams have reviewed this area and are working on a solution. The Ag
  4. Mechanics women’s restroom upgrade is on our backlog of Deferred Maintenance projects. While we cannot provide a confirmed date when this may be upgraded, our Facilities Management team has reviewed the walls and are looking at options on how they could be repaired.

CONCERN: Please consider having a security on a golf cart guide students to different parking lots like the Campus Bus does - but in the evenings from the library. Students can walk in groups with a security behind them to different parking lots. It keeps people who aren't supposed to be on campus (perhaps men harassing women) in check.

RESPONSE: The Henry Madden Library (HML) employs Public Safety Assistants to assist with security and safety in the library. In addition to patrolling the HML during regular business hours, they also serve as Safety Escort Officers for patrons requesting such services to their vehicles or to the residence halls. Additionally, the Police Department has staff available to provide a safety escort.  Please call 559.278.8400 to request a Safety Escort. For additional information, please contact Amy Luna, Campus Emergency Preparedness Manager, at or 559.278.6875.

CONCERN: I saw reference to the "Barstow Avenue Summer 2019 re-paving project" in the last round of responses, but I'm hoping that includes repaving one of the worst roads on campus--North Campus Drive. We had an incident in January 2018 in which a faculty member broke her foot crossing North Campus Drive. I have tried to draw attention to this road for several years, having myself tripped and twisted my ankle because of the uneven pavement. I remember wondering why the whole road wasn't being repaved when, a few years ago, the portion in front of FFS was being repaved. 

I hope the university will address this liability, as the entire Campus Drive from Barstow to FFS is a significant hazard. It's not enough to simply "patch" this road. It needs to be entirely repaved (hopefully during June 2019 to cause as little disruption as possible to classes). 
(This concern was edited down to approximately 150 words, to expedite the review of all submitted items and to render more user-friendly for readers.)

RESPONSE: North Campus Drive is scheduled to be re-paved in conjunction with the Barstow Avenue project. The work is planned to be completed in the summer of 2019.

CONCERN: I would like to address a couple of issues I'm running into as a student assistant. A lot of staff don't treat us as regular, adult employees. What I mean by this is certain supervising staff will say there are "policies" that apply to only us, which there are, but I'm referring to ones that don't exist and they're using the words "university policy" to enforce their own perception that we are somehow inferior because we are students. When staff make up policies to establish their authority just because I'm a student, it's demeaning. If I worked in the private sector regardless of being 18 or in school, I would be treated the same as someone older and not in school. My being a student has no bearing on my capability to do my job well or whether I should be given the courtesy of trusting that I'm a responsible adult who can behave properly when not being supervised. (This concern was edited down to approximately 150 words, to expedite the review of all submitted items and to render more user-friendly for readers.)

RESPONSE: Thank you for your service to Fresno State as a student assistant. We appreciate all that you do. I am sorry you are having this experience and appreciate you sharing. I encourage you to reach out to your supervising manager to share your concern.

We recently published our Principles of Community that outlines how all employees should treat one another. 

CONCERN: Improve the infrastructure, sidewalks, and roads because every day I see at least one student injure themselves falling off their skateboards or bike due to the poor condition the sidewalks are in. There is also the blatant hazardous road that resides next The Collegian's office that leads to the staff parking next to the library and connects to the new music building and amphitheater that has a lawsuit written all over it with it being covered in potholes and uneven asphalt.

RESPONSE: Providing a safe environment for our campus community is always a top priority. This year, we will continue to make improvements to sidewalk areas and roads. The potholes on the road referred to in your concern were repaired in the past couple of weeks. This area will also be addressed as part of the site work for the New Student Union.

CONCERN: Why can’t faculty and staff have the option to pay and take out their food from the University Dining Hall when students are allowed to do so?

RESPONSE: Resident students have purchased a meal plan, which provides them the opportunity to take a limited menu of cold food items to go. Hot food is not included due to food safety reasons. Exceptions are also made to accommodate students with a medically diagnosed dietary restriction. Faculty and staff have options to purchase food and beverages at all other retail dining locations.

CONCERN: Is there any chance some extra attention might be paid to the pathway between Joyal and the Satellite Student Union? Specifically, there are memorial plaques on the ground, but only some have trees to go with them. Could more trees be planted, or could the plaques be moved to be housed under an existing tree? Each time I pass, I feel badly that someone is missing a tree that was planted in their honor.

RESPONSE: This alley of trees is part of the Submariners Memorial. The Campus Arboretum Committee and Facilities Management have been working on a plan to replace missing memorial trees throughout campus. We will be planting the replacement Submariners Memorial trees this semester.

CONCERN: This link on your website is severely out of date. I am sure you might agree!

RESPONSE: Thank you for catching this outdated link. The Division of Administration and Finance will be revamping their entire division website … stay tuned! We know it is very outdated.

CONCERN: Why are staff not allowed to cash out of their vacation time? I know several people who have over 350 hours and one of them are having financial hardship. If we were allowed to cash out a minimum of 80 hours or maximum 160 hours I know this would help many employees including myself. Is this something that can be done in the future?

RESPONSE: I appreciate your concern for colleagues experiencing financial difficulties, however, we are not able to cash out vacation payouts. Vacation payouts are regulated by the CSU and the State Controller’s Office. Upon separation from the University, an employee is entitled to a lump sum payment for any unused or accrued vacation. The Collective Bargaining Agreements do not have a provision for cashing out of vacation time during active employment; therefore, we are not able to offer this as an option.

CONCERN: I was shocked to see the "Pregnancy Care Center" RV on campus today. Maybe it's been there other times, but in six years I have never seen it.This organization actively prevents women from accessing the full range of medical advice and care that is their legal right. 

I am deeply offended by allowing this group, which spreads disinformation that affects women's lives, to practice on a campus dedicated to equity and education. This RV presence is not just a protest -- it is, in fact, masquerading as free medical services for students who often have few resources.

I suggest that if we are legally required to have that RV on campus, we set out sandwich boards all around it letting students know they have access to free initial medical screenings for pregnancy -- with full information about their resources -- right in the student health center. 
(This concern was edited down to approximately 150 words, to expedite the review of all submitted items and to render more user-friendly for readers.)

RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback. As stated in our current Interim Time, Place and Manner policy, “Universities cannot restrict free expression solely because it causes offense or discomfort. At the same time, all members of the Fresno State community should recognize that freedom of expression includes respecting the dignity of others and acknowledging the right of others to express their opinions.”  The policy also states: “Fresno State will maintain control of its grounds and facilities in a manner that will not censor communication based on its content. In exercising content neutrality, the university will not necessarily sanction or condone the messages that are being declared or the methods of communication used, but will recognize the right to express those messages.”

CONCERN: Please consider having the lots in North Lot 4 turned on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights during the school year, as well as breaks such as Summer, Winter, and Spring - since a lot of students go to the Rec Center during the evenings. Having the lot unlit during the weekends puts students at a greater risk of having their cars broken into or being victim of hit-and-run incidents (involving pedestrians or cars) or being robbed. The only time the lights will be on those days is unless if there is an event happening at the Save Mart Center.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback. Those lights are usually on if there is a Save Mart Center event. We will ensure they are on during the academic semesters.

CONCERN: As a faculty member, I would like to see our deans and chairs with more managerial skills. Our current Dean is a great human being, speaker, and former colleague as a professor; however, he lacks decision-making capabilities. Our college got the most negative impact of the new structures and changes in terms of class cuts. Many faculty lost classes, and students are lacking units which ultimately will have an impact on their graduation. Since we get evaluated by students, can our chairs and deans get evaluated by us as well? Both my chair and the dean avoid meeting requests and seems not to be that concerned. We need to be kind but bold at the same time.

RESPONSE: Developing leadership skills is important, and opportunities are provided to both deans and chairs. Even so, not all problems can be resolved by even the most skilled leaders. Budget constraints will impact the number of classes that can be offered. Every effort is being made to ensure that seats are available in essential courses for students to complete their degrees in a timely fashion. I encourage you to share your concerns with your chair and your dean. You may also meet with the provost.

CONCERN: The university needs to have security and other personnel patrolling the parking lots after school hours and during and after major events happening at the Save Mart Center or near the stadium. For that reason, there are a lot of empty beer bottles and trash scattered around in Lots P2, North Lots 1 and 4, and sometimes Lot P20. This is frustrating for me as a student because it makes it difficult to park in certain areas knowing there are bottles or debris scattered, which not only would make other vehicles messy but also cause damage. I had a flat tire from trying to park my vehicle in the North Lot - only to find that there were several beer bottles scattered around and some of those bottles were clear, which made it hard to see.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. Facilities Management will continue to work with our University Police Department/Traffic Operations, Athletics and Save Mart Center staff regarding timely cleanup of the parking lots after major events. We make every effort to service the trash receptacles located throughout the parking lots, and schedule our street and parking lot sweeping after these events. If you ever find broken glass in one of the campus parking lots or streets, please call Facilities Management during work hours at 559.278.2373 or University Police Department after hours at 559.278.8400 to report the hazard so we may address it promptly. 

CONCERN: Facilities Management handling of Customer Service Requests/Work Orders is lacking. While there is an online form/system, there is no feedback as to action or status of work orders letting us know if the project has been started or when. Many times, I have to call to get the status of a work order only to find that the buck has been passed or the ball has been dropped.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback. We agree that this system is in need of improvement, and we are currently reviewing software options to provide customers with a better and more user-friendly online status update.

CONCERN: DOSAEM definitely needs to hire a qualified person who is solely dedicated to budget. The position was a failed search and was never re-opened.

RESPONSE: Thanks for your feedback. We have four point individuals, one under each AVP, who work in tandem with the vice president’s office to administer our budget. We believe this system is working well and allows us to utilize extra funds in service to our students. Any specific concerns can be sent to for further understanding and consideration. We eliminated one MPP position by utilizing this plan.

CONCERN: The Vintage Room is used for numerous events. Guests must use the restrooms in The Bucket. The toilet seats are thread bare and the wood is coming through. Is it possible to replace these seats for our students and our guests?

RESPONSE: Thank you for this feedback. Our Facilities Operations team has replaced these. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Facilities Operations at any time for more immediate assistance at 559.278.2373 or submitting an online work request at

CONCERN: When office doors are closed in the Peters Business Building (3rd floor) we cannot hear the fire alarm.

RESPONSE: Our Facilities team is aware of this issue and currently working on a solution. Thank you.

CONCERN: The Office of the Registrar has repeatedly handled paperwork regarding Veterans and Dependents with little care for the specific instructions given. I gave a paper with specific instructions to the attendant at the Academics and Records window, who was very rude when I began to tell him what is required on the document needed from the Office. The paper I received, while in an expedited manner, was NOT what I asked for. This is the second time I have had this issue from the Office and I know other Veterans and Dependents have had this problem as well. I even explained to the attendant that the process he was putting me through was incorrect. He ensured they would take care of the paperwork and follow the copy of the instructions I provided but looking at the paper I received from them, they didn't even glance at the paperwork I included for their convenience. (This concern was edited down to approximately 150 words, to expedite the review of all submitted items and to render more user-friendly for readers.)

RESPONSE: I apologize for the inconvenience and lack of understanding you have experienced.  To better assist you, it would be helpful to have more detailed information on what form and instructions you referenced.  Please contact our University Registrar/Director of Veterans Services, Laura Yager, at 559.278.2191 or lyager@csufresno.eduto schedule a meeting to discuss further. She will assist in developing standard office procedures to ensure staff are trained to assist our veteran and dependent student population.

CONCERN: I am very disappointed in Technology Services in the past few years nothing has improved. It still takes forever to get a project done. Our websites are inoperable because we have website links that don't work and as I understand it they no longer have people that oversee the websites. Very frustrated at the lack of progress in that area.

RESPONSE: I apologize that you feel this way. The Technology Services team works closely with each campus unit to prioritize projects and resources to support the mission of Fresno State. If there is a technology campus project you would like to learn more about, please visit the Technology Services Project Management Office website:

If you have any other questions regarding projects, please contact the Deputy Chief Information Officer, Robert Guinn (, who oversees the Technology Services Project Management Office. Alternatively, you may contact Orlando Leon, Chief Information Officer, at