February 1 – March 20, 2018

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CONCERN: As a student, I have felt that quite a few of my courses have not offered me interactive and engaging ways of participating in my courses. In a place where technology is constantly advancing, I feel that we as students should be able to have access to up-to-date software that is being used in the work field rather than technology that may become obsolete. Sometimes it feels like I as a student did not obtain the knowledge or experience as I would have liked to in a course. Is there a way to obtain or create some sort of sandbox of tools that students and faculty can have access to in order to be interactive and engaged in what they're learning?

RESPONSE: Thank you for taking the time to write to share your feedback. The campus has negotiated reduced-cost access for students to a number of software programs. Additionally, department/college computer laboratories provide access to additional tools. One of the goals of our DISCOVERe program is to help prepare our students with the necessary technology skills for the workplace. I encourage you to share your thoughts with your department chair or dean, who can work with our Chief Information Officer.

CONCERN: Every semester students are asked to do evaluations for their courses. However, once the course has been completed we no longer know whether our comments or concerns were even heard. I have seen my fellow peers quickly rush through the evaluations because they don't feel like the evaluations even matter. I have also had a professor not give an evaluation because it didn't matter to the person. It seems like some courses disregard the voices of the students and continue with the same lecture or materials. I would like to know about the changes made to courses, whether it is a course from the previous semester or a course I'll be taking this upcoming semester, so I know that changes were made to help the future students succeed. It could be an email stating the changes that were made to a course to students who left the feedback and another email for students who are enrolled in the course at the beginning of the semester. I would like to know your thoughts on this.


Student ratings of instruction are an important aspect of evaluating teaching effectiveness on our campus. Each department has its own policy regarding how frequently each instructor administers student ratings of instruction. Additionally, each department has its own minimum standard related to student ratings of instruction. How individual instructors take action based on student ratings of instruction, varies widely across the campus. A best practice is for each faculty member to inform students how the course has evolved over time based, in part, on student ratings of instruction. However, this is not required of any faculty member.

Department Chairs in each department review all student ratings of instruction, including all comments, and consult with faculty about possible areas of strength and opportunities for enhancement.

CONCERN: Is there a way to put a pay phone somewhere on campus? There are many community members who need to use phones on a regular basis, and there is no pay phone even close to campus. It would be well used and appreciated by many on campus.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your suggestion. AT&T no longer supports pay phones on our campus. In cases of an emergency, there are emergency phones located throughout the campus. There are several apps you can install on your computer that will allow you to make phone calls using the internet. Please contact our IT Help Desk for information on these applications.

CONCERN: I have noticed that the Fresno State Health Paws posts about suicide prevention, which is definitely something that needs to be talked about. However, they consistently say this is a "100% preventable". I don't feel this is a considerate, compassionate, and more importantly accurate thing to say, let alone promote. My daughter’s friend lost her father last Christmas to suicide. He was an Iraq veteran suffering from PTSD. They will always suffer the pain of this and I know that unfortunately the family all blames themselves for not seeing it, not doing more. This of course is something we as loved ones constantly try to help them see is in no way their fault, sometimes, it just happens. The work the department is trying to do on suicide prevention is great, but the families who have suffered a tragedy like this need to be considered in the message they send out. I would suggest the removal of it being "100% preventable" from all of their messages, postings or otherwise.

RESPONSE: Thank you for expressing your concern related to the marketing of our QPR -Suicide Prevention Trainings. We appreciate your point that this is a strong statement that could be triggering to some people. We will work with our marketing team to try to create better language that conveys our message of: Question. Persuade. Refer. (QPR) 

CONCERN: I am a season ticket holder for basketball and a long-time donor to the Bulldog Foundation. I am disappointed to see so many more home Basketball game starting at 8PM. The number of games starting at 8 PM this year is more than in years past. There probably is a good reason. But despite my three attempts to call the Bulldog ticket office during normal office hours to find out I have not been able to talk to anyone. Just an automated message (frustrating). In my opinion these later start times are a problem for our youth, working adults and seniors. Starting an hour later than historically normal makes it too long of a night and is discouraging attendance. We sacrifice important student study time and sleep time on weeknights with all these 8PM games. I would not have reached out to your Feedback line with this if I could have reached someone with the Bulldog Ticket office. 

RESPONSE: Thank you for your long-time support of Fresno State Athletics. Our preferred start time for weeknight games is 7 p.m., however, the start time for our men's basketball games are determined through the Mountain West's television contracts with ESPN, CBS Sports Network and AT&T Sports Net. This past season, we had 3 of our 17 regular home men's basketball games designated as 8 p.m. start times, since they were broadcast on ESPNU or CBS Sports Network, and none of our 16 home women's basketball games started at 8 p.m. It is industry standard practice for major college basketball conferences to have start times set by the television contracts, which generate important revenue shared by each of the institutions in our conference. We are cognizant of the impact of having later start times on weeknights, and the weekend as well, and these concerns will be a factor in our upcoming negotiations with our television and digital broadcast opportunities in the future. 

Also, when calling 559-278-3647 (our Bulldog Ticket Office), from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.Monday-Friday, there is a brief message at the beginning and then prompts to press 1 or 2. Pressing 1 directs fans to our sales team and entering 2 directs customers to the ticket office or Bulldog Foundation. To reach the Bulldog Foundation directly, our BDF staff can be reached from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday at (559)278-7160.

CONCERN: Fresno State does a good job of trying to be inclusive of individuals from different ethnic, demographic and religious backgrounds. What appears to be lacking is an awareness of age discrimination in both the classroom as well as in faculty and staff hiring. I am aware of several situations in which age has created a barrier for student success and employment opportunities. Although age was never explicitly discussed in these situations, there were clearly suggestions that younger students and candidates were more beneficial to the university's success and thus should be given preference.

RESPONSE: Fresno State is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, nondiscrimination and providing access to programs, services, employment and educational opportunities. Please contact Human Resources at (559)278-2032 regarding any specific concerns.

CONCERN: Every time I wait for the elevators in the Haak Center, I envision much more for the weedy garden bed on the balcony (outside the President's office). It seems like a great space with a lot of potential: perhaps a project for our amazing plant-science students; a place to grow fresh produce to be donated to the Student Cupboard; a pollinator garden; or maybe a space for growing native plants for seed saving (perhaps to be sold at the Farm Market?). Given the prime location, it could be a showcase for visitors to the Haak Center of the talents of our students, faculty, and staff, and an example of our campus values.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your innovative thinking! The Henry Madden Library rooftop garden suffered during the drought and never fully recovered. Facilities Operations is currently working collaboratively with several departments on a plan to refresh and upgrade the garden. A professor in the Plant Science Department and several of his students are developing a new design and planting plan that will utilize drought-tolerant plants. The planting will be performed by an ornamental horticulture class with the help of the Fresno State Grounds Team. Every semester, this class will be involved in new planting projects around campus to upgrade and beautify our campus landscape.

CONCERN: I see as time has moved on that getting health/counseling appointments at Fresno State is virtually impossible. The wait time is now 1-2 months in order to get an appointment for either. At this point in time, I would get a counseling appointment by the end of the semester... That is a problem as most students cannot even get health/counseling appointments more than once. Please hire more Doctors / counselors.

RESPONSE: University student counseling services around the country have been impacted by increasing demands for mental-health services, however, we are proud of the fact that in the past two years, we have never had more than a two-week wait time for new counseling appointments, and often less. Also, students in crisis can always be seen within one hour when the Student Health and Counseling center is open. Sometimes it is difficult for students to find appointments that fit in their desired time frames, and that may cause a student to be scheduled out a little further, but we also have Let's Talk available Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Kremen 399, where students can walk-in and meet briefly with a counselor without an appointment, as well as several groups and classes that can be utilized for support between appointments.  

In addition, we are one of the few universities that does not have counseling session limits, meaning that students can be seen in counseling as many times as needed throughout their years at Fresno State. We have hired a new counselor and a clinical case manager in the past year, and will consider more positions if needed in the future. Thank you for your feedback.

CONCERN: I am a faculty member, went to the Fresno State Campus police to report a simple assault that had happened right off campus. I told the assistant at the front the desk what happened because this person asked. I waited for a while and then I had to repeat it again to the officer who did not seem to care. The officer seemed dismissive, and I felt like I was bothering them with my incident. I didn't appreciate it at all.

RESPONSE: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I know this was a concerning incident for you, and I apologize for the experience. Please know that I have forwarded this concern to our Chief of Police, David Huerta.

CONCERN: Perhaps the third time is the charm. The concrete circle at Barstow and Chestnut is still falling apart with large chunks of concrete missing or broken. You indicated that you would notify the city, and if they didn’t do it you would have the university do it. It’s an eyesore. And I would like to know why the fencing at O’Neill Park uses poles that weren’t designed for a chain link fence. I assume the fencing is temporary and the university would re-construct the fence with proper poles. If one comes in from the west to the university, one wouldn’t see how the east side entrance looks coming in on Barstow, which needs to be improved.

RESPONSE: I am pleased to let you know that the City of Fresno repaired the roundabout in early April. The fencing at O’Neill Park is a temporary structure as we develop a more expansive improvement plan for the park.

CONCERN: Originally, this feedback page seemed like a good idea, but now I have found myself spending too much extra time I don't have, trying to respond to someone's half-cocked vent session. The majority of the time, the complainant shows their ignorance of the matter about which they are complaining and provides too little information for the appropriate department/individual to form a truly helpful, informative response.

There either needs to be a better system of "weeding out" the frivolous complaints, or this whole thing should be ditched. It just seems to be creating more work for already overworked staff.

RESPONSE: The Feedback Page was established to ensure that students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends have an anonymous way to share concerns and ask questions. Positive feedback is also appreciated. I believe this is an important way for the Cabinet and me to answer questions, dispel false rumors or address concerns whenever possible. We have also added an easy-to-use archive of prior questions and answers to reduce duplicate questions. There are many examples of positive change that have come about due to the feedback from our campus community. I appreciate the efforts from our Cabinet members and their staff in preparing responsive answers to the questions received.

CONCERN: Super Sunday, during the month of February (Black History Month), is highly offensive to me and, as an African American, insults my intelligence. What are you trying to say by assuming that you could possibly recruit young African Americans by visiting various predominately African American congregations? Young African Americans wanting to know about Fresno State can be found all over Fresno, not just in Baptist congregations! Also, why would the university and Chancellor disrupt people's day of worship just to increase their African American student population? Also, why isn't this done at any other time than Black History Month?


Thank you for your feedback regarding this past February's Super Sunday presentation hosted on February 25th at nine Fresno-area African American churches. Dating back to 2005, the Super Sunday is a yearly event that local churches opt to participate in. Fresno State, along with a number of sister California State Universities (CSU's), have the African American Initiatives that speaks to the issues of engagement, student/parent preparation, admissions, retention and graduation for the AA student. Fresno State is committed to increasing the number of African American students on campus, as well as to presenting a positive learning experience to prospective students and their parents.   

Leading into Black History month, Fresno State hosts the annual Pastor's Breakfast in January (week prior to MLK weekend) where area pastors are provided updates on the African American statistics on post-secondary enrollment and graduation at our institution. I say this to address your concern regarding the accessibility of information about Fresno State in the African American community. It's not so much that the information can't be found, but the feedback that community members have engaged us with is that they welcome our presence to promote our transparency in addressing the low post-secondary going rates of local African American students in our area.  

Our Super Sunday presence was in no way intended to disrupt any religious worship experience as we made efforts prior to the Super Sunday event to prepare each congregation for our visit (e.g. meeting and on-going communication with each pastor and/or designee, promotional flyers, and social media coverage). Our presence was encouraged and approved by each respective pastor, and I hope that you have taken your concerns to them as well, so that feedback can be shared and discussed for them to consider for possible future visits.  

The Fresno State African American Initiative (AAI) will be operating on a year-round basis, and the Super Sunday event can be viewed as the "official" kick-off of our efforts in doing more in the African American community to not only engage and prepare students, but parents as well. Please be on the look-out for sister churches to host College Saturday Academies over the course of this coming summer and Fresno State Ambassadors being visible at community block parties hosted by Bringing Broken Neighborhoods Back to Life. We hope that the African American community sees us as their campus and that our efforts help provide a link to our campus where we welcome their presence. Thank you for your feedback. 

For more information about the Fresno State AAI, please feel free to reach out to Wendy Nelson, African American Initiative Coordinator, who coordinated this year's Super Sunday efforts.  Wendy can be reached at (559) 278-2038 or via email:

CONCERN: Please reduce the amount of live music near the USU. It is extremely disruptive and obnoxious.

RESPONSE: In an effort to build a vibrant, involved, engaged campus with sense of belonging, various campus-life experiences are scheduled for all students. This helps students hear local and student bands that are up and coming, and have events for our students with which they connect. In addition to live music, there are also cultural performances, dances, and DJ’s, which highlight other aspects of student life. The USU is cognizant of not disrupting classes and schedules the performances between the 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. lunch hour and will continue to be sensitive to this issue as to not be disruptive or obnoxious, as you state. Thank you for your feedback.

CONCERN: I have two internships at Fresno State. For one of the internships, I did not get compensated for the hours I worked although I was supposed to get a $1,000 stipend at the end of each semester. With whom should I speak? 

RESPONSE: Please contact the internship coordinator who assisted you with your internship placement or the department chair of your major. If you are uncertain whom to contact, please feel free to email Mary Willis, Campus Internship Coordinator at for further assistance.

CONCERN: The Cross Cultural and Gender Center is a mess. Please investigate. I encountered staff and/or students bickering in public. I can’t tell who is a student and who is staff because everyone is sitting around in front of their laptops. Where is the room for Muslims? Where is the room for international students? How do we get notified about their services and events? The area is so confusing.

RESPONSE: Everyone is welcome to engage in open and sometimes spirited, but always respectful, conversations on a variety of topics. Please feel free to join us for our discussions or group and individual study. Services and events can be found a number of ways such as, CCGC webpage located at Facebook and Twitter is another source of information as well as fliers distributed for upcoming events. 

We have rooms designated for a number of Fresno State groups and an International Office in Joyal. With limited space, we have no rooms for religious groups, but we welcome all to use our common space in the Cross Cultural and Gender Center for meetings or conversation. Several years ago we also championed a meditation room in the library, plus rooms are available across campus or in the University Student Union for all students to meet. Thank you for feedback. 

CONCERN: We need help with restrooms. It is difficult to find clean restroom opportunities, especially between class periods. I know it would be difficult to suggest renovating existing buildings, so one suggestion is to build new, smaller restroom "centers" that can serve parts of the campus and take pressure off existing facilities. Another suggestion is to make some restrooms, maybe upper floors near offices, accessible by staff/faculty cards only. Exhaust fans would be welcome too! 

RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback. Our custodial staff members are working to add additional mid-day cleanings to high-use restrooms. Please call the Facilities Work Control Center (278-2373) if you notice any restrooms need to be cleaned.

CONCERN: If a department already has an internal candidate they want to hire, can they not waste people’s time by opening up the application?

RESPONSE: Many components of our recruitment process are mandated by federal and state regulations, CSU collective-bargaining agreements, and CSU and University policies.The campus’s hiring practices allow for job openings to be available to qualified employees and, when indicated, off-campus applicants. We value professional development and encourage employees to pursue career-growth opportunities. At the same time, the University is committed to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity and recruitment strategies that will attract a diverse workforce.

CONCERN: Can you please add microwaves and water-refill stations in all buildings? Many students can't run to the food court to heat up their food when they have back-to-back classes in buildings that are far away, like the Science 2 Building.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your suggestion. In addition to the microwaves located in the lower floor of the University Student Union, a microwave has been added in the Kremen School of Education (lower level). Water-refill stations are installed in a number of buildings and can be found in the locations below:

  • Engineering East 1st floor 
  • Kremen Education Building 1st floor main lobby
  • Madden Library 2nd floor (next to Starbucks)
  • McLane Hall 1st floor breezeway 
  • North Gym (West of main entrance)
  • Peters Business UBC Lobby (west of stairway)
  • Professional/Human Services 1st floor (South entrance)
  • Satellite Student Union
  • Science 1 1st floor main lobby (Southside)
  • Science 2 1st floor (A wing near elevator)
  • Social Science 1st floor (East entrance)
  • Student Recreation Center
  • University Courtyard Atrium
  • University Student Union

We are currently installing water-refill stations in the following locations:

  • Joyal 1st floor (East hallway)
  • Joyal 2nd floor (South hallway)

CONCERN: Fresno State catering is wonderful, but I'm hoping some of the rules can be evaluated. If you order anything from catering, the leftovers are disposed of after 2 hours, regardless of what it is. Catering will not let us keep anything including bread, cracker, cookies and other dry goods. I understand that you cannot keep perishable goods for food-safety issues, but it seems wasteful to throw out the dry goods within 2 hours. It seems that especially on our campus where a huge emphasis is being placed on food security, wasting food seems inappropriate.

RESPONSE: I appreciate your concern for food waste. Our catering department must adhere to strict County Health Department regulations, which state that food can only be left out for two hours; after that, the potential for food-borne illnesses increases significantly. 

Additionally, once the food has been out on a buffet line, it is no longer eligible for donation to outside entities. We do encourage event coordinators to call the Catered Cupboard 30 minutes before their event ends so that a notification can be sent to students letting them know food is available. 

Information on the Catered Cupboard can be found at 

CONCERN: In response to your recent feedback regarding the reasons that "Born in the USA" is played at athletic events I would recommend you look at the lyrics of the song. The song is anything but a call for national pride and is actually a critique of United States policy at the time. In fact, President Reagan was actually told he couldn't use the song for his re-election campaign by Bruce Springsteen. (Note: There were two concerns submitted on this topic.)

RESPONSE: Thank you for the feedback and your concern related to this topic. The song will no longer be played at any athletic events moving forward in the recognition of military veterans. Thank you, and we appreciate your concern.

CONCERN: The shuttle system is awesome! One suggestion that I really hope you will consider, which I believe will make the lives of a number of students much easier, is to include one more bus stop for the shuttle that is near the Science I or Science II buildings. Almost all students will attend at least one class at Fresno State for either their major (math, business, chemistry, biology, nursing, the natural sciences, etc.) or general education in the following buildings: Craig's School of Business, Science I, or Science II. While I appreciate the shuttle system for simply existing, I really think many students will benefit from having a bus stop near one of these buildings.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your suggestion. Our Traffic Operations staff will review the feasibility of adding an additional stop. Our goal is to maintain 20-minute wait times.

CONCERN: The Dean of the School of Education and Human Development (which includes Counseling) is retiring after many years, and there has been talk that the Associate Dean will simply take his place. While the Associate Dean is well-liked and respected, many feel it is inappropriate for a school and University to decide such things without conducting a national search for a new Dean. What assurances can the President’s Office give that the Dean position will merit a rigorous search where outside candidates are given proper and legitimate consideration?

RESPONSE: All deans’ searches are conducted per campus policy (e.g., APM 320) and practice. Every dean’s search is an open and national/international search. The search committee is created per campus policy and provides recommendations to the Provost (the President’s designee for academic dean searches). The Provost is the final decision-maker, in consultation with the president, regarding dean appointments. Given the timing of a dean’s retirement and the length of time it takes to conduct a national search, an interim appointment sometimes does occur. Be assured though that the University will cast a wide net to fill the permanent position.

CONCERN: Over the past two years I have been a student here, I often see the same problem at the beginning of a class as instructors experience technical issues with their Powerpoint or other presentations. The solution is easy: Install identical, dedicated computers in every classroom on campus that are connected permanently to the overhead projectors and have all the necessary software to play all the common presentation formats. The instructors would bring a thumb drive with their material on it to class and plug it into the room's computer. Such a computer wouldn't have to be very fancy for that purpose. You might even be able to get Michael Dell or Bill Gates to donate them. They can certainly afford to, it would be good PR for them. Win-win all around!

RESPONSE: Thank you for your suggestions. In the past, our classrooms included dedicated computers connected directly to projectors for faculty. This approach had merits and challenges. We shifted our efforts toward providing standardized technology in classrooms, a faculty laptop program, and a faculty laptop loaner service. With the Center of Faculty Excellence providing faculty training, combined with business hours and after-hours technical support for our faculty in the classrooms, this approach has been more successful overall.

CONCERN: There seem to be very few recycle bins on campus. I believe the addition of a few, specifically near the Student Union and the library, would very useful.

RESPONSE: The campus is committed to sustainable practices and partners with a waste-removal company that sorts campus waste at its facility. Recycled waste products can be placed in any of the bins around campus. Facilities Management will review the areas you mentioned to ensure there is an adequate supply of bins.

CONCERN: Do we not hire professors who know how to teach minority students? English is my second language, and I often feel rejected by both white and brown professors. Are no one taught how to teach when they are studying their doctorates? How is the university training professors and TAs how to teach?

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. The University is deeply interested in selecting faculty who are able to teach all of our students. 

During the hiring process for tenure-track faculty, search committees are strongly encouraged to ensure faculty candidates understand the mission of Fresno State and the composition of our student population. All faculty candidates are required to articulate in their cover letters (initial application to a faculty position) a commitment to working with a diverse student population and faculty. Beginning next year, this statement of commitment to working with a diverse campus community will be separated from the overall cover letter. Secondly, at both the phone interview and on-campus interview stages, faculty candidates must articulate how they will work with a diverse student body. Virtually all tenure-track faculty on-campus search visits include a teaching demonstration. In this process, candidates give a brief teaching demonstration and student input is gathered. 

For tenure-track faculty positions, the University recruits from programs offering a terminal degree in the targeted discipline (e.g., public health, psychology, management, electrical engineering, music). In most cases, that means a doctoral degree, in some cases, the master’s degree is the terminal degree. Unfortunately, many doctoral (and master’s) programs do not “teach” possible faculty members how to teach. Beginning with New Faculty Orientation, the Center for Faculty Excellence offers faculty support to learn or enhance their teaching skills. This includes culturally responsive pedagogy. New Faculty Orientation is required for all new tenure-track faculty. All other faculty may take advantage of the extensive support provided by the Center for Faculty Excellence. 

Teaching Assistants receive different kinds of training. Many TAs, who are instructors of record, are required to take pedagogy or teaching courses. These experiences are designed to prepare TAs to be effective instructors. Currently, this training is provided by specific departments. The University is exploring the potential of providing training opportunities to all graduate students, including current TAs, who wish to develop their teaching skills. This skillset may be a value added to our graduate students who may want to apply to doctoral programs, apply for community college faculty positions, or simply for their own skill development. 

CONCERN: The University should consider moving the thesis deadlines for graduate students to much latter in the semester. The current system is unrealistic for a student in the sciences to complete their thesis by the mid-semester deadline. The result is that grad students pay fees just so they can have a few extra weeks to complete their thesis. This is unjust and unfair.

RESPONSE: In fact, the University has taken action on this very issue.  The deadline for thesis submission has been moved to later in the semester to accommodate thesis completion for a greater number of graduate students.  The deadline is 11 days later this Spring than it was last, with plans to make it even later in upcoming semesters.  In addition, a lower-cost option was added, effective Spring 2018, for students who complete all thesis requirements by the final day of instruction in a given semester.   With this option, student can enroll in a reduced cost ($350) zero-unit course (through Continuing and Global Education) in the subsequent semester, and still comply with the CSU's continuous enrollment policy for graduate students.

CONCERN: There needs to be better and healthier selection of food items on the Bulldog Bites food truck. I suggest you fill the empty display shelves with ready-to-eat sandwiches, salads and/or boxed lunches so people can grab and go. There also needs to be an additional third worker during the lunch hour to expedite orders. With one person as the cashier and the other cooking, it really increases the wait time.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. We have a number of healthy grab-n-go items at our Paws-N-Go locations. We continue to increase the number of healthy menu items in our campus dining concepts. In the fall 2018 semester, The Bucket will be adding a new Healthy Menu. If you have a specific dietary restriction and would like more information about any of the menu items offered at our various campus dining concepts, please contact Megan Sarantos in University Dining Services at 278.4345 or via email

CONCERN: MPP staff and Human Resources treatment of staff when we have concerns or issue with workload or management. I have several friends who are having issues with their supervisors/management, they have reached out for help from Human Resources and unfortunately are given very poor service and treatment as well. Most staff on campus are good people that sometimes fall on hard times or not happy in the position they are in because of the treatment of management. When they do speak up they are then punished by being made felt that they are not a team player or that there was no grounds for a dispute. I know you are a very busy person but if you could once in a while check up on HR and the disputes that go on, and insure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Thank you.

RESPONSE: The University cares about each member of our team. Please direct your specific concerns to the Associate Vice President of Human Resources, Marylou Mendoza-Miller at (559) 278-2032 or Vice President for Administration, Deborah Adishian-Astone at (559) 278-2083.  We also have an Employee Assistance Program available for all employees – for information on this program please call (559) 278-1655

CONCERN: The other day, I have returned to work from doctor’s appointment around 10 a.m. I was driving around parking lots 30 and 31 for over 30 minutes trying to find a space to park. I was lucky that day because someone finally left and I got the spot. However, another 4 cars were still driving in circles while I was walking back to the office. This situation happens all the time. We can’t go on the lunch break or to appointments around noon because the parking is packed when we come back and it’s impossible to find a space. Are there any plans to improve this situation? Any plans to build a multilevel parking or maybe expand the parking to the unused amphitheater space?

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern, I know it is frustrating to have to wait for parking to become available. Our campus parking lots and roadways serve more than 3,000 employees and nearly 25,000 students, and there are certain times of day when we do experience congestion. We encourage employee carpooling and there is also additional parking available at the SaveMart Center lot with free connections to campus using the Bulldog Express.