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August 15 - September 28, 2018

CONCERN: I don't understand why Fresno State even has a system of feedback and responses, because none of the responses actually help any of our problems at all. They are all generic, automated responses, and our concerns are definitely not being heard. Either get rid of the system completely, or actually put time into generating real responses that can help people.

RESPONSE: I assure you that my cabinet members and I read every concern submitted and craft a genuine response accordingly. In some instances, where very similar concerns are expressed repeatedly – such as the topic of parking – the responses may also sound similar. That said, I know that we all take the time to read each concern and dedicate effort (including that of our staff members’) to answer the questions and concerns.

We believe this feedback page is an important platform for hearing directly from our campus community members. I would like to think that most campus community members feel the same way. Thank you again for reading the page and submitting your concerns!

CONCERN: I recently attended the Fresno State volleyball game against FPU and at the ticket window I was informed that there were no more free guest tickets for students. For the past 4 years I have gotten one free guest ticket to every volleyball and basketball game I have gone to (at least 6 of each/year). This is the first time that I have been told that my guest had to pay. I know that at baseball games I don't get a guest ticket, but my guests do get a $5 discount if I show my ID. Has there been a change to the athletic event program or has it been a regular occurrence I have happened to side-step the last 4 years?

RESPONSE: Our apologies for the confusion regarding student guest tickets for our volleyball matches. We do allow students to bring one guest to our volleyball matches for free. We will reiterate this policy with our box office staff. Please reach out to the Bulldog Ticket Office (559.278.3647), so they can address your specific issue from the match earlier in the season. Thank you for your support of Bulldog Athletics!

CONCERN: Hello, President Castro I have to say we need more police officers patrolling parking areas. The reason is because too many people are on their cell phones while driving and not even paying attention to their surroundings.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. Safety is always a priority. We have increased the number of sworn police officers on campus from 20 to 27 in the past four years. Please report any incidents immediately to University Police at 559.278.8400.

CONCERN: Can we get more benches in the Peace Garden? The point should be to sit and enjoy the peaceful area but there are few if any benches in the actual garden.

RESPONSE: Yes! We have partnered with ASI to have eight new benches installed before the start of the spring 2019 semester.

CONCERN: When I finally set up an evening schedule, it is often changed. This semester, two of the four classes I registered for were cancelled. The alternate options are offered during the work day. This is incredibly frustrating when the program only caters to students that do not work during the day. I understand a majority of classes should be offered during the work day times, however, there is such a small amount of classes offered during the evening, it makes it nearly impossible to become a full-time student to try and finish my degree.

RESPONSE: The University has been increasing evening, hybrid and online course offers in the past few years, but all courses need to meet a minimum-enrollment requirement. Any course, regardless of its class time, could be canceled due to low enrollment. Evening and late afternoon courses are more likely to have low enrollments and may have a higher possibility of cancellation. Please discuss with the course-offering department for a specific solution.

CONCERN: I am replying to the announcement of an Assistant VP for Financial Services. I think this is just an administrative assistant to the VPA/CFO. This is my position. The office of VPA and CFO should be separate and held by separate individuals. I believe there is a conflict of interest in having the same person holding the position of VPA and CFO. The responsibility of the campus CFO is to do the financial planning and reporting for the entire university. How can you do that if your other responsibility is for the VPA division? The casual observer might construed that there is favoritism to the VPA area. Real or imagined.

RESPONSE: All 23 CSU campuses have a combined Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer role. This position serves as the Chief Administrative and Fiscal Officer for the University and oversees several administrative functions (Facilities Management, Human Resources, Public Safety) and Financial Services including Accounting Services and Procurement Services. All of these functions serve the entire University. 

The Office of Budget and Resource Planning, which allocates and oversees the campus budget allocation decisions reports directly to President Castro, not to the VPA/CFO. The position of Assistant VP for Financial Services is a member of the VPA/CFO leadership team and will provide oversight of Accounting Services and all external and internal audits, and will ensure accuracy and timely submission of financial statements, in addition to other responsibilities.

CONCERN: Who made the decision not to have printed catalogs? We used to get them every year and it was so helpful. Faculty are provided computers or laptops to do their jobs. Why are staff not considered as important as faculty. Why can't staff be given a tool like the catalog to help us do our jobs?

RESPONSE: The decision to stop printing catalogs for general distribution was made in 2012 after extensive consultation with faculty, staff, administration and students. Factors included the relatively few catalogs that were being sold, the fact that the catalog was out of date by the time it was printed, and the ease of online access. The print catalog is available on To order a catalog, search for Fresno State General Catalog and select the catalog year desired. Individual copies are generally under $14 with Prime shipping.

CONCERN: Construction workers are incredibly distracting during class. My class has to listen to incessant banging, and occasionally yelling from workers. Sometimes my professor can't speak louder than the banging so I just don't get to hear what he's saying. Construction should never impede education.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. We are committed to providing modernized instructional spaces for our students and faculty. We try to schedule loud construction to be done after hours to avoid disruption, but at times loud construction cannot be avoided. Please call Facilities Management (559.278.2373) at any time to let them know if construction is impeding the learning environment.

CONCERN: Many chairs in the Library do not have locking seat backs. There is no support at all unless you lean them all the way back. Is there a plan to include locking seat back chairs in the Library conference rooms?

RESPONSE: The furniture currently in the library conference rooms was selected during the process of building the library's North Wing and is not yet due for replacement. For any future furniture purchases, locking seat back chairs may certainly be considered. In the meantime, since we do have a variety of chairs in the library, and if we have advanced notice of special needs for a particular meeting, we may be able to provide a chair that meets those needs.

CONCERN: Fresno State could save its students a lot of time, energy and effort, and possibly produce better students if, instead of making people take general education classes, they provide a battery test of sorts over a wide range of topics covered by general education, and if the percentage for each section is above say 75%, that section is overridden and wasting time in a class for that section of general education is no longer necessary.

RESPONSE: General Education is a legally required component of a bachelor's degree curriculum, as set in California's Code of Education (Title 5). Anyone who plans to earn a bachelor's degree must complete all G.E. required classes. For those who may have prior experience or knowledge on the content of a specific course, the CSU system offers the opportunity of "credit by exam." For details on how to apply for credit by exam, students are encouraged to consult with an advisor at the University Advising Center.

CONCERN: I need service as tutorial to help me with homework. For example, currently I work full time Monday to Friday, then off at 6 pm, so I am having difficulty finding a tutorial to help me. I am very frustrated. English ais my second language and also the age a little bit old. My study is a little slow. My concerning is worry about not succeeding in class.

RESPONSE: The Learning Center has many opportunities for you to get tutoring outside of your work hours. The center offers writing tutoring until 7 p.m. on Thursdays. Tutors also have the ability to set live online writing appointments, which may be an option for you on a lunch break.

If you reach out to William Hardaway, tutoring coordinator, he can help connect you with a tutor via email to figure out accommodations. William can be reached at
You can also obtain our tutoring schedule at Feel free to reach out with any questions. Your success is our main priority!

CONCERN: As a professor on this campus for decades, please let me respond to the IT major who criticized online classes. He is absolutely right. I have taught both on line classes classroom, face to face with students. Online classes NEVER result in evaluating correctly the online students. First, you really never know who is online! As far as we know, "hired help" might be online responding to the class. Second, there is really no way for the professor to know whether the online students are actually paying attention or spending their time playing Tekken 7 on the computer next to them.

RESPONSE: There are definitely challenges to verifying the identity of those in online courses –just as there are in large enrollment courses. Similarly, engagement in the classroom is not guaranteed by physical presence. In any learning environment, faculty have opportunities to design learning activities that challenge students and provide multiple ways for them to demonstrate their knowledge. 

There are several best practices for online and blended-learning environments. We have adopted the Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) instrument, which includes 57 objectives across 10 sections. QLT training is facilitated by faculty and instructional designers, and addresses online instructor presence, synchronous online Zoom sessions, as well as formative assessment throughout the semester so the instructors knows the extent to which students are engaging with the content. 

Faculty can also leverage the Respondus Lockdown Browser - a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within our learning-management systems (Blackboard and Canvas). With it, students are unable to print, copy, go to another URL or access other applications and are locked into it until they submit the assessment for grading. 

Support for the pedagogical design of face-to-face, blended or online courses—including learning assessments—are available in the Center for Faculty Excellence.

CONCERN: Would you consider putting a crosswalk between the CWI building and WET Lab? The street is narrow between these two buildings, but there is not safe place to get from one building to another. There is a crosswalk at the the JARC center, but that is too far from the WET lab.

RESPONSE: Thank you for the suggestion. We will explore the feasibility of this with Facilities Management and Public Safety in order to evaluate potential traffic queuing/safety impacts.

CONCERN: When will the pavement in front of the sheep unit be fixed? It is terribly rocky, slanted, and dusty. I have often popped bike tires on the rocks and doesn't make for a pleasant walk either. The slanted pavement means I either have to walk on the rocks or get dangerously close to cars.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. Barstow Avenue from Cedar to Maple will be upgraded in summer 2019. The sheep unit is not included in this scope of work, but our Facilities Management team will explore options to include it in a future roadway improvement project.

CONCERN: I don't have an issue with tuition increasing, but I do have an issue with misallocation of that money (i.e. there's no need for the President to make over $300k each year or for the football coach to get bonuses each time we win). I understand that some money needs to be put towards Student Involvement to create a sense of belonging but it feels like Fresno State doesn't actually care about education. Why don't departments who need funding for research get priority? I realize we're not an R-1 university, but I would really like to be able to participate in research. Research in the sciences is expensive because equipment (and the upkeep of that equipment) is expensive. Anyway, my point is I feel like Fresno State promotes "fun" instead of education and I think the latter is always more important.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your interest in conducting research. Fresno State is designated as a doctoral degree granting institution with moderate research activity (R-3). As such, we support faculty in research in a number of ways:  

1. Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities (RSCA) funds cover research costs and faculty time. This past year, that figure was more than $535,000. RSCA funds are distributed equitably across colleges/schools based on full-time equivalent faculty.  
2. Indirect Cost (IDC) recovery from grant and contract activity covers research costs and faculty time. Last year, that figure was more than $937,000 and was distributed to colleges/schools/units based upon the dollar amounts of indirect generated.  
3. The Division of Research and Graduate Studies provides one-on-one support to faculty desiring to pursue research, training and service grants. Last year, 193 faculty and staff submitted 436 grant proposals requesting more than $57M in funding. In that same year, 299 grants were awarded to Fresno State totaling more than $34M. A considerable portion of those award dollars go to research.

I encourage you to pursue some of these resources and opportunities as you move forward with your desire to conduct research on campus.

CONCERN: I would really appreciate if the band didn't practice next to the science buildings. My fellow students and I stay in the science buildings all day and hearing the noise from band can be distracting when trying to focus. I realize this is a personal preference that may not be able to be changed, but I think the concept can be extended elsewhere (i.e. when there is loud music playing by the USU, it distracts me when I'm in McLane).

RESPONSE: The practice field by Science II is designated for the marching band to use at any time. The band typically rehearses in the afternoons, and practice hours can be found on their website We understand you would prefer to study in the Science buildings, but please know that the Madden Library offers quiet spaces as an alternative. Events scheduled in the USU pit that use amplified sound must follow scheduling guidelines as outlined in applicable campus policies.

CONCERN: There is an error in the first sentence of this story: "Fresno State is helping children in grades K-12 build robots on land and underwater." I doubt very much the children are donning wetsuits and going underwater to build robots. If you mean they are building robots that are able to function on land as well as underwater, you should say so. Is nobody proofreading at your college? Stop embarrassing yourselves.

RESPONSE:Thank you for taking the time to submit your concern.

Fresno State's NASA Aerospace Academy works with local school districts and certified master scuba instructors to teach high school students how to dive. Our pre-service teachers work with the students to build robots that can operate underwater while teaching them fundamentals about science, technology, engineering and math.

The high school students then show off their skills in a competition. The robots are tested underwater, and the students suit up in scuba gear and perform various underwater tasks as well to simulate working in space.

CONCERN: I teach a once per week 3 hours DISCOVERe course in a standard classroom that has one two gang electrical power outlet. Lack of access to line power is probably not a problem for a 50-minute DISCOVERe class. It is a severe impediment when teaching a 3-hour DISCOVERe as batteries start to run out of power around the 1 to 2 hour mark. I would like to put a suggestion in the box that access to line power be thought through and included in each classroom remodel to allow for access to line power for up to the classroom capacity. Thank you for your consideration of this suggestion.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your suggestion. We understand how this might pose a hindrance to the teaching environment. With every classroom upgrade, we try to provide additional power outlets if feasible. IT 290 is an example of a recent "brilliant" classroom that provides increased access to technology. Please contact Jeff Prickett in Facilities Management (559.278.2373) to assist in reviewing the room concerned.

CONCERN: It would be great to get a university subscription of Boomerang to add to Gmail package. It allows for the scheduling of emails to go out at a later point. Currently, you are only allowed 10 free delayed messages. This is a very useful option and worth adding.

RESPONSE: Thank you very much for your suggestion. Technology Services has been testing Boomerang and Right Inbox for scheduled sending of email and is also looking into pricing for the campus. At this point in time, individuals are encouraged to discuss purchasing individual licenses with their supervisors.

CONCERN: Hi, I am a new transfer student who has never printed at Fresno State before. I needed to print my paper for a class so I went to the printing assistance desk in the library to ask for help on how to print. One of the employees rudely handed me a piece of paper with instructions on it and said “this is how you print” and went back to looking at their phone and chatting it up with the employees at the DISCOVERe Hub who were talking about partying and weekend plans. This is very unprofessional. If the only help I get is a piece of paper handed to me then why are these people getting paid? The least they could do is give me verbal directions and explain to me how to print.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concern. I apologize for the experience that you had. Our printing-assistance team strives to ensure that all students have a great printing experience. The printing team has recently revamped all signage in the vicinity of the printers to try to provide a more streamlined printing experience at all of the student printing stations. The team’s standard operating procedure is to walk each student through how to print documents. I will ask our Director of DISCOVERe to remind the printing team about providing great customer service, to follow up on your concern.

CONCERN: Fresno State is making a terrible decision to remove remedial math requirements. Removing requirements will make a degree easier to obtain, therefore improving the average time it takes to graduate, but it does not actually help students. This, essentially, makes all of our degrees a little less valuable, too. 

RESPONSE: Removal of the remediation requirement is a CSU system decision, not a campus decision. It is based on successful national models of improving timely graduation. However, removal of the remediation requirement does not mean the University stops offering help to students who need assistance in math or English. For example, students who are in college readiness category III and IV must take a math course with co-requisites that are designed to help them successfully complete their college math class. In our solution complying with the CSU requirement, we have put in place mechanisms to guarantee the quality of the instruction of affected classes. These mechanisms will ensure that we do not lower the standards of our classes.

CONCERN: Regarding Science II Room 109 as discussed in the most recent feedback, the faculty of CSM (particularly those who teach in there) were consulted about the room remodel (going from 96 rotating to 144 fixed seats) and were almost unanimously against it. So it feels a bit disingenuous to say we were consulted, implying our consent, when in fact it was just the opposite. We feel the remodel has a significant negative impact on the quality of the student experience in that room. It was clearly designed to fit more students in to a classroom, which is fine if that’s the goal, but it most certainly is not how to improve student education.

RESPONSE: Our campus has a long history of shared governance in which decision makers engage in significant consultation on major issues prior to making a decision. Consultation is undertaken to gather input from all parts of campus. Different groups often have very different views about a particular issue, and the decision makers will weigh all of those. Some of the groups will see their view supported in a particular decision while others will not. Hence, consultation is not viewed as implying consent but of gathering information of all types in order to improve the decision-making process.

In this particular case, CSM faculty made a case for a more flexible seating arrangement. However, after evaluating the space and the needs across campus, the decision was made to expand seating in that room and find another space on campus that could be redesigned with the more flexible approach desired by CSM faculty, and assign that space to CSM. Your views were effectively presented and carefully evaluated. In the longer term, the type of learning space you envisioned will be made available to you.

CONCERN: Until recently, surplus computer equipment that has been surveyed off was sold publicly through the warehouse. In recent months, the policy has changed and any computer equipment sent to surplus is sent to e-waste by the warehouse. It seems like a huge waste and loss of revenue that could be recovered by selling the surplus computer equipment like the warehouse sells the old chairs, tables and file cabinets.

RESPONSE: I appreciate hearing your perspective. Almost all state-owned computing equipment is used well beyond its expected end-of-life. In addition, all laptops that are usable at the point of decommissioning are re-imaged and transferred to the tech-lending area in the Henry Madden Library where students can check them out for class use. A number of computers that are non-operational are retained to be used for spare parts. By the time state-owned computing equipment reaches the Fresno State warehouse, there is usually not much left that is saleable, as many of these may be 7+ years old with no hard drive and other missing parts.

CONCERN: I believe one of the most important changes that our University needs to make is to provide a Veterans Resource Center. Currently we have a Veteran Service Office, but what we really need is a Veteran Center. I'm a transfer student who transferred in from Hartnell College in Salinas, CA. Our Veteran Center out there was 5 times the size of what we have in our University. This center provided our veterans a place to study, do homework, hang out and most importantly provide a space where we got to experience brotherhood that we had in the military. It’s essential that we have a Veteran Resource Center for our veterans, many of them have PTSD and only feel comfortable to be around veterans, but they can't have that as we do not have the space for it.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback. The Veteran Services Office is currently in a temporary space while we look for a permanent space. Although space is limited on campus, we are working to see what options we have and will take your feedback into consideration.

CONCERN: The roundabouts on Chestnut create unnecessary traffic. Can we do something to remove them or is that up to the city of Fresno?

RESPONSE: During peak traffic times, members of our Traffic Operations team are placed strategically at intersections to help alleviate backup into the roundabouts.

CONCERN: As a faculty member who facilitates a lower-division lab, I'm so tired of seeing students blatantly cheat. I have told students that their actions are considered cheating and most of their replies consists of confusion or anger. It seems that these newer generations of students don't understand what cheating really is. They don't know the difference between working together and cheating. Some of them do know the difference but don't care. Most students only care about getting through the assignment, not actually learning. That's my biggest complaint about Fresno State. If I was to actually turn in every student I've seen cheat, I would have to turn in half of my classes.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing this concern. APM 235 provides the policy and procedures on cheating and plagiarism. It encourages faculty to be very clear about what constitutes cheating in their course. 
We do have a plagiarism workshop that you can require your students to attend. Students can enroll through Blackboard. A link and the schedule can be found at

If a student cheats, faculty should report it, even if the faculty member decides to address it within the class. Reporting underscores the seriousness of the offense and helps the University appropriately address the most egregious cases and identify repeat offenders.

CONCERN: Why is Financial Aid and Student Accounts only reachable by phone? For most, we don’t have an hour to sit on hold waiting for someone to help us. Or more likely transfer us to 3 different departments. Why is it impossible to send an email? Wouldn’t it be more efficient?

RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback. The Student Accounts office has two email addresses that students can use: and This information has been added to the Student Accounts website.

The Financial Aid Office is setting up a financial-aid email account for the Spring 2019 semester. Once it is available, the email address will be listed on the Financial Aid website.

CONCERN: Recently, I witnessed a fellow student who was in a wheelchair struggle coming in and out of the Accounting Office. It was a disheartening scene because the office was not wheelchair friendly. I watched the student struggle for a few minutes to get in and out of the tiny lobby area, with the assistance of staff members. It didn’t stop there, the student also struggled to make a payment at the payment counter because the counter was not wheelchair friendly and again the staff members assisted the student. Though the staff members assisted the student the best they could, it was still a disheartening scene. I hope Fresno State takes this unfortunate event into consideration and have all buildings especially the Accounting Office renovated to be wheelchair friendly to better assist students with disabilities.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your concern. We strive to ensure our facilities are accessible and ADA compliant. Our Facilities Management team has come up with an immediate fix to ensure the Accounting Office is accessible until such time permanent improvements can be made.

CONCERN: Hello President Castro, I was at the DISCOVERe Hub today 9/10/18 trying to get some homework done. I overheard some of the employees talking to I assume their friends about different types of anime and different types associated with it, including some more inappropriate ones like hentai. I also heard them talking about furries. This kind of talk I find extremely inappropriate to have employees just talking out in the open about it, especially because I see children come into the library occasionally. Everyone can have their own likes, but to talk about fetishes, whether theirs or not, out in the open is not appropriate.

RESPONSE: I am sorry to hear about your experience. Our DISCOVERe Hub is expected to uphold a very high level of customer service. I will ask our Director of DISCOVERe to look into this matter and address any issues that are discovered.

CONCERN: It would be nice if there was some enforcement on the electric vehicle charging station rules. I understand that there is a 4-hour limit, which I have never seen enforced. Regardless, most of the cars that plug into those spots would not take 4 hours to fully charge even if they were completely dead, except a Tesla.

RESPONSE: We recognize demand has increased for our Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) stations. Our Traffic Operations staff monitor the stalls and enforce as needed. As mentioned in a previous response to the President’s Feedback page, we are currently pursuing funding opportunities to add more EVC stations and evaluating potential locations on the west side of campus.

CONCERN: There needs to be more safety measures for faculty, staff, and students leaving campus after dark. The crosswalks are not well light and cars do not often see people using the crosswalks. Having more lighting at the intersections and having lighted crosswalks would be a great way to address this.

RESPONSE: Please email Emergency Preparedness Manager, Amy Luna, to provide the specific areas you are referring to. It would be helpful to have this information by early November so we can include it in our next review.

We have invested significantly in recent years to add LED lighting across campus, including in parking lots and pedestrian walk ways. We conduct a Night Safety Walk each semester to identify areas that do not have adequate lighting levels. Also, we offer 24-hour parking escorts upon request.

CONCERN: I'm not sure I understand the following statement in the message on freedom of expression: "The most recent incidents involve a Fresno State professor whose material on her private bulletin board, located in a hallway outside her office,..." Since the bulletin board is on a wall in a public area of a public building I don't see how it can called "her private bulletin board". I certainly agree that items should not be removed from the bulletin board if they meet university guidelines but it is not a "private bulletin board". Personal, perhaps, but definitely not private.

If there is anything this university should have learned in the past year or two, it is that words matter. You should choose them more carefully in the future, especially when dealing with important issues. If you label this as her "private bulletin board" you could be implying that it is exempt from university policies.

RESPONSE: Thank you for taking the time to convey your concern. I agree that “personal bulletin board” may have been more specific (and accurate) than “private bulletin board” in my statement.

CONCERN: I’m sitting in a classroom with literally no desk and only a chair. I find it kind of ridiculous I can’t even get a desk because this class is so small and there are too many students. The science 1 building needs to improve desperately.

RESPONSE: We are sorry to hear about this situation. We must adhere to room capacities as set by the State Fire Marshall, and additional chairs and desks cannot be added if the room is at maximum capacity. Please ask the department chair or your instructor to report this to the Scheduling Office so they are aware of the need for a larger classroom.

CONCERN: All students should be able to receive free STD/STI testing and other services from the Student Health Center, not just students who are on Family Pact. What exactly am I paying Health Center fees for?

RESPONSE: The Student Health Fee is a fee that students pay to defray cost for healthcare services. The fee directly supports the Student Health and Counseling Center, which provides a vast array of healthcare services available to all enrolled students and is conveniently located on campus.

While most services are free, we do charge for prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, some immunizations, selected lab tests (e.g. some STD tests) and a few elective procedures. Fortunately, our costs for tests are still significantly lower than one would pay with an outside provider.

We will also continue to consult with our Student Health Advisory Committee regarding which services we should offer within our limited budget. We are dedicated to providing services that will help students stay healthy and contribute to their academic success.

CONCERN: May I recommend an additional position specific training for new/transfer/promoted employees? Recently I've heard of some timekeepers who are not really trained in how to appoint/reappoint/rehire, etc in PeopleSoft. I think it would be beneficial if certain training seminars were required of employees who are going into a position which needs to know how to do payroll/hr specific functions, and could be optional for those who want a refresher/weren't fully trained. At minimum I would suggest:

PeopleSoft - Timesheets, Student Process, Timekeeper, Time Approval, Absence Management (I would do a timekeeper version and a Chair/MPP version) I realize that there are guides on how to do these functions in PeopleSoft, but some people learn better with hands on training and it would also give them an opportunity to ask questions of the instructor. Thank you.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your suggestion. We are continually working to enhance the onboarding process for new employees, and ensure all staff and faculty have the appropriate training to perform their jobs. We have passed on this suggestion to Organizational Excellence. They will work with Payroll Services to add Timekeeper training to the list of offerings.

We are excited to share that, beginning in January, we will have a new online portal (CSU Learn) for all employee training. This will enhance our ability to add online training as well as in-person learning opportunities. In the short term, please reach out to your department’s payroll technician for assistance.

CONCERN: The morning and evening commute on Barstow between Woodrow and Cedar. There have been no traffic controls at Campus Drive and Jackson at 5 traffic it takes 10- 15 minutes to get to cedar coming from Woodrow. The Morning commute cars were backed up to Cedar because there was no Traffic officer on Campus drive. The students do not wait their turn; they are like cattle. I was late for work when actually I was doing good getting to campus. Don't know what is happening this Fall with the Traffic officers.

RESPONSE: Traffic-control personnel are deployed as efficiently as possible throughout campus during times of heavy traffic. We are aware of the need for improvements along Barstow Avenue. As part of the Barstow Avenue summer 2019 re-paving project, we are reviewing options for traffic calming and pedestrian safety.

CONCERN: I think our university could greatly benefit from hiring software developers who can actually code. Our Technology Services is full of people who have been at Fresno State longer than the internet has been around. Computer science (and math) is a growing field which, honestly, holds the key to the future. We should acknowledge that and value our computer science students/graduates. 

RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. The Technology Services team has hired a number of recent graduates over the past few years who have brought fresh perspectives and a renewed passion to the University. We have also brought on a large number of student interns and volunteers, who have contributed to real, meaningful work for the University while also gaining valuable real-world experience for themselves. In addition, the University actively supports HackFresno, which is a student organization that sponsors software-programming-based workshops, events and competitions throughout the year, including the annual HackFresno competition to provide group-based learning opportunities with technology innovation for college-aged students in the Central Valley and beyond.

This year, Technology Services is also building a program to assess technical skillset needs to support the University in the coming years and then creating training and professional-development opportunities to support our employees to learn and practice the required skillsets that will be needed.

Please continue to provide feedback as these efforts move forward, and please connect with us if you would like to join one of our strategic-planning working groups that support these efforts.

CONCERN: When the University starts the planning for the new student union I highly encourage the University to build a sustainable building. I believe the University should be the leader in sustainability in the Valley. It is disheartening to see the lack of solar panels in all of our parking lots.

RESPONSE: Design development for the New Student Union will be starting this year, and we are excited about the sustainable opportunities to incorporate green-building design principles. CSU Design Standards require all new construction projects to exceed the 2008 California Energy Code by at least 15 percent.

We have a number of initiatives underway across campus that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. The campus continues to benefit from the solar installation on Parking Lot P2 – it has helped lower utility expenses and provided shade cover for 722 parking stalls. We are also planning to incorporate solar-ready and EV-ready infrastructure on future projects to update surface parking lots.

We will work to do a better job to communicate more widely about these efforts.

CONCERN: Every day when I drive between Science 1 and Science 2, at least one vehicle stops to let out a passenger. Sometimes it is even the shuttle from Avery Apartments. These cars will stop directly under the “No loading/unloading” sign to offload passengers. This leads to delays getting on and off campus, and poses a safety risk as impatient drivers will go around the stopped vehicle without verifying there are no pedestrians crossing. Would it be possible to get enforcement of the no loading/unloading in this area, especially during peak travel time?

RESPONSE: We are aware of the concerns regarding the Avery Apartments vehicles, and these have been brought to the attention of the company. Loading-zone options along San Ramon Avenue are being planned and will be presented to the Campus Planning Committee in the near future.

CONCERN: The school can rid every one of the time waste known as Title 9 training. The school essentially saying that I don't know how to be a decent human being and that’s pretty insulting. Also, the speech restrictions implemented by the policies and training may not be constitutional.

RESPONSE: Executive Order 1095 states “The California State University (CSU) is committed to creating and sustaining an educational and working environment free of Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating and Domestic Violence, and Stalking.” This Executive Order requires that each campus provides violence-prevention training to students, faculty and staff.  Faculty and staff courses are provided by the Chancellor's Office and offered online. Student training “Student Success- Not Anymore” is also offered online. Please contact our Director of Title IX and Clery Compliance if you have additional questions or call 559.278.2083.

CONCERN: In Fall 2018 we were supposed to have a smoke-free campus but there have been times where I've noticed the smell of smoke and when I look to see who's smoking and there is someone in their car smoking on campus. Most of the time, it's at the parking lot or around the parking meters around the Health Center bldg. I feel like there isn't enough enforcement to enforce the "Smoke Free" on campus. There is a number to call, but what good does it do when no action is taken or the action is done too late?

RESPONSE: We appreciate your diligence in helping the campus maintain a smoke-free environment. Please complete the Fresno State Smoke Free Campus Online Community Reinforcement Form any time you notice someone smoking. Please contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at 559.278.7422 for any questions related to the policy.

CONCERN: A while back, I was walking to class from the dorms. As I was walking I saw one of the Public Safety Assistants on the golf cart. She was driving the cart pretty fast without taking into account that there was a lot of us students walking. I was on the side walk as normal and without taking into account that students were walking on the side walk, she drove on the side walk super fast. I thought she was going to run me over, I literally had to walk on the wet grass for her not to run over my feet. A little later, I went back to the dorm and she was parked on the sidewalk under a tree just scowling through her phone. I just think this is very unprofessional.

RESPONSE: Thank you for letting us know. We have shared your concern with our Public Safety managers.

CONCERN: Glyphosate is a chemical used to kill weeds that is the main ingredient in Roundup and has been identified as a carcinogen. Has this chemical been used on campus and if so for how long and in what quantity? If it has been used, is it still being sprayed on campus lawns?

RESPONSE: Glyphosate, a non-selective systemic herbicide, has been used to control weeds for a number of years as part of our campus landscape. Typically, a small amount of product is applied by “spot-spaying” the targeted weeds to eliminate the weeds from landscaped areas. We are currently evaluating alternative methods of weed control such as use of steam equipment, hot water and biodegradable foam equipment, and grazing of non-landscape areas with goats.

CONCERN: I believe that staff/departments that don't have personal contact with students should have the flexibility to start working at 7 or 7:30 am. This would help alleviate the heavy, time consuming morning traffic for faculty/staff and students as well. It will help us start our working day in a better, more optimistic feeling than annoyed by the frustrating morning traffic that we currently have. Especially, that there is no reason, whatsoever, why some departments need to start at 8 am. Thank you for your time. PS I love working at FS!

RESPONSE: Employees should consult with their manager for possible options for an Alternative Work Schedule.

CONCERN: My concern is about 30-minute parking stalls that are spread out around campus. I noticed that often a person who does not have a parking permit will idle in the 30-minute parking stalls while waiting for a friend or family member to get out of class. Would be nice if 30-minute stalls could be more closely monitored and idling not be allowed.

RESPONSE: These stalls are for anyone to use for 30 minutes and, while it is not ideal for friends or family members to wait for students, this is permitted. Our traffic operations team regularly monitors these areas to ensure compliance.

CONCERN: I am a third-year student and I have thought about this thoroughly while commuting daily. I noticed Visalia has a bus program that shuttles the students to Fresno State. Why was the North Valley left out? As a student who lives in Madera, instead of 93 dollars a semester for parking, I'd rather pay that on a shuttle that can commute me to school. Cities and towns like Madera, Merced and Chowchilla all have commutes to School of at least 35 minutes excluding traffic. A bus or shuttle system that routinely visits Madera to shuttle kids is an awesome idea that has not been provided for the Northern part of the valley. Please consider this option or somehow make this a possibility! Thank you hope to see a response.

RESPONSE: Fresno State has participated in multiple exploratory meetings with City of Madera stakeholders regarding the feasibility of a Madera-based transit line. They are currently evaluating options. The City of Visalia operates the V-Line, and Fresno State pays for students, faculty and staff to ride for free.

CONCERN: Build a bridge (or something similar) over Barstow so that pedestrians can freely cross the street without impeding traffic. If this were implemented, there would be no need for stop signs on Barstow.

RESPONSE: We will be upgrading Barstow Avenue in summer 2019. Pedestrian safety is a priority for this project, and we are currently reviewing several strategies for traffic calming and enhanced visibility of pedestrian crosswalks.

CONCERN: The Teaching Associate salary is surprisingly low. I made more money per month working as a Student Assistant in an office, doing meaningless tasks, than a job that requires a Bachelor's degree. The university pays me to work 1.5 hours for five days a week. The problem is that I spend much more than 1.5 hours each day on my classes. The pay I receive is not worth the amount of time I spend on teaching. 

RESPONSE: We deeply appreciate the important role teaching associates play in the education and success of our students. As you may be aware, TA salaries are established by the CSU system, not by the individual campuses.

CONCERN: The sexual violence training is terrible. I hate the fact that we have to do it because it shouldn't be difficult to treat others with mutual respect and decency, but obviously there are some people who actually need it. The problem is that the people that truly need violence training will not change just by completing the training. The training is too elementary and is often the source of jokes. Personally, the trainings have not taught me anything and is pretty much a waste of my time. I have, however, taken classes on domestic violence, rape, incest, etc. that I did find helpful. 

RESPONSE: Executive Order 1095 states “The California State University (CSU) is committed to creating and sustaining an educational and working environment free of Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating and Domestic Violence, and Stalking.” This Executive Order requires that each campus provides violence-prevention training to students, faculty and staff.  Faculty and staff courses are provided by the Chancellor's Office and offered online. Student training “Student Success- Not Anymore” is also offered online. Please contact our Director of Title IX and Clery Compliance if you have additional questions or call 559.278.2083.

CONCERN: The classrooms on the ground floor of Science 2 are regularly left propped open during classes throughout the day, despite the air conditioning being on. The doors on the west side of the classrooms have magnetic attachments that allow them to be left open. Chairs and trashcans are regularly left in the doorways on the east side of the classrooms, which represents a fire hazard. By the time the late afternoon classes meet, these rooms are hot and very uncomfortable. Would it be possible to remove the magnetic attachments on the west side of the rooms that allow the doors to be propped open and to install trashcans that are secured in one spot, so they can't be used to prop open the doors on the east side of the rooms?

RESPONSE: Propping doors open with trash cans creates an unsafe exiting situation and decreases energy efficiency. The Facilities Management staff continually confiscate door stops throughout campus. They will also assess magnetic door holds to determine if they are code compliant.

CONCERN: There must be a better way, "not to charge for the text book automatically to the students' account." A better system must be implemented, if they do not "opt out," they do not get charged.

RESPONSE: We would like to discuss this further with you to make sure we understand your concern. Please contact Dusty Guthier in the Kennel Bookstore at your convenience at 559.278.4277. Students are not automatically charged until the 10th day of class if they remain opted into the program. Reminders are sent prior to this date with instructions on how to opt out.

CONCERN: Faculty Affairs now has six staff members, and the phones still aren't answered. Staff in the academic departments as well as those in Dean's Offices need to get answers right away. When we finally get someone on the phone, we're directed to send an email to the general faculty affairs email. How is this possible? How is this allowed?

RESPONSE: The Faculty Affairs office does its best to answer all calls when they come in. At certain times during the semester, the staff prioritizes the hiring and payroll processing of new lecturers. During these times, it is likely that some calls may go to voicemail. The use of the common email address helps the Faculty Affairs’ staff more efficiently respond to questions from the campus. Each staff person has areas of expertise and time availability. The common email address allows the appropriate staff member to respond more quickly.

CONCERN: I am unsure of which department handles the University website search. Since the update, there are quite a few things that do not populate the correct responses. It was much better before the update. For example, I type in "Academic Field Trips" it brings up the following: Academic Personnel - CSUFresno,, Major Field Test, It goes on and on and none of them reference academic field trips. If it was just one thing it would be easier to deal with, but I have run into this with multiple search topics. Please have someone review how to correct this.

RESPONSE: I appreciate that you have taken the time to send information about your experience with the new search feature on the Fresno State homepage. Because of a recent change of vendors providing web searches for all 23 CSU campuses, Fresno State is working on refining and improving the University website search tool. We are also looking into alternative means of providing search results on the Fresno State homepage.

When we tried a search for “Academic Field Trips”, and we did see a relevant search result in the Featured Search Results section. Please try your search again. Also, please continue to provide feedback about any issues you may encounter. You can reach our Fresno State Help Desk at 559.278.5000.