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May 10 - August 14, 2018

CONCERN: I've read a lot of material regarding Fresno State's mission of inclusion, diversity and equality, however, I feel that more needs to be done to balance the scales of equality especially when it comes to those conservative opinions. There's been a lot of talk about free speech and it's a great benefit, however, it comes with consequences. Enough has been said about that topic, therefore, I will move on with a suggestion for the President: start promoting the good work being done on campus by staff and faculty. The on-campus Ethics Center has compiled a pamphlet titled "The Civility Project" that lists 26 Virtues of Civility; I would encourage the President to start sending out this pamphlet to the campus community, students, faculty and staff. I end with one of the virtues listed in the pamphlet "Dignity: behave with self-respect; avoid belittling oneself and others".

RESPONSE: Thank you for the suggestion. The Ethics Center engages in important and timely work on our campus and in the community. Interim Provost Harper met recently with Professor Fiala to discuss additional ways for the campus to support the Ethics Center and to share its vital resources with the campus and community.

CONCERN: There seems like an abuse of power in the professor community, and it gets worst each year. These past years the professors started to put this "If there is any discrepancy in any exam grade, you will have one week after the exam grade is posted on Blackboard to argue or question the given grade. After this date, this grade is essentially set in stone, after which you will have no more recourse. This also includes any future attempts to make-up or alter this grade after the fact." It gets worse by professors replacing the word "exam" with "assignment". This statement is not helpful for the student at all. Most professors will side with their opinion most of the time even though they were incorrect on the exam, so to get a dean to look into this issue will be over one week, and in that case the student is SOL. Instructors should not be allowed this type of power to make an irreversible grade when in fact the professor has made the mistake on the exam or assignment. Please fix this issue because it’s only getting worse for students.

RESPONSE: The University’s Policy and Procedure for Assigning grades (APM 242) notes that “Faculty members’ rights and responsibility to evaluate their students’ academic performance are some of the most strongly held values in the University. Faculty are accorded much latitude and freedom in setting standards, establishing expectations, evaluating performance, and assigning grades.” The University requires faculty to clearly identify “the weighting of assignments and examinations as well as the criteria for assigning grades, and the grading scale, identification of all requirements and due dates for course completion and eligibility for a final passing grade” in the syllabus (See APM 241). Additionally, APM 242 spells out the process for changing a grade, and contains the Policy and Procedures for Reviewing and Appealing an Assigned Grade, which provides students with direction on how to appeal any grade.

CONCERN: I'm wondering (as not only a current staff member and alumna) why we are wasting water resources? I left the Science 2 building this evening at 8:45 with the sprinklers running, which would be fine, but half the sprinklers are aimed at the fence on the west side and the other half are aimed at the sidewalk? For a school who was built on Agriculture, I think your office would be a little more concerned with the waste of resources.

RESPONSE: We are very mindful of our water resources and appreciate your help in pointing this out. We have forwarded your concern to Facilities Operations to address. You can report broken sprinklers or other issues at any time by contacting Facilities Management directly at 278.2373.

CONCERN: In the years past Fresno State would send computers to the warehouse when they have purchased new computers to refresh the labs. We knew that we could go to the warehouse to get new computers for maybe a faculty break room or a student worker desk to have back up computers without buying new ones. I remember even buying a few monitors and computers from auction. Now I understand that these perfectly fine older computers are be sold (without the hard drives I'm sure) for a pittance when we could utilize them on campus or for home use (when we purchase at auction.) Why the changes? Why outsource? How hard would it be to keep them for campus use or staff / faculty sale?

RESPONSE: I appreciate the time you took to share your concern. Fresno State uses its technology equipment in many ways, well beyond the traditional end-of-life warranty period. For example, faculty laptops that are replaced move to the tech-lending area on the second floor of the Henry Madden Library where students and faculty may borrow them. Staff computers that get refreshed will then get repurposed for other uses, such as shared/kiosk computers and computers for student employees. Damaged and broken computers remain in storage to be used for its spare parts until nothing usable remains. I encourage you to discuss these specific instances and your department, school or college needs with your IT Liaison, who can help facilitate a discussion to support other campus needs. For personal purchases, these must follow Fresno State policies and can be done through our Surplus Property Warehouse:  

CONCERN: Students should be able to study in the library from 7:45 am-12:00 am the week (and weekend) before finals.

RESPONSE: The ASI president has informed me that she will be working with the Dean of the Library on this issue early in the fall 2018 semester.

CONCERN: A complaint made on the President’s Feedback page about an employee has been referred to the appropriate administrators.

CONCERN: What exactly is Fresno states position on food safety? How does it maintain a safety program when anyone is allowed on the campus farm, at any time, with animals (dogs)? How has FSMA Food Safety Modernization Act been implemented on your farm? If FSMA has been implemented then who is in charge of compliance? I read through the president’s commission on ag and it only mentions dissemination of food safety information. Are there any food safety classes? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Go Dogs.

RESPONSE: Fresno State’s position on food safety is that it is a critical part of the academic curriculum in several programs, and it is a high priority for both the campus foodservice operations and the University Agricultural Laboratory (farm). In the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, the Department of Food Science and Nutrition integrates food safety into most all of the food science courses offered. The department offers FSM 60 Food Safety for Foodservice Professionals and FSC178 - Food Laws, Regulations, Inspection, and Grading. In the latter course, FSMA certification training in "Preventive Controls for Human Food" is included. Also, HACCP certification training taught by Dr. Erin Dormedy has been provided annually through the San Joaquin Section of IFT to industry attendees as well as our students. The Departments of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education and Viticulture and Enology also integrate food safety into the curricula for their meat science and enology courses. A new course, ASCI 175 - Ag Food Safety Systems explores food safety systems from farm to fork. Students successfully completing the course are eligible to become HACCP certified. The Institute for Food and Agriculture, also part of the Jordan College, offers food safety training to industry employees and is expanding to include Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) courses as well. On the farm, we have the same food-safety requirements as any other farm in the state. The farm staff are required to attend produce safety training and are responsible for the food safety-related aspects of crops grown in each unit. The farm also follows all mandated testing, inspections and reporting.

Being situated in the city, people often come to the farm with their pets but have no knowledge of the risk that their animals pose. Animals are a food-safety concern on all farms whether the animals are domesticated or wild. The farm follows food safety guidelines by inspecting fields during the season and prior to harvest. Results of these inspections are used to make risk-based decisions on what can or cannot be harvested. The Farm Manager and the Office of the Dean for the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology are responsible for ensuring compliance with FSMA on the farm.

CONCERN: While we appreciate seeing future bulldogs on our campus, is there a way to possibly not have tours during finals week? As mentioned by other students, the children are very abrupt/rude and distracting especially in the library which is our getaway to study for finals. I appreciate you taking this into consideration.

RESPONSE: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our two offices (Admissions and Recruitment & Outreach and Special Programs) responsible for providing campus tours do not offer any campus tours during finals week. If you know of any offices/programs who are providing tours during finals, please reach out to our offices (Admissions and Recruitment at 278.2048 or Outreach and Special Programs at 278.5374) so we can follow up accordingly.

CONCERN: There needs to be some kind of warning or cheaper parking ticket for first time offenses, or a way to prove that you have a permit but forgot it. As a college student, I don't have a lot of money to be throwing away. I had to use another car over the weekend, forgot my permit in that car, and on the first day of finals week got slapped with a $50 ticket. If I was stupid enough to park in plain sight without a permit, I probably deserve that ticket. But I was obviously not trying to get out of using a permit, and I could have easily spent $3 on a day pass had I remembered that. The price I had to pay for simply forgetting a little green piece of plastic is ridiculous and the system needs changing.

RESPONSE: Fresno State operates a pay-and-display parking permitting system. Because parking permits are transferable between vehicles, they are not directly tied to specific license plates. Citations may be appealed at as we recognize that situations such as this may occur unintentionally. Please include evidence of your paid parking permit with your appeal.

CONCERN: Can we have flex hours and telecommute hours during the summer?

RESPONSE: Employees should consult with their supervisor or manager for possible options for an Alternative Work Schedule. Telecommuting work schedules are at the discretion of the manager and are based upon the operational needs of the department.

CONCERN: Can the university go back to delivering mailing 2 times a day?

RESPONSE: Mail delivery once a day is the most efficient schedule given limited resources. Please contact Mail Services (278.2941) to identify options for you to pick up or drop off any time-sensitive mail.

CONCERN: Can you have someone look over the catalog descriptions or encourage departments to proofread their own courses? There are a number of simple typos in the course descriptions (e.g. ASAM 138 has at least five), and simply copying and pasting them into a word processor shows a bunch of red lines for errors.

RESPONSE: Thank you for identifying these problems. The ones you pointed out in ASAM 138 have been corrected: and the department is reviewing the rest of their courses. Departments proof catalog copy annually.

CONCERN: I am not going to complete the "Campus Direction" survey from Marts & Lundy as I am addressed incorrectly in the email as "Mrs. X." Other professors who received this email were addressed as "Dr. X" in their emails. In principle this isn't a huge deal, but I have my PhD and I expect an email from the University President to address me as such. I'm especially bothered because the email also addresses me as "Mrs." -- and therefore is presumptuous on my marital status as well. Whomever has designed this survey has not done their homework. If we want the workplace to be equitable for women, we need to avoid mistakes like this. This problem could have been easily avoided by addressing all of faculty as "Professor."

RESPONSE: Thank you for writing. The online survey was emailed to several members of our campus community, as well as alumni, friends and donors to invite feedback for our upcoming Fresno State Comprehensive Campaign.

We apologize that your prefix was incorrect. The faculty and staff information that is provided for our alumni/donor database does not include prefixes. Please contact Advancement Services at to update your information. We work diligently to keep the alumni/donor database updated, and welcome your support. 

CONCERN: If Fresno State is starting to require every student to create an academic plan through MyDegreePlan then there need to be steps taken to make sure the software actually works. The system will sometimes crash over five times in a row when even trying to edit a plan, and then will crash again when the verify button is pushed. Also, a number of the unit totals for courses are wrong as it seems to default to the "max" amount of units (e.g. CRIM 131, a 1 unit course, defaults to 3 units)

RESPONSE: The My Degree Plan and Degree Progress Report tools are supplied by nationally-known vendors and are used by many other higher-education campuses in the CSU and in North America. The tools have been used to create more than 10,000 plans since the beginning of 2018, and continues to be used heavily to help students create plans and roadmaps with a clear path to graduation.

With regards to the issue you have observed with CRIM 131, we understand this to be a known limitation with courses that are offered with variable units, and we recommend that you build individual sections for schedule of classes a few semesters in advance. If you continue to have issues using the systems, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of the University Registrar at 278.2191.

CONCERN: When I put on an event the last thing I am thinking about is to tweet that there is left over food. Usually I don't even have my phone. Would like to recommend that catering give the event organizer a handout at the event that they can fill out and give back to the serving staff acknowledging that they are ready to have a Tweet go out to the students. This way food doesn't go wasted and it is one less thing that the busy event organizer doesn't have to try and fit in at the end of the event.

RESPONSE: Thank you. A lot of events do not have catering wait-staff in attendance, so we ask that you call 278-FOOD and advise as to the event location and when students can begin coming in. A notification will then occur through the Catered Cupboard app. Catering contracts include the phone number and instructions for “Catered Cupboard” and some event coordinators include notification to the Catered Cupboard on their event check-off list. Information on the Catered Cupboard can be found at

CONCERN: I've noticed that some offices buy snacks to hand out to students. It seems very costly when you are buying from Save Mart or Smart and Final. I don't know if it would be feasible, but can departments who are feeding students regularly get snacks from the Food Pantry? The Food Pantry could ask the departments who use the services to track what they are giving so that the numbers will count toward the statistics that they keep.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, we are not able to take our limited supplies/budget and spend them across campus. Also, most of the foods we give out at the Student Cupboard are in larger servings/sizes, not likely suitable as snacks. We appreciate your concern and suggestion.

CONCERN: I think it's great that Fresno State allows student groups on campus the opportunity to express their right to free speech, such as the pro-life chalk messages near the fountain. However, with this opportunity comes responsibility and tact. The chalk art was placed there in April and is still there to this day, in June. I believe there should be a time limit of when the chalk art can be displayed, such as a one- or two-week period. After that time frame, the student groups should be held responsible to remove their chalk art. 

This should be applied to any and all opportunities of this nature. I was disappointed to see the chalk art on display during commencement season, as many families and visitors came to campus and saw the messages and inadvertently believed it represented the message of the University as a whole. I noticed the grounds crew doing a wonderful job of beatifying the campus right before commencement. I just wish the University thought to do the same for the chalk art, which at this point, is an eyesore - regardless of what the message stands for. Thank you.

RESPONSE: We are in the process of updating the University’s Time, Place and Manner Policy. The draft policy includes the provision for chalking and addresses the duration chalk can remain before being removed.

CONCERN: Nepotism - the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs. Are we going to end up like the State Board of Equalization with a nepotism problem? It has become increasingly difficult and frustrating to work with people who are a relative of a Dean or related to someone in the same department. It is discouraging for those of us who work hard to try and move into better positions and then have to deal with attitudes by a team of relatives.

RESPONSE: As described in APM 303, the CSU Nepotism Policy (HR-2004-18) states “It is the policy of the California State University to seek for its administrators, instructional faculty, and support staff the most qualified candidates through appropriate search procedures preceding each appointment and promotion. There shall be no bars to the appointment of immediate family members in administrative, faculty or staff employment categories, in the same or different units or departments so long as the following standard is met: No CSU employee shall vote, make recommendations or in any way participate in decisions about any personnel matter which may directly affect the selection, appointment, evaluation, retention, tenure, compensation, promotion, termination, other employment status or interest of an immediate family...”

Please contact Marylou Mendoza-Miller, Associate Vice President of Human Resources, at or Rudy Sanchez, Interim Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs, to discuss your concerns.

CONCERN: With respect to the fact that this is the first summer semester that it is offering financial aid to students, I want to know what is being done about the current state of Summer Financial Aid. I have a resource that should for all intents and purposes be made available to me. But because of Fresno State's summer fee structure, where students are being made to pay out of pocket before receiving financial aid I am essentially locked out of not only some very important summer classes but I am effectively being denied access to Financial aid I am otherwise entitled to. What is the purpose of having this available to me, if I have to have the money up front regardless?

RESPONSE: For summer term, we encourage students with financial-aid expectations to enroll as soon as possible and submit the financial aid request form. You may follow up on the status of your award by contacting the Financial Aid Office directly. If you need help with registration, you are still welcome to contact the Office of Continuing and Global Education.

CONCERN: Can Fresno State start a composting program for the campus? Other schools are implementing programs in the state, and I think it would be a fantastic way to help reduce our landfill as a campus community. Some UC campuses, for example, provide these bins with their regular garbage receptacles so they are widely accessible.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your suggestion and commitment to sustainability. Facilities Management recycles green waste, and Dining Services provides separate receptacles for on-site food-waste separation. Additionally, Agricultural Operations currently composts all livestock waste from the various animal units. There is also a Food Recovery Network and a Sustainability Club (both are recognized student organizations), and I encourage you to reach out to them to see if you could help in any way. Please contact Tommy Esqueda, Associate Vice President for Water and Sustainability, regarding additional sustainability efforts.

CONCERN: Can Training Enrollment In PeopleSoft be linked to Google Calendar once an individual signs up for a course? This would be very help to remember what course you sign up for and a time saver!

RESPONSE: Thank you for that suggestion. We are excited to share that in October we will be launching a new employee learning portal, CSU Learn, which will be our one-stop for compliance, online and on-campus training. This will replace Peoplesoft, which is currently used for training registration. Watch for more information on this in the coming weeks.

We are not certain at this time whether we will be able to link registrations immediately to your Google Calendar, but we will work towards that goal. In the meantime, if you register for a class through People Soft, you can add to your Google calendar by clicking here, select the class, and copy to “my calendar” to have the class time copied to your Google calendar.

Please call Organizational Excellence at 278.5330 if you have any questions. 

CONCERN: A concern about the renovation of Classroom 109 in Science II was submitted to the President’s Feedback page in late July. The concern focused primarily on the need for classrooms that facilitate evidence-based educational practices, including project-based learning (PBL).

RESPONSE: We are aware of the concerns expressed regarding the redesign of Room 109 in Science II, but please know there was extensive consultation and communication with the College of Science and Mathematics and the Provost's Office. The decision was made to proceed with the modernization and redesign of the centrally scheduled classroom in order to maximize the number of students that can be served. That said, we are focused on trying to identify an alternative space that can support similar project-based learning opportunities.

CONCERN: It would be helpful to receive notifications when high-school graduation ceremonies are taking place in the Save Mart Center, as this affects employees leaving campus. With Barton Avenue being closed, there is additional traffic leaving to the east of campus and trying to exit as others are trying to enter. In addition, it would be nice if the traffic patterns could be the same for all events...this year, certain gates/intersections were open on one day during the graduation period but closed/blocked on the next day. How does one plan ahead when you don't know which routes will be open or closed?

RESPONSE: We regret the inconvenience you may have experienced while we reconstructed Barton Avenue. The Barton Avenue repaving project has now been completed and normal traffic flow has resumed. Traffic-advisory notifications are sent when planned events are expected to significantly alter standard commute routes. Using the same traffic pattern for all events is not feasible. Several factors such as event location, day, time and attendance influence event traffic plans.

CONCERN: We need more electric car charging stations. The ones we have area full, most of the time during normal working hours (when school is in session). The next stations should be on the North side of campus, near Science II, preferably (in my opinion).

RESPONSE: We recognize demand has increased for our Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) stations. We are currently pursuing funding opportunities to add more EVC stations and evaluating potential locations on the west side of campus.

CONCERN: Overnight parking, on campus, seems like it could be done better. Some of our students go on camping trips and have to make arrangements to park on the opposite side of the campus (in dorm parking), or pay for a special overnight permit. Having another overnight parking lot would be ideal, specifically, one on the North side of campus, near Science II. 

RESPONSE: Overnight parking for active permit holders is authorized in parking lot P27 (Dorm lot) due to the Police Department's ability to safeguard vehicles during overnight hours.   

CONCERN: We need a place (website page) that shows all of our work orders and their statuses. Currently, we have to keep track of our own work orders and call the appropriate department, to see what the status is. This is ineffective and inefficient. Personally, I have started to keep track of my own, in a spreadsheet, but I still have to call to get an update on the status. This could all be automated, since the departments keep track of the status, internally, already. 

RESPONSE: We agree and hope to have a better more efficient system in place shortly. Facilities Management is currently evaluating Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) platforms for the ability to provide online access tracking and status access to work orders.

CONCERN: I am an alumnus to the Industrial Technology Department at Fresno State. I graduated in the early 2000s with both a BS and MS from that department and I am proud of my degree. I now have nephews who go to Fresno State and I suggested the IT department. However, it is disgraceful to hear that they believe it is a waste of time as most classes are online. Educational research has shown that online classes are not effective especially in a program like IT where students need to learn by doing. Additionally, I am appalled that the faculty insists on playing videos on a regular basis. Whatever happened to Fresno State’s model of "Learn by Doing"? I even recently went back through the halls of the department and it seems all they promote is online classes and the department seems to be really outdated. As an alumnus and supporter of Fresno State, I find this disturbing. I think this will cause a decrease in student attendance as most of them will find that the community college has better facilities and faculty.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your email. The department offers in-person, online and hybrid classes (lab face-to-face and lecture online). As you correctly point out, hands-on experience is very important for our students, and technical classes with a lab component are offered in-person only. Some courses without a lab, which have multiple sections in a single semester, will have both face-to-face online sections. For single-section courses, if the course is offered online one semester, it will be offered face-to-face the following semester. Online courses are offered because a significant number of our students are not able to take courses during normal hours, even with the number of classes we offer after 5 p.m.

Relative to facilities, the program has been updating its equipment over the last few years. An example is a $600,000 state-of-art citrus packing line, gifted to the University by seven local companies, led by Bee Sweet Citrus. Another example is a set of Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGV), drones, quad-copters and related support equipment obtained by one of our faculty members through a $500,000 grant. The department, in conjunction with the Lyles College of Engineering, accepted a $325,000 gift to create an Automation Academy. In all cases, the equipment is used in laboratory activities to benefit students.

The department also uses up-to-date specialized software such as Solid Works, Autocad, and Automation Studio in its labs and classes.

The department extends an invitation to you and your nephews to visit, see the labs, and further discuss your concerns. Please call 559-278-2145, 559-278-5231, or email the chair at to arrange an appointment.

CONCERN: A concern about a faculty member was submitted to the President’s Feedback page. The matter has since been referred to the appropriate administrators for review.

CONCERN: I want to express my concern about parking tickets. I am a faculty member here at Fresno State and recently received a parking ticket because my monthly pass was not visible. I understand that it was my error, my pass was in my center console (on the weekends I remove my pass from my mirror). My concern is that the ticket is $50, where a monthly pass is only $15 and a day pass is $3. If the traffic officer had enough time to take 5 pictures of my vehicle and upload them into his/her system, don't they have enough time to call the number on file for the license plate. I was a 2 minute walk away and could have easily shown that the pass was in my car. Additionally, I park in the same spot every day and have a unique vehicle, the officer obviously knew I owned a parking pass.

RESPONSE: Fresno State operates a pay-and-display parking permitting system. Because parking permits are transferable between vehicles, they are not directly tied to specific license plates. Citations may be appealed at as we recognize that situations such as this may occur unintentionally. It is recommended that you also include a copy of your permit with your appeal.

CONCERN: Last month I submitted a question that was answered and I was hoping to get some follow up. The question was about parking and options for staff who have alternate work schedules. The response was that there is additional parking available at the Save Mart Center North Lot and there is a drop off/pick up for the Bulldog Express shuttle. My follow up question is, the shuttle stops pick ups/drop offs at 10pm and the staff in my area will need a shuttle at midnight or 12:30am. So this won't be an option. Any other options?

RESPONSE: I appreciate the clarification of your concern. Employees can call 278.8400 to request a safety escort to accompany them to their destination. There is not enough demand to warrant operation of Bulldog Express shuttles after 10 p.m.

CONCERN: The staff at Foundation auxiliary services do not properly communicate with Faculty. If a form is improperly filled out they do not contact the faculty, or make any effort to communicate. They simply hold onto the form for several weeks, and then send it back to the faculty with no instructions or other communication. This is unacceptable and disrespectful to faculty time.

RESPONSE: I am sorry you had this experience and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. In the future, you may contact Keith Kompsi, Director of Foundation Financial Services, at or seek assistance from your department administrative assistant. 

CONCERN: A concern about the Smittcamp Family Honors College was submitted to the President’s Feedback page in late July. The concern focused primarily on the selection process and a perceived lack of transparency.

RESPONSE: The Smittcamp Family Honors College (SFHC) strives to create an inclusive, respectful and equitable environment in which academically talented and motivated young people in the Central Valley can pursue their academic dreams. Each year, reading teams of faculty, staff and current SFHC Scholars review the 500-600 completed applications (each team reviews a subset). Each team provides the Director with a ranked list of applicants (selects, high alternates, medium alternates) based on their assessment of the applicant’s high-school grades, test scores, essays, extracurricular activities, recommendations and demonstrated interest. Offers are extended based on that list.

From time to time, a Scholar might be placed on probation following a semester in which s/he did not meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement (3.25 for the first two years and 3.50 for the last two). While such Scholars are on probation, their scholarship is kept current so as to give her/him a chance to raise their GPA. This strategy works more than 90% of the time. If a Scholar does not meet the minimum GPA requirement, s/he will be dismissed from SFHC. Under no circumstances, does a dismissed student receive a scholarship.

The source of the scholarships has always been public and is updated annually. Please see:

With the current level of donor support, we are able to fund only 50 new scholars per year. Almost all of the 500-600 applicants who are reviewed annually are excellent students and have extensive lists of extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, as described above, the review process is highly competitive, and we cannot admit all of them.

A few additional facts may be of interest:

  • During the 2017-18 AY, Scholars performed more than 3,600 hours of community service at 70 local organizations.
  • Over the 20-year period since the inception of the program (1998-present), readers have evaluated 10,534 applications, of which 1,082 Scholars have been admitted (~10% admission rate; very competitive).
  • The majority of our Scholars have come from the four-county area including Fresno (625), Tulare (111), Kings (52) and Madera (52).
  • Over the same 20-year period, 840 Scholars have graduated, with a four-year graduation rate of 90%.
  • More than 55% of program alumni live in the Central Valley (Stockton to Bakersfield), and 70% live in California. All of our alumni are professionals who work in different fields (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, law, engineering, teaching, etc.) or are entrepreneurs and own their own businesses. Regardless of their careers, they are leaders in their fields who contribute positively to the betterment of the communities they live in, including those right here in the Central Valley.

CONCERN: I appreciate all the work, updating lights, resurfacing of Bulldog Lane and Millbrook as it has made a tremendous difference. I was wondering though why the corner fence on Millbrook and Bulldog Lane to the ponding basin wasn't part of the work. It is an eye sore for that corner of campus as many people drive by that road just as much as the other campus roads. Thought it would have been repaired when the bushes came out. Hope it is in the plans in the near future to be addressed. Thanks.

RESPONSE: Thank you for writing. We are currently in the process of getting quotes for new fencing.

CONCERN: An article in today's Fresno State Campus News states "If you are new to the university, introduce yourself to the campus community through Campus News. Let us know who you are, where you came from, and why you chose to work at Fresno State. Send your info to and we will feature you in an upcoming issue." It would be nice if the campus reached out to new employees rather than vice versa.

RESPONSE: Thank you for the suggestion. University Communications, the office that manages the Campus News e-newsletter, will determine if they can identify and communicate directly with new employees.

CONCERN: Please go back to the old search option when utilizing the Fresno State web page. I receive 0 information on what I am looking for. What was the purpose of this?

RESPONSE: I appreciate that you have taken the time to send information about your experience with the new search feature on the Fresno State homepage. Unfortunately, we will not be able to go back to the previous search tool. During this summer, Google (the company) modified their search functionality, which led to the cancelation of the CSU-wide contract that was in place to provide the search functionality for the websites of all 23 CSU campuses and the Chancellor’s Office. Fresno State and the CSU necessitated a move to a new web search platform called SearchBlox. Similar to other new tools, the SearchBlox tool has just been put into place and will need to be fine-tuned over time, as the campus continues to use the search tool and provides feedback.

Please continue to provide feedback about any issues you have. You can reach our Fresno State Help Desk at 278.5000,, or