Dec. 13, 2017 – Jan. 31, 2018

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CONCERN: I have found that many upper division courses are hard to obtain, thus increasing the length of time a student must attend Fresno State to graduate. Some statistics even show that it is taking 6 years to graduate a 4 year university. What is being done by Fresno State to offer more sections for upper division students so they can graduate in 4 years?

RESPONSE: In the past three years, Fresno State has steadily increased offerings of sections of upper division courses. In a few areas, the demand is not yet fully met, and the University is limiting the number of students accepted in those areas.

We are also systematically and strategically implementing measures that will help. Students are being asked to complete My Degree Plan, which will provide us with information on how many sections of courses are needed.

We also have a 4-year scholar program that offers priority registration, individualized advising, and other benefits (for those who keep good standing in the program).

For individual needs of certain upper division courses, students are advised to consult with their advisor and academic department.

CONCERN: To College Administration: FSU is deplorable on Facebook and Twitter. What are you doing posting ads for Victoria's Secret? Are you getting kickbacks or something? Please put a stop to this.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback about our social media. We hear your concerns. While we do not actually post ads for Victoria's Secret, we do promote being a part of the PINK Collegiate Collection. We have only had one recent post on Facebook and Twitter, however, and it was in connection to holiday gifts, similar to what we do for other licensed products. (Please note that the @PINKFresnoState account is not connected to the University.)  This line is not about lingerie; it is about collegiate loungewear, and there are more than 100 participating colleges. Fresno State is one of the top-selling PINK schools, and one of the reasons we were chosen for the line is because we have so many students who are excited about the line and became student reps (their social media is separate from the University's, as well). Also, we receive 20% in royalties, which is higher than normal licensed products, and the funds do go to support student groups on campus. We hope this helps clarify the situation.

CONCERN: The television monitor on the West wing of the student union is so small that you have to sit under it and look straight up to read the captions. If you sit at any of the tables it is hard to read because you’re so far away the captions are small. All I want for Christmas is a bigger TV monitor in the student union.

RESPONSE: The USU staff will explore different television options/prices and discuss them with the USU Board.

CONCERN: The bus stop outside the library was removed and orange cones were placed by the uneven pavement. Orange cones are not a permanent solution but that's all that was done, and more than sufficient time has passed for this to be handled properly. Why is it still like this? I'm sure everyone would like to see either (1) the bus stop restored or (2) the pavement made even and the orange cones removed. Thank you!

RESPONSE: The shelter outside of the library was destroyed in an accident and has been removed. The orange cones were placed in the area to alert pedestrians of uneven pavement that is going to be replaced. That parking lot (P31) is not designed to accommodate bus traffic and currently there are no plans to replace the structure. We have asked Facilities Management staff to replace the pavement as soon as weather permits. Thank you for your concern and your patience.

CONCERN: The Fresno State catalog online is showing an error on this course:

CI 161. Content Area Methods and Materials in Secondary Teaching

Prerequisites: CI 152 AND CI 159 or concurrent enrollment; admission to the Single Subject Credential Program or teaching experience. Planning, delivering, and assessing content-specific instruction; academic and common core standards; identifying specific standards that require literacy strategies. (Instructional materials fee for Single Subject - Art Methods and Materials enrollees, $10)

Units: 3, Repeatable up to 999 units
Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Can I really take this course and receive 999 units of credit?

RESPONSE: Thank you for bringing this to my attention. These courses can be taken/repeated without limit, and there is a default of 999 in the database. We have notified the department to revise the repeatable limit.  

CONCERN: Safety Issue - There is an open pit outside the University Center that should be covered. It has been left there like this (unsafe) for months and months. Please fix it.

RESPONSE: Thank you for letting us know. The open pit you are referring to was necessary for the utility infrastructure improvement project that included upgrading of our underground natural gas lines. The space was safely barricaded while the work was underway. The pit will be closed in the very near term. We appreciate your attention to this situation. If in the future, you notice a perceived unsafe situation, please report immediately to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management (8-7422).

CONCERN: Please help! Would you list the days & times on classes in the class schedule. It is not helpful to have TBA listed. And then generic classroom. How am I supposed to plan my schedule when the class schedule doesn't have the info I need?

RESPONSE: Because class schedules are made well in advance of the semester, departments do not always know who will be teaching or when they will be available. However, they want students to know that the classes will be taught. That said, I can see that without a specific time, that information is not very valuable. We will work with our departments to reduce the number of courses for which complete information is not available. Since the fall schedule is already completed, please check with the department where the course is offered for more complete information. 

CONCERN: The university's social media need to be improved, particularly for live events. If you can't handle live events on time, then why have them at all? Pretending it's OK to be late is not working. If you can't even be on time, there's no point.

Best regards,
A Fresno State Alum

RESPONSE: Thank you for staying connected to your University and for tuning into our live broadcast with President Castro. We apologize for starting a few minutes late. As a public institution, we are required to abide by the First Amendment and make sure that what we post on social media is accessible to everyone. This means we must add live captions to the live video, and, at the time, we were working with a new system.

In the past, we have added the captions on a separate web page, but new technology now allows us to post the live captions directly to Facebook. However, it must be scheduled ahead of time, and requires a separate app to send the feed to another company. On the day of the live feed, we set up a test a few hours before the scheduled event to make sure that we were ready. Thirty minutes before we went live, we had everything set up, but a buzz popped up on the feed right before we went live, so we chose to delay the feed a few minutes and fix the buzz. We had to coordinate with the captioning service to make sure everything was okay on their end, as well as start the feed.

While this did push the start time back a few minutes, it ensured that everyone had a positive viewing experience, and we had a quality feed for captioning for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Even with the delay, we still had more than 3,700 people watch the video. Thank you for understanding the cause of the delay, and we hope you tune in next time.

CONCERN: You need to be aware that the following site has problems:

This site is not updated very often and it is hard to navigate. The scroll bars and search engine are hard to use. The information is often days old and unorganized. If this is really a news site, shouldn’t there be new information every day? If you click on the videos link, there appears to be only about one video per month. If you click on the press releases link, there are very few new stories. Sometimes days go by before there is even one new post. If this is no longer your news site, please take it down. If it is your news site, it is a very poor representation of Fresno State.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your note. We agree that the Fresno State news site could benefit from several improvements. As such, we are in the process of developing a newly designed website that will better tell the University’s many compelling stories while also being responsive to users’ needs. Our goal is to launch a new campus news website within the next several months.

CONCERN: The search for classes site is not very easy to use. Courses are hard to find and missing important information. The keyword search doesn't really seem to work well at all.

RESPONSE: There are additional search criteria available that may assist you in narrowing your search.  Click on the Additional Search Criteria, and you are able to search by time, day, instructor and course keywords, among other things.

CONCERN: I am concerned for all students who use the student cupboard. I and many other students have discovered our food to be expired, open or even to contain bugs (dead and/or alive). I recently obtained a box of biscuit mix and upon opening it discovered a few live bugs crawling around in it and on further inspection I found the shells of many dead weevils. I almost missed seeing the weevil shells due to their color matching that of the mix. After posting about it on Facebook several other students expressed similar situations including the mac and cheese, rice a roni, spaghetti and rice. Thank you for reviewing this and trying to figure out a solution to this.

RESPONSE: As orders and donations come through, the Student Cupboard staff carefully review items before they go out onto the shelves to make sure that they are not past an expiration date. Items that are past expiration or are damaged are thrown out. We also regularly check the stock on the shelves to make sure it can be distributed. We do have items on our shelves that are past a best-by date, but the Coordinator has checked with the manufacturer of these items to make sure they are still safe for consumption. Most items may be used up to 6 months past a best by date, and others can go as much as 2-3 years past a best-by date (ex: spices, pasta, rice, etc.). One item that is never allowed on the shelves past a best-by date (per food safety) is baby food, so the staff carefully mark and check these items on a very regular basis to make sure they do not go out. For anyone who experiences food they believe to be spoiled or related issues, please contact program coordinator, Jessica Medina, at 559-278-0866 and/or stop by the Student Cupboard during open hours.

CONCERN: May we please have the postal center back? It's really crazy trying to find a post office during the lunch time and have time to wait in line.

RESPONSE: Within the Information Center, the campus community can purchase stamps, envelopes and padded envelopes. There is also a mail-drop that is picked up daily. Additionally, there are new Amazon lockers for all faculty, staff and students to utilize at their convenience.

CONCERN: I would like you to please look into a couple of positions which I think have been granted in a nepotistic and untrustworthy manner.

Regarding one specific person, no one in our division (University Advancement) knows what he does, and he’s not in any organizational chart.

Regarding another position, I do not remember this position ever being posted and accepting applications. Is it normal for Fresno State to grant director-level positions to people who work remotely?

I am very concerned with the lack of trust and accountability among administration. Staff are being told that budgets are tight without a clear idea of where the money goes. Good work is not rewarded because apparently HR is not concerned about the quality of the work people do.

RESPONSE: The specific positions mentioned are Foundation employees in the division of University Advancement (UA). State and Foundation searches have different requirements. The Foundation search process allows managers the flexibility and efficiency to make an offer when a known candidate is uniquely qualified with specific skills, experience, location, and/or availability. These were the circumstances for both of these qualified foundation candidates.

Except in rare instances when uniquely qualified Foundation candidates were known and available, University Advancement undertakes the full search process, and plans to continue doing so.

Both of these employees are located in Southern California and support Fresno State development fundraising efforts. The position centered in Los Angeles is part-time and concentrates on building relationships with alumni to increase support for our university across the LA basin. This position strives to increase alumni engagement by connecting passionate alumni to our President's Southern California Leadership Council. The Council raises money to grow scholarships for students that may transfer from the area to Fresno State. The second position dedicates 25% of its full-time employment to increasing alumni engagement in San Diego. The remaining balance of this staff person's time is working remotely to support our online fundraising activities, like Day of Giving and Crowdfunding (coming this spring).

These employees have been included on the University Advancement organizational chart, which can be found here.

I appreciate your concern regarding use of budget dollars and support of quality work, and I am glad you are aware of the priorities of our strategic plan.  I encourage employees to take specific concerns regarding budgets and human resources to your managers, who would welcome your questions, input, and ideas that support the University goals. 

CONCERN: At football games, and now at the last basketball game, when veterans are introduced the sound system plays Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA". While I like that Springsteen and that song, a lot of our veterans, including many veterans who are Fresno State graduates, were not born in the US but still served honorably in our armed services.

I love the way the crowd always gives Vets a standing ovation but perhaps a different crowd rousing song could be chosen. Just a thought.

RESPONSE: Years ago, the song 'Born in the USA' was selected for the 'Hero Of The Game' honoring for no reason besides its catchy yet intense beat and the pride it instantly instills in its listeners when 'USA' can be heard loud through the speakers, ringing true to one's heart for the country they are fighting for, regardless of their origin of birth. 

Similar to our popular motto, 'Bulldog Born. Bulldog Bred', it doesn't mean you have to be born a Bulldog fan from birth, but rather that you have grown to love the Bulldogs and you feel pride in associating yourself with them.

The song was in no way intended to tell fans where a veteran was or was not born, but rather to invoke a sense of pride that we all share as we honor and thank those living in our local community who have selflessly fought for our freedoms.   

CONCERN: I used to work for state in the fall. I was hired in financial aid and I couldn’t keep my position because they really don’t care about people.

I was so excited to work there. It’s really sad that there are two supervisors that do nothing while counter staff, students and the counselors that meet with students do all the work.

That office is wasting money on two lead supervisors that I’m sure make a lot more than the rest of us did.

They are making the rest of Fresno State look bad.

RESPONSE: We regret to hear of your disappointment in your employment in the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. The University does care about each member of our team. In Financial Aid, every member plays a vital role in performing many different functions of the office. Some positions have a great deal of contact with students, and others play a more behind-the-scenes role. Both are critical to serve the needs of the students.

We would be interested in more information to have a better understanding of your concerns.  Please feel free to reach out to the Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

CONCERN: SAFETY ISSUE: One of the elevators in the south end of the library is down and has been for some time. Apparently, someone decided that sticking a library location sign in front of it solves the problem. It doesn't solve the problem. The elevator needs to be fixed. It is a safety hazard to leave it like that.

RESPONSE: Currently, all elevators in the Madden Library are operational. We upgraded the Library (north) elevators approximately two years ago. We did have some follow up issues, which have since been addressed. Elevator issues can be reported directly to Facilities Management via their online work order system found here.

CONCERN: University Catering -- It would be wonderful if they could begin putting labels on the food they deliver. Many community member, faculty & staff have dietary restrictions and the information would be extremely helpful.

On another note, their plates (large hard plastic) are very hard to fit through the Satellite Student Union trash cans. If the trash cans cannot be replaced, catering should consider paper plates or bringing a big trash when catering to events in the Satellite Student Union.

RESPONSE: Thank you. University Catering strives to accommodate special dietary requests for employees and community visitors, and we label these accordingly (gluten free, vegetarian, etc.). Regarding the trash cans at the SSU, we will work with Student Affairs and the Student Involvement staff to ensure that the receptacles are large enough to accommodate the trash.

CONCERN: Being much more transparent. Communication within departments and across campus vary vastly. Again, dress code for staff seems to be a concern as some "colleges" require one thing while others do not. Please point us to the appropriate dress code policy for staff!!!

RESPONSE: As a senior leadership team, we are all focused on ways to increase transparency and improve communications across campus and within individual departments. Please see the new strategic plan website where we post progress toward our strategic goals.

In addition, each semester, I hold an open forum for faculty and staff to voice questions and concerns. (The next one is Wednesday, March 14, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. in North Gym 118.) We have also added new training and development opportunities for managers and leads to help support improved communications and performance standards.

Please note the University does not have a dress-code policy for staff in place. We expect managers and employees to apply appropriate judgement as to what is appropriate attire for our workplace.

CONCERN: In the wake of the tragedy at the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, I am very disappointed that the University is not taking any disciplinary action to suspend the chapter. There are other incidents on college fraternities (and maybe some sororities) that involve events like these yet, some schools have taken immediate action to punish those who are in violation of laws. Why can't the University follow suit to enforce strict laws on fraternities and sororities?

RESPONSE: Allegations of misconduct by student organizations are investigated through our Student Organization Review process. The appropriate action is taken based on the findings of the investigation.

CONCERN: The University should start having campus police officers patrol school grounds to hand out citations against smokers, who are constantly ignoring the No Smoking Ordinance (Executive Order 1108). Since the CSU initiated the non-smoking policy at all of its campuses, it seems that many smokers continue to ignore the rule and refuse to comply with orders - especially on the Fresno State campus. As per the concern an anonymous person wrote (between Aug. 29-Dec. 8, 2017), I agree that we as a "community" are indeed insulted and attacked by none other than addicts that think that it's okay to ignore the policies that are already put into place, and act like that's not their problem. If Fresno State (and other CSU's) are trying to promote "clean air" to allow everyone to "breathe freely," how do you expect anyone to do that if people continue to disrespect that rule? How do you expect students (or faculty members) to remind those smokers as a courtesy that they cannot have any smoke or tobacco products on campus grounds?  

It's called a "courtesy" for a reason. There's no choice but to enforce citations to smokers who continue to ignore rules and aren't courteous of others. The ordinance is not as effective as it should be and there needs to be strict rules put into place.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback. We are enforcing the new CSU systemwide smoking policy in the manner instructed by the Executive Order and consistent with other CSU campuses. Our primary focus is on education and awareness. Smoking- and tobacco-cessation programs are available for students, faculty and staff. A web page has been established for individuals to report non-compliance. We have a very active campus-wide Task Force that is continuing to identify opportunities for communication, and they are focused on “heat mapping” buildings and areas where individuals continue to smoke, and we are monitoring accordingly. Click here for more information. If you feel threatened or unsafe in any way, please contact Fresno State Police immediately at 559.278.8400

CONCERN: This is a follow-up question in regards to installing median barriers along Shaw Avenue - from Cedar to Chestnut Avenues - to ensure the safety of pedestrians by using a crosswalk and not jaywalking, which was published on 3/30/2017. As you noted, the University has asked the City of Fresno to look into the feasibility of doing this, but nothing has been done. Pedestrians still continue to jaywalk on Shaw even if the no jaywalking signs are posted. And there is not a lot of police presence in the area from the Fresno Police Department to assess the situation. Is there a time frame where the City will install those median barriers? And will the University work closely with Fresno P.D. and campus police monitor the situation and issue citations to those violating the law?

You also mentioned the University is currently working on some Public Service Announcement videos to help educate the campus community on the dangers of jaywalking. Is there also a time frame on when the campus community could view those videos?

RESPONSE: The Fresno State Police Department strongly encourages those crossing Shaw Avenue to use designated crosswalks. Shaw Avenue is under the jurisdiction of the City of Fresno. We have expressed our concerns about the median to the appropriate colleagues at the City of Fresno.  We will continue to voice this concern. We are also working on upgrading the signal at Shaw and Maple to include a dedicated left-turn arrow to mitigate the vehicle/pedestrian conflict.  Safety is always a high priority.  A distracted-walker video is available on the Fresno State Police Department web page and on the Student Health and Wellness site.

CONCERN: I suggest removing the two "Communications Only" parking stalls in the Keats lot if the P.D. cannot be fair in the enforcement of them. Finding an available parking spot is always a problem at certain times of the day. Apparently traffic enforcement also thinks it's an ethical practice to fine a media/communications employee $40 for having approval (and a valid parking pass displayed) to park in that area but our managers get away with parking there - sometimes all day - with no consequence. I was told "a special pass also needs to be displayed in conjunction with a regular parking pass" but nobody in Communications has heard of such a thing in the 12 years I have worked here. I also asked traffic enforcement to see what this pass looks like and who is responsible for providing them but nobody can provide me with an answer.

If those stalls are purposely reserved for ONLY the media (KSEE, KMPH, etc) then I strongly suggest the wording be changed to "MEDIA ONLY" and the color should be different than the rest of the signs.

RESPONSE: I appreciate your feedback on this matter. The two parking stalls in the Keats parking lot, designated for Communications Only, are specifically reserved for members of approved media outlets who call University Communications ahead of time to reserve a spot for a specific amount of time on any given day. We will aim to change the wording on the signage so that it is more specific and accurate.

CONCERN: I suggest that Fresno State considers establishing a "Mini Student Union" at Campus Point. This will provide a place for students to socialize in a fun area of the campus. I feel many students would utilize this facility after they have patronized the local businesses. It may create more business at Campus Point.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your suggestion. There are actually plans for Auxiliary Services to open a Bulldog Business Center/C-Store at Campus Pointe, to be operated by our Kennel Bookstore team… Stay tuned for more updates on timing of opening! Estimated opening Spring/Summer 2019.

CONCERN: There are areas on campus designated as “wheels off” zones; however, the signs are very small and students constantly ignore them. It does not appear anyone is trying to enforce the wheels off zones. This is particularly problematic in the area between USU and Taco Bell. I have almost been hit numerous times by skateboarders. Could you PLEASE do something about the skateboarding and bike riding in high traffic walking areas? Someone is going to get hurt!

RESPONSE: We do have a campus “wheels off” policy for certain high-traffic pedestrian areas. We send out periodic reminders to our campus community. You can also share any specific safety-related concerns with Shirley Staton, ( Chair of the University’s Occupational, Safety, and Wellness Committee. This committee is very proactive and advocates for helping to identify and resolve potential campus-safety issues.

CONCERN: The Fresno State Bulldog Marching Band received its current uniforms in the summer of 2009 under the tenure of Dr. Welty. The uniforms were a very generous gift, and a much needed improvement over the previous set which were a thick wool blend that did not breathe well during the hot fall months. The current uniforms, while serving the band well, have become quite worn and are starting to fall apart. On average, a university band program's uniforms last roughly 8-10 years, which is where our uniforms are now with nine seasons (2009-2017). It would be wonderful if the university could outfit our program with new uniforms and give us a fresh look for the upcoming fall. It would be great to welcome the new era of Fresno State football with a new era and look for the band program to support our team as "the soundtrack to the red wave."

RESPONSE: Our new band uniforms will be ordered and custom designed later this year and will be ready for Summer 2019.  I look forward to seeing our talented band members in their new uniforms!

CONCERN: The music department building is also in much needed repair and renovation. Several classrooms have tiles in the floor missing and walls that are falling off. Sound systems and classroom technology is far outdated and in need to replacement. I am sure there is a long list of repairs and renovations that the university has to make over the next several years. It would just be wonderful if there were a timeline as to when students can expect to see these improvements made.

RESPONSE: Thank you, we agree that the classrooms in the Music Building as well as many other academic buildings are in need of modernization and updating. Over the next two years, the campus will invest over $10 million in classroom-modernization projects. The priority classrooms were identified based upon utilization and capacity. We have a large backlog and will continue to address as funding becomes available. The scope of these modernization projects (Conley Art 101 is a good example!) includes the upgrade of all classroom technologies, which is led by our Technology Services team in consultation with Academic Affairs.

CONCERN: Graduate Assistants who work and serve the university programs should be allowed to have a yellow staff parking pass, as we serve the university in a similar manner and are treated as staff by our departments.

RESPONSE: Unfortunately, we are not able to offer graduate assistants yellow permits, given limited number of yellow parking stalls for faculty and staff. In the Fall 2016, we changed the time that students/visitors can park in faculty/staff lots from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m.

CONCERN: As a staff member, there are times where there does not seem to be an air of collaboration between various departments, and sometimes makes it hard to get my job done when others are reluctant to help, or even ignore emails! I feel awful when I have to have my supervisor reach out, and even then, we have no luck.

With that being said, is anything being looked into with regards to a comprehensive training program that encourages collaboration between departments? While I do truly appreciate your commitment to professional development at various levels, I feel as though this sort of training would help, regardless of who you serve. Thank you!

RESPONSE: You raise an important point. While there are many examples of effective collaboration happening between individuals and departments, we regret to hear about your specific frustrations, and we acknowledge that this may be a problem within certain areas. As part of our Workplace Quality action plan, we are exploring additional trainings to improve collaboration, communication and collegiality. We are also in the process of engaging the campus in a conversation around Principles of Community that will help support our efforts to build a more collaborative environment.

CONCERN: I commute from Hanford every day in a Fiat 500, a car that solely runs on electricity. By the time I arrive at Fresno State, I have less than 10% battery life left, or approximately 14 miles. It takes me about 50 miles to get home. My issue is that I see people abusing these Fiat chargers every single day. It has gotten to the point that i have to arrive to school by 7am to be able to plug in and charge up my car. While I have extreme appreciation for these free chargers, they NEED to be better regulated. The sign states that the max charge is 4 hours, but I have seen very few vehicles follow that rule. I make sure that once my car has hit 100% charge, I move it to make space for another person to plug in. I never stay above the 4 hour limit out of respect to the other drivers. With that said, there are multiple Fiats that will stay on the charger for well over 4 hours, the stated time limit. I have taken photos of these cars and I will gladly submit them for further inspection. All that I ask is that either we get officers monitoring these machines so that they can’t be abused by users, or add a few more Fiat EV chargers. With the expanding electric car market, 3-4 chargers just won't cut it, especially if it is un-regulated. Thank you for your time and I hope this issue will be resolved immediately because I don't enjoy coming to school then having to worry about being able to get a charging spot just so I can make it home after my classes.

RESPONSE: Thanks for sharing your concern. We are aware of the heavy demand on the existing vehicle-charging stations. Our Traffic Operations team has recently enhanced enforcement of the EV charging spaces. Any vehicle parked in a space designated for electric vehicles must be connected and charging at all times. Parking permits are not currently required at EV Charging Stations; however, vehicles are required to comply with posted time restrictions. We are hopeful this enforcement will enhance the availability of our EV spaces. We are also considering a policy change that would require users to have a Fresno State parking permit. The charging stations were made possible with funding from a grant from the California Energy Commission. We are pleased to see the increased demand and usage, and we are exploring the possibility of adding another charging station possibly on the west end of campus in the future.

CONCERN: To Pres. Castro: I noticed that you dodge concerns raised on the feedback page instead of actually trying to fix problems. For example, instead of actually addressing dangerous traffic and parking lot issues, you simply say, "we are sorry that you are experiencing this inconvenience" or "We will monitor accordingly." That's not even making any attempt at a reasonable process for addressing and fixing serious problems. It's just blowing smoke in our faces.

And instead of stopping the use of leaf blowers, you say, "the leaf blowers are a necessary tool." And instead of fixing bathrooms, you say, "It would not be prudent to invest significant fiscal resources to renovate these restrooms" or "Many restrooms on campus do not have hot water during non-heating months."

Even to students, you ignore financial concerns raised by an unreasonable policy for 24/7 computer access and say, "We also understand and empathize" while keeping the policy. If you are not really going to do anything but excuse yourself, why act as though you are?

RESPONSE: The philosophy of our feedback page is that every voice and every one matters. The Cabinet and I always listen carefully to different perspectives. In many cases, these perspectives influence our decisions. In other cases, there may be policies and regulations that prevent us from doing what is recommended. Sometimes, it is not practical to implement a suggestion due to cost or other reasons. As your President, I must make decisions that support the greater good of our university. I will continue to do this with input from diverse perspectives.

CONCERN: I have an issue with the general physics classes. There's only two classes for each of them every semester, and they're either extremely early in the morning, or very late at night. There's nothing in between. Please consider adding more classes for these, or at least make the times a little bit more suitable to those of us that have to commute.

RESPONSE: You are probably referring to Physics 2A, which had only an early morning and an evening section this semester. Given the demands on space, the department must use rooms from early in the morning to late at night. The department is planning to open an additional section of Physics 2A in Fall 2018 and is searching for a classroom that would enable them to offer the section in the afternoon.

CONCERN: Hi the latest response to blackboard is concerning. I have contacted help desk, and they told me "Fresno state did not pay for higher tier support for blackboard platform", so the coverage of the support is ONLY computers, and NOT mobile devices. There hasn't been a iOS (apple mobile) update for almost a year. Blackboard on iPhones does NOT work. Also mobile version of any internet browser does NOT work on iPhone.

Please contact help desk to get a better understanding of the blackboard problem.

RESPONSE: Fresno State began support for the Bb (Blackboard) Mobile app began when it became available as part of the CSU contract several years ago. In 2015, Blackboard updated its mobile support to be based on the role at the university setting, resulting in the Bb Student app, and more recently the Bb Instructor app. In summer 2017, the word "student" was dropped from the name of the student app, and the icon changed. The Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) updated its webpages immediately at the time of the change, located on the Blackboard "landing page" (, the Bb login page, the Bb Mobile page (, and in the online Blackboard Student Orientation. The campus also sent communication out to the students.

The CFE Instructional Designers and the Academic Technology Resource Center also support tablet use of Blackboard, including the Bb app, and accessing Bb through Safari and Chrome browsers. The "disappearing panel" experienced by the user is not a defect but rather a feature to provide more screen area to course resources, for example. Panels can be brought back with a simple finger swipe. For users with laptops and desktops, the trackpad or mouse can also hide or expose the left panel. This is useful for professors showing a resource within Blackboard during class and needed more screen space, for example.

The Technology Services Help Center works with the Academic Technology Resource Center and CFE to support mobile and tablet use. Please refer to the webpages listed here or visit our teams to get support for your questions.

CONCERN: I find it common for professors to say an excuse of "Fire code cannot accept more than ____ students" Only to find out later that it was a lied to. Can you put in every classroom the maximum number of people that can be in each classroom?

RESPONSE: As a CSU, we are required to comply with the California Building Code. Rooms that have an occupant load of 50 or more are required to have two exits, and we are required to be compliant.  We appreciate your cooperation in not exceeding the posted maximum occupancy.  We could be cited and fined for non-compliance by the State Fire Marshal.

CONCERN: I think Fresno State can do a better job at promoting mental health services. The well-being of students mental health needs must be a priority. Students need to know that mental health services are available to all students who may be experiencing a need and information on where and how they can access services. The negative stigma associated with seeking out mental health care services may prevent many students from making efforts to seek out needed services. I see advertising on a wide range of topics all around the campus but very few informing students that it is perfectly fine to seek out mental health services and that we as a university are here to help. We need to double our efforts, year round, to ensure that students know where and how to access mental health services. We are in need of a year round advertising campaign informing students about mental health care services and how to access these services. We can and must do a better job informing students about services offered at the Health Clinic, specifically Mental Health Services.

RESPONSE: We are always working to find new and better ways to get the word out to students about our mental health services, and though it seems to be improving based on increasing numbers of students utilizing these services, we realize, especially in the wake of recent tragedies, that we still have room to grow.

We recently hired a new Director of Wellness Services, and she, along with her team, is working hard to implement new campaigns that will reach as many students as possible. Of course, the best marketing for mental health services is word-of-mouth from other students, so we have also been working closely with our Student Health Advisory Committee, Peer Ambassadors of Wellness, and ASI to focus on breaking down the stigma of seeking help.

CONCERN: I would like to suggest that we might add one more bike barn on the northeast side of campus near the Science buildings. I would also like to bring the lack of cover for when it rains or even when it is really hot over all bike lock areas. Riding your bike home with a drenched seat is a really uncomfortable situation. For me I have to ride 3 miles home, and if it rained at all the seat absorbs the water and remains soaked for a long time after. Coverings would also protect our bikes from getting really hot during the warmer months, which allows a more comfortable ride for those of us with bicycles. Rain and direct sunlight can also damage different parts of bikes, so if at all possible I'd like to see some sort of covering over bike lock stations. Thank you for considering this.

RESPONSE: Thank you for the suggestion and for riding your bike to campus. We will evaluate the feasibility or adding an additional bike barn in this area of campus.

CONCERN: Why does the Athletic Corp contribute a flat rate towards employee insurance coverage regardless of the number of dependents covered, as opposed to using a more standard scaled contribution? An Athletic Corp employee with no dependents will likely be fully covered with no out of pocket contribution required. Conversely, because premiums are higher when more dependents are covered by the policy I am required to contribute nearly $1,000 each month out of pocket to ensure coverage for my spouse and children. It is almost as though I am being discriminated against for having a family. If the Athletic Corp moved from a flat rate to a tiered contribution this issue would be alleviated, and employees would pay a fair amount relative to the number of dependents in their respective families.

RESPONSE: We understand your concern. The Athletic Corporation (AC) contributes a flat monthly amount ($900) towards medical, dental and vision for all full-time AC employees. This is a common approach, especially for private employers. This monthly contribution covers the majority of cost for the employee only and, unfortunately, does not cover the cost for additional dependents. The Athletic Corporation is an auxiliary organization and fiscally cannot afford to increase the monthly employer contribution at this time. Employer contributions are reviewed periodically by the Athletic Corporation Board of Directors.

CONCERN: Thank you for replying to my concern of the building renovation program and the trust funds being swept to cover this. Having the actual funding for this clarified helps a lot. However, we are being told by our Dean's office that the Provost's office is specifically requesting this information to sweep our funding to cover this. Which tells me there is a few issues going on here. 1. This is correct and your office is unaware that this is happening. 2. This is incorrect and you are unaware that the Dean's office is telling us this in order for them to sweep our funds. I want to believe that there is a misunderstanding somewhere and not that the Provost's office or Dean's office is attempting to take money for other purposes then they are stating. I feel it would be beneficial for your office to look into this matter to ensure that directions are not being given to take department state trusts account funding when they should not be.

RESPONSE: Relative to trust funds, I have asked the provost to work with the deans to ensure that state trust funds are being used appropriately. The provost has asked each dean to account for state trust fund balances. My intent—and that of the provost—is not to sweep state trust fund balances but to make certain that such funds are not holding large reserves but are being used. Additionally, all state trust funds have agreements that stipulate for what they can be used.

CONCERN: The tech dock stations in classrooms are not easy to connect tech devices to the projection screen. 1) Faculty/Teachers have trouble or don't know how to connect. 2) The stations don't work or cables don't work.

There are too many occurrences where students are asked by teachers/faculty members if we know how to connect their laptop or tablet. As much as we are willing to help, I do not think it is fair for faculty to struggle so much to connect. Often times the classroom is unavailable to arrive earlier for them to figure it out and it runs into class time to even try to figure it out. I have experienced teachers give up because they have to start class and can't afford to get behind with their lesson plan. I have asked new teachers if they get training or instructions on how to connect and they have said no. Whether or not if it is available online, or they did receive it with tons of other information when first being hired, there is a disconnect.

This is not just new faculty or based on the user, it is also the tech side. Furthermore, it is not a first day of class issue it is a constant issue. The station will work one day and not the next. The HDMI cable will work on some computers and not others. Sometimes the dock station won't send the cable to the projection (even though the computer picks up the cable). Sometimes the dock station doesn't pick up apple codes, or the dock camera switch doesn't work. Either way I don't think this should be a problem that faculty or anyone who uses rooms should have to deal with so much, especially when the university is tying to go digital.

Lastly, please don't tell me there is a number in each classroom to call for help or to visit a department for help. There have been times when it is during after hours and no one is able to come into the room and they are unable to figure it out over the phone. I have also experienced a claim that it was fixed but have seen issues in the same classroom. I can give examples of which building, which room, which faculty but it is all over. If faculty cannot connect during the class time to use modern technology than that is a disservice from Fresno State.

One more thing, this is just a suggestion to make Fresno State better, I love being a student here and even getting this opportunity to express this issue. Go Dogs!

RESPONSE: I appreciate you taking the time to write and share your enthusiasm and love for being a Fresno State student and for expressing your suggestion. I will ask our Center for Faculty Excellence and our Technology Services division to look for ways to communicate training opportunities and support services more effectively.

Faculty receive a wide range of opportunities for learning how to utilize classroom technology. Technology training occurs for full-time faculty during their orientation process with support from Academic Affairs and Technology Services. Faculty also have ongoing opportunities to practice connecting their mobile devices (laptops, tablets, phones) during professional development training by the Center for Faculty Excellence and Classroom Video Services (CVS).

The DISCOVERe Hub and Helpdesk also provide technology support after hours by contacting 278-5000. The CVS desk (278-2674) offers in-person support until 5 p.m. and phone support until 7:30 p.m. After 7:30 p.m., we forward the CVS phone line to the DISCOVERe Hub.  CVS is also working to standardize all of the centrally-scheduled rooms over the next few years. Fresno State currently has 170 of 250 centrally-scheduled rooms at what we describe as the DISCOVERe standard. We also work with the schools and colleges to update non centrally-scheduled rooms to the same standard.

CONCERN: As a student in the credential program my classes are from 4:00-6:50 and 7:00-9:50. I bring my dinner with me and to my surprise there isn't a microwave in the whole building for students to use. I had to walk to the USU just to heat up my food. I think it would be a great to add the microwave near the snack bar on the bottom floor. Please and thank you.

RESPONSE: Yes, we will work with the Kremen School of Education Dean’s Office to coordinate finding a location for a microwave. Thank you!

CONCERN: Stop spending so much time, effort, money and influence on athletics. The prestige of sport as a University aside has become an obsession that threatens to subsume the academics that should be the bedrock of an admired college.

I realize the athletic programs bring in funds that are partially used for other needs. I believe the energy used to attract donors to the football, baseball, and basketball programs ought to be matched in zeal and man-power to efforts to attract donors to specific academic endeavors. Where is the funding donated by chemical companies, mass media publishing, and industry giants towards specific academic programs?

If they exist at all, you do a poor job of advertising them. Do better.

RESPONSE: Thank you for voicing your concern. Academics and athletics rising together, not one at the sacrifice of the other, is a key component to fulfilling our mission to boldly educate and empower students for success. This is not uncommon in higher education, as universities across the country are realizing and leveraging the strength that comes with embracing both aspects of an institution. Our commitment is to all of our students, in providing them with the support needed to succeed in life. To attain this goal, University Advancement has strategically placed a Director of Development in every college, as well as other key areas across campus. In doing so, donors can align their passions with an area that connects most deeply to them and the entire University can benefit from overall community engagement. 

CONCERN: Please note: On the President's Feedback Page, my concerns about the university violating First Amendment rights were not addressed. Other people's concerns were listed, but not mine. You deleted my message. Proving that you are doing exactly the opposite of what you claim. "We never delete or hide any comments..." you stated. This is untrue. You are deleting/hiding comments, and you are deleting specific concerns raised about it when they are submitted to the President's Feedback Page. You must be deleting numerous other concerns rather than posting them on the President's Feedback Page also. You'll probably delete this one instead of posting it, too.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your note, and please accept my apologies if your previous posted concern was inadvertently missed. Due to a transitional period among staff who help manage my feedback page, there was a lapse of about three months when we weren’t able to address in a timely manner the concerns that had been submitted. As such, we had a backlog of concerns, many of which we did address in mid-January. Due to the backlog, your specific concern may have been inadvertently overlooked, but certainly not purposefully deleted or hidden. Please resubmit it if you are still concerned about any specific campus matter.

CONCERN: The parking ticket appeal process is broken. If a person physically visits the office, the person is told repeatedly to appeal online. But, the online appeal process does not work. The links lead nowhere.

RESPONSE: Individuals who have received a parking citation have the right to appeal the citation under a three-step process outlined by the California Vehicle Code Section 40215. Citations may be appealed online at or in person at the Traffic Operations front counter. We recommend waiting 48 hours before contesting a citation online. We have not had any confirmed system outages.  

CONCERN: To care about all the classes that are being held in the S. gym! This part of the campus has been severely neglected! I don't think 133, 134, 135, or 136 have ever been touched since they were built!

RESPONSE: A major upgrade to North and South Gyms is currently underway that will increase the utilization of many of these areas. The utilization of non-centrally scheduled classrooms is managed by the School/College. Centrally-scheduled classrooms are managed centrally by Academic Affairs.

CONCERN: I strongly suggest the department chair from the Department of Linguistics or other departments contact Dr. Steven Skelton, Communicative Sciences and Deaf Studies Department chair in advance when they make an arrangement with a presenter regarding ASL and Deaf Studies-related topics. It will give our department an opportunity to schedule with two sign language interpreters and provide full access to Deaf faculty members who want to attend and watch the presentation. Also, our Deaf Studies major students need to have the same privilege to watch and learn something regarding to ASL and Deaf Studies research-related topics.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your note. We have addressed this with the appropriate parties.