Posted on: 05/09/16

Work well with students concerns 

Support athletics.

Making the university look pretty.

Technology advancement.

Diversity -- and thank you for this one in particular.

My professors are amazing!! We need more full-time ones.

I enjoy the campus atmosphere. I really appreciate the tech support staff.

President Castro does a very good job at being involved with functions outside of the politics and the everyday hassle that running Fresno State entails. I had the pleasure of letting his son pet the horses at the Fresno State Equestrian Team Meet. Great guy and awesome family!

The Student Health Center is an awesome place to work. I am a faculty member and was recently contacted by the Director, Wendy Oliver, to help with some projects to make Student Health even more accessible to our student population. I had no idea how far reaching the services provided by the Center actually were and I'm proud to be part of this facet of the University, even for the short time I will be here. Wendy is one of the most accommodating and nice people I have encountered on this campus and I'm not speaking of myself, her interactions with staff are always professional and tinged with kindness. The staff is always as accommodating as possible to the students, even when the students aren't so nice. What a great team you have here. You should be proud.

Fostering student success and diversity.

Your consideration in making the area a welcoming study area for students is greatly appreciated.

Over the past year I have made several suggestions for outdoor and indoor improvements on campus which were completed.  I want to thank you for investigating those suggestions and acting on them.  Every day I see people affected by those improvements in a positive way.         

President Castro, I really want to say how much I appreciate the people from traffic operations who are out there in the morning and other peak times directing traffic. They do not know how much they are appreciated. They make getting to work so much faster and easier. I really think they are not thanked enough.                 

I love the fact that it welcomes diversity and it’s a clean and friendly campus.

I want to commend Fresno State leaders who support professional development for their staff. I have had to opportunity to participate in many of these events, and the mentoring program. It is refreshing to know that Fresno State cares about and supports my growth. This support allows me to be at my best while serving my colleagues and students.                                

Great school. Very good academics. Very good sports. Very proud to be a graduate. I hold a BS degree and an MBA from Fresno State.

Library hours are great!

Fresno State provides amazing opportunities for students to better their skills with the writing center, career development center, and many others.

I love the diversity Fresno State has.

Wide variety of degrees offered.

I love that there are so many activities for students outside of school work.

Instructors make themselves readily available to students.

Fresno State is making the leaders for tomorrow. Students are academically, professionally and personally smart and proactive.

Sports are great. The many forms of communication are great, such as Instagram.

I really appreciate that Fresno State produces its own wine and olive oil. In fact, when I travel and want to bring a gift, I always bring one or the other. Everyone always loves it.