What We Do Best

Feedback updated through December 19, 2014

Multiple suggestions are indicated with a number in parentheses, for example (3).

New additions since previous report are added in red.



  • Bringing back wrestling (2).
  • Football

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Recruiting students:

  • Recruiting diverse students (3).
  • Getting Central Valley students to want to come to Fresno State.
  • Bringing the spirit of the Valley to the university.

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Assisting students:

  • Reach out to underrepresented minorities and provide opportunities they may have not realized were available to them.
  • Professors interact with students
  • Preview Day – kudos to Ken Ternante and Dog Days team
  • Mechanical engineering is competitive with other school
  • Quality education
  • Education available to low-income students
  • Excellent academics (8).
  • Mentor and believe in our students of color and those from disadvantaged backgrounds; provide resources and programs for our diverse student population (7).
  • Providing student success services, including tutoring, supplemental instruction and career services (6).
  • Faculty inspires students to want to learn (4).
  • Opportunities in events, workshops, concerts, guest speakers, exhibits, clubs, organizations, leadership opportunities, networking opportunities, technology with the classroom, Greeks, study abroad, and honors programs (4).
  • Providing a safe learning environment.
  • Keeping tuition low (2).
  • Opportunity, access (3)
  • Offer an interactive community of people and experiences that allow students to grow academically, professionally, socially and as a person (3).
  • Transform lives and shape futures.
  • Students are challenged academically and allowed to develop into leaders.
  • Instill a sense of pride.
  • Administration holds students to high standards.
  • Variety of scholarships.
  • Promote well-being.
  • Timely financial disbursements.
  • Office of Student Involvement’s co-curricular activities.
  • Innovation in technology.
  • Emails regarding changes constantly sent to keep students informed.
  • Counselors available to meet with students.
  • Resources to improve student writing is commendable.
  • Sports teams may spark interest in students who may not have thought about college.
  • Dorms allow students to be part of campus and culture.
  • Athletics are a priority for all student-athletes.
  • Help students graduate.
  • Internship helped in current job.
  • Study Abroad allowed me to broaden my horizons in a different culture.
  • Allows space for creative learning to take place.
  • Student Involvement office, ASI prepares leaders.

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  • Graduate Writing Studio
  • Huggins Center for my child.
  • Agriculture (3).
  • Smittcamp Family Honors College.
  • Richter Center.
  • Agricultural research/business (2).
  • Teaching credential department.
  • Entrepreneurship program.
  • Fresno State Symphony Orchestra
  • Renaissance Scholars for former foster youth.
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Nursing.
  • Honors programs.
  • Many excellent master’s degree programs.

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  • Take personal interest in student needs (2).
  • Faculty work hard to ensure that students have opportunity to learn and succeed; committed (4).
  • Support and collegiality among faculty (2).
  • Most senior faculty continue to be active and productive.
  • Doctoral program faculty are awesome and provide “real world” insight.
  • Rigorous national search process pays off in great teachers.

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  • Great staff. Kind. Helpful (4).
  • Many put in extra hours to get work done.
  • Rank and file dedicated and passionate about their work.
  • Training is offered; LEAD professional development (2).
  • Monthly briefings for department assistants.
  • Staff awards.
  • Recent commitment to rebuild custodial staff is awesome.

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Help, support provided to faculty:

  • Professional development opportunities that come with funds for development or cash (in particular, Innovations Academy).
  • Faculty learning communities.
  • CSALT orientation for new PT faculty member very helpful.
  • Support in release time, research funds, TILT.
  • Great support.

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Security and safety:

  • Seem above average for students and staff; has improved (3).
  • We have a master plan and an effort on improving public safety.

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  • Filtered water fountains in the University Student Union.
  • Beautiful campus (7)
  • Great Library (4)
  • Peace Garden
  • Farm Market
  • Campus/classrooms are in beautiful condition. Everything is clean and properly taken care of.

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Community engagement:

  • Bring hope to region
  • Raising money
  • Valley pride
  • Serving the community through volunteering.
  • Community engagement/focus on key issues facing the Valley and working to integrate solutions with service learning (2).
  • Athletics helps connect people to the university.

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Faculty and Staff:

  • Do their best to help students (9).
  • Great, overall (2).
  • I feel a sense of family when I am on campus and sense the willingness to help others from Fresno State staff.
  • Doing more with less.
  • Faculty and deans take university seriously.
  • Great results, no matter how little support they have.

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Other comments:

  • Promote the arts
  • Diversity (13).
  • Welcoming campus (4).
  • Great community support and involvement with the university; activities like Vintage Days (3).
  • Great community to work in; collegial environment (2).
  • Leadership – the co-curricular leadership certificate program.
  • Collaboration – partnerships between housing, Higher Ed Counseling program, student involvement center etc.
  • Personal development, collaboration, openness, diversity, educating and empowering students and employees.
  • Traffic department is effective in flow during peak times.
  • Vintage Days.
  • Athletics (3).
  • Good job promoting Fresno State, branding itself throughout the Valley. Good reputation in California (4).
  • Extra time off during holidays.
  • Football team amazing but needs new facilities.
  • I’m proud to say I work at Fresno State.
  • Sign language interpreting services.
  • President and Mrs. Castro are gracious.
  • Good benefits and retirement.
  • President Castro was inspiring at India Independence Day celebration.
  • Love how school leaning toward “Fresno State.”
  • Strong emphasis on both academics and sports.
  • Pride in football team is great (2).
  • I like that feedback is encouraged and administration is open to dialogue, even after policies have been implemented.

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