What We Do Best

Posted on: 11/09/15

The team that manages the Fresno State social media accounts are great! I watch social media for happenings on campus. Fresno State is quick to respond, informative and adds a little bit of sass which is well received by the students. They do a great job in shutting down those who are clearly there to harass people with their negative comments. I love when they retweet student comments and share fun things like when students are accepted into the university or receive a letter from the president regarding their good grades. Overall I think this is a great communication tool and a positive interaction with our community. Thank you for your around-the-clock responses!

The library and librarians are the best! They really go above and beyond to help me find what I need, even if its located across the state. Love it!


They have a wide variety of great and convenient facilities that range from restaurants, a library, wonderful tutoring lab and team, degree programs, and finally an amazing gym!

Fresno State seems like there are so many opportunities on campus to receive help, but it's kinda difficult for a freshman like me to know all these things. The only things I learned are from higher class men so even though the opportunities are there, they are not brought to light for the freshmen. Still, I like the numerous services that are provided here.

Great campus. Very supportive of student success

I do believe out of all of the CSUs, we have the most school spirit as far as athletics considering we are Div-1. I think Fresno State does very well in having a lot of clubs and student organizations that keep students involved with campus life.

Fresno State really makes me feel like I am home. I am a third-generation Fresno State student so it is actually like a second home tome. I have enjoyed the leadership roles and plentiful job opportunities that I have been given in my time here so far.

Fresno State is starting to reach out to the community, which is a step in the right direction.

As a student I feel it is very important to have plenty of computers available for student use, that typically is not a problem throughout the Henry Madden Library.

Great people!

I love all of the new buildings and signs that are going up.

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