What We Do Best

Posted on: 09/28/15

I'm an Army veteran and just transferred to Fresno State. The Financial Aid and Veteran Services offices have all answered my questions and concerns.

It is a great place to work.

We educate students at a fair price and with faculty that care about the students.

Nearly every workday on campus we create vibrant learning environments for our students, led by talented, creative, dedicated instructors.

We have a President in Joseph I. Castro who recognizes the hard work and key role of the faculty in student success as well as the sacrifices these faculty have endured, going from 2008 to 2014 without any raises, including no cost of living adjustments. Thank you, President Castro, for leading among the 23 CSU campus presidents in setting aside significant funding for equity pay adjustments for your faculty at Fresno State for 2014-15, and we look forward to your ongoing commitment to address faculty pay inequities in 2015-16 and 2016-17.

We meet the need to enroll diverse culture population, reflects the demographic population of its immediate and outlining community.

Welcome its new incoming faculty, staff and students.

I completed my undergraduate degree and had a positive experience.

Fresno State has an exceptional Ag Business Department. The teachers and faculty are always willing to help the students out to achieve greatness In and out of the classroom!

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