What We Do Best

Posted on: 01/29/16

The school is good at creating a feeling of Bulldog spirit!

Fresno State has a great police/security force.

I appreciate the great leadership the Learning Center at Fresno State practices. As a new professional within their team, the support, encouragement, guidance and, patience that I have received is phenomenal. This assures me that Fresno State is the right place to be. It feels wonderful to be serving students and to have a fantastic team to help make a difference at Fresno State.

I want to commend University Catering on how great their department is to work with on events. I have worked with many caterers in the area and our catering department is by far the best in town. Not only are their prices reasonable and affordable, the food is great! Every time I attend an event they are catering, the staff is pleasant, willing to assist and always smiling. With the amount of events they handle a year, they are always spot on with excellent customer service. Great job, University Catering!!

Fresno State does a good job to make me feel included on campus. I am a first generation college student and I am never made to feel like I am less than just because I am the first in my family to go here.