Posted on: 06/29/16

Fresno State was great this year. I really want to thank President Castro and whoever was involved in the decision to close the testing center. Since the testing center was closed I've seen my grades this semester go up much more than from previous semesters. A lot of my classes have been geared to taking tests at the testing center. This was very difficult because I work weekdays. This usually put a dent in my paychecks, making life much more stressful than it already was. Thank you again, President Castro!

Fresno State seems like a new University! You are doing a great job,

I think it is great that the library hours were extended for students to have more time completing school work.

Providing services on the campus.

Good job with activities and a clean library.

Making wine, chocolate milk, beef jerky.

Providing opportunities for students.

You listened to my last response about the University testing center, and I am impressed that you are doing something about it. I do not keep myself updated, so I am not sure what's going on, but I can only hope for good.

Excellent Benefits Office staff who are so helpful.

I like how Fresno State is inclusive to everyone, and I hope it stays that way. However I want to make sure that inclusiveness stays optional and does not become required. I think we have done a great job in the past of inclusion, but I would hate to see that it would violate people’s personal space and religious liberty. Promoting others’ views is great, but some things have become borderline pushy. We are all adults here. I think we have shown respect of another opinions and lifestyles. We do not need a reminder to be nice.

Fresno State provides enough bathrooms around campus.

Maintaining a clean and exquisite campus.

I have attended three separate community colleges before transferring to Fresno State. Out of all four institutions, Fresno State has made me feel the most welcome and that my success is important. Every professor, counselor and advisor I have encountered is passionate about their job and takes time to help me. What stands out the most is when Dr. Calderon-Urrea stood in front of a class of 255 and said "Whatever it is you need, I'm here. Whether you need a friend or someone to push you or help you study, I want to be that guy." Or how Dr. Gandler scheduled study sessions before exams on his own time. I'm amazed that a school with such a large student population has more care and concern than small colleges with classes of 20 students. I love Fresno State!

Agriculture and encourage diversity

I don't work directly with many Cabinet members but do have the opportunity to work under CIO Orlando Leon. I wanted to take the time to say that it's made a positive change to the morale to have someone like Dr. Castro and Orlando do what's best for the University's students and employees. To see hard work rewarded is refreshing and see it in the action they take instead of empty words and broken promises we are so used to hearing.

Fresno State does a good job of hosting successful and fun campus events.

Nonstop construction.

I appreciate the Feedback page. It is helpful.

Fresno State does a great job of staying involved in the local community and giving students, faculty and staff a means of experiencing the Central Valley in a positive light, as well as giving people in the Valley a chance to be involved in helping the University. The culture the University fosters is one to be proud of, especially since students from around the world come here to gain knowledge and to experience our culture.

Offering night classes for the working students.