Chapter 062 Officers


Current Chapter Officers - (2015-2016)
Office Name
Past President Janell Morrillo
President Thomas Loewenheim
President Elect/Treasurer Denise Biggert
Vice-President Jim Marshall

Lisa Hardamon

Student Vice-Presidents Alex Tran
At-Large Board Members

Shirley Armbruster

Saeed Attar

Tina Beddall

Mitzi Lowe

Scott Moore

Adrian Ramirez

Dmitri Rogulkin

Rudy Sanchez

Dave Tyckoson

Past Presidents (click for list)

Past Presidents
Service Dates President
1953-1955 Arnold P. Biella
1955-1957 Clair E. Nelson
1957-1959 William B. Uphold
1959-1961 William Dienstein
1961-1962 Phyllis Watts
1962-1963 McKee Fisk
1963-1964 Howard J. Campbell
1964-1965 James M. Smith
1965-1966 Roger E. Ervin
1966-1967 Robert Shacklett
1967-1968 Arthur Margosian
1968-1969 Andrew D. Rippey
1969-1970 Edwin H. Lombard
1970-1971 Warren Biggerstaff
1971-1972 Ratana Newsome
1972-1974 Richard Sparks
1974-1975 Schyler Rehart
1975-1976 Floyd Hixson
1976-1977 Robert Comegys
1977-1980 J. Richard Arndt
1980-1981 Lily B. Small
1981-1984 Nina J. Dilbeck
1984-1985 Izumi Taniguchi
1985-1986 Keith Woodwick
1986-1988 Donald R. Leet
1988-1990 Robert Asahina
1990-1992 Franklin Ng
1992-1994 Kenneth C. Fugelsang
1994-1998 Neil L. Kuykendall
1998-2002 Cleo Bauer
2002-2004 Cleo Bauer/Neil L. Kuykendall
2005- Miguel Perez
2009-2010 Lynnette Zelezney
2010-2011 Jody Hironaka-Juteau
2011-2012 Scott D. Moore
2012-2013 Nora Chapman
2013-2015 Janell Morillo

Charter Members (click for list)

April 22, 1953 - Fresno State College - Chapter 062

Irwin O. Addicott
Arch R. Addington
Harold J. Beatty
Arnold P. Biella
Gertrude Billard
Marjorie Brewster
Mitchell P. Briggs
Karl L. Falk
McKee Fisk
Ellen B. Herndon
Arnold P. Joyal
Albert R. Lang
Clair E. Nelson
Donald S. Piston
William E. St. John
Geoge M. Stanley
Dallas A. Tueller
Francis A. Wiley

Fellowship Nominees (click for list)

Each year the national Society awards 80 Fellowships of $5,000 each and 30 Honorable Mention Awards of $1,500 each to students to help support their first year of graduate studies. Students are selected for these awards through a national competition. Each chapter is allowed to submit the name and credentials of one student for the competition. The national organization selects the winners from this field of students.

Each year our chapter solicits applications from the university's top students, those possessing at least a 3.8 grade point average. Our chapter then selects the student considered to be the best from this field of applicants. This student's name and credentials are forwarded to the national office. We are very proud of our students and their accomplishments. Our chapter is fortunate to have several recipients over the years.


Fellowship: Student was awarded a monetary fellowship

Alternate: Student was selected to receive a fellowship if another student declined the fellowship award

Honorable Mention: Student received recognition or a smaller monetary award as a secondary award

Award of Excellence: Student received a smaller secondary monetary award

Nominee: Student received recognition as the chapter's nominee for the national competition

Chapter 062 Nominees for National Fellowship Competition
Year Name Major Award
1959 Patricia A. Beckman   Honorable Mention
1963 Albert Shunji Ito Physics Fellowship
1965 Jeanette I. Towery Psychology Fellowship
1966 Judity LaVerne Fries Chemistry Fellowship
1967 Lester Dwayne Brothers Music Fellowship
1970 Pichit Lerttambrab Economics Fellowship
1972 Winston Kai-Wan Chow Mathematics Fellowship
1973 Laurie Jean West   Nominee
1974 William Bryden Bissell, Jr. History Nominee
1975 Jack Carl Melvin   Nominee
1976 June Anne English Psychology/
1977 Julia Kwan-Yui Ko Sociology/Economics Honorable Mention
1978 Cary Michael Manoogian Chemistry Honorable Mention
1979 Thomas Johnson Cunningham Economics Nominee
1980 Ben Tsutomu Arikawa History Honorable Mention
1981 Janice L. Peterson Economics Fellowship
1982 L. Jane Saldana Psychology Nominee
1983 Gregg William Causey Biology Fellowship
1984 Gigi Aileen Randolph Psychology Nominee
1985 Laura Pulido Geography Nominee
1986 Rebecca Joan Drew Biology Fellowship
1987 Loretta Kay Collins Wall English Honorable Mention
1988 Franklin West Barker Sociology/Russian Nominee
1989 Kwong Tat Yeung Mechanical Engineering Honorable Mention
1990 Nancy Lynn Pennington History Nominee
1991 Uri Elie Cohen Functional Biology Fellowship
1992 Vincent Michael Bence Psychology Nominee
1994 Ara Norenzayan Psychology Nominee
1995 Wendy R. Hoffman Business Administration Nominee
1996 Marcus Scott Phill Criminology Nominee
1997 Terri Lynne Koleber Health Science Nominee
1998 Laura Anne Hall Physics Fellowship
1999 Radha Raman Liberal Studies Nominee
2000 Matilda Soria Psychology Nominee
2001 Kim Fumiko Goto Chemistry/
2003 DeLynn Bettencourt Electrical Engineering Fellowship
2005 Neil Gibson Agricultural Business Fellowship

University Scholar Recipients (click for list)

University Scholar Recipients
Year Recipient Department
1996 Franklin Ng Anthropology
1997 Maurice Cohen Mathematics
1998 Victor Hansen Classical Studies
1999 Dickran Kouymjian Armenian Studies
2000 Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola Psychology
2001 K.C. Chen Finance and Business Law
2002 Lillian Faderman English
2003 Barbara Owen Criminology

University Artist Recipients (click for list)

University Artist Recipients
Year Recipient Department
1996 John Bliss Music
1997 Andreas Werz Music
1998 Juan Serrano Music
1999 Jack Fortner Music
2000 Patricia Hennings Art & Design
2001 Steve Yarbrough English
2002 Juan Felipe Herrera Chicano & Latin American Studies
2003 Helen Joseph-Weil Music