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Membership Requirements


Members of Chi Epsilon are expected to uphold the four pillars of the Honor Society. These pillars consist of core virtues which are comprised of Scholarship, Practicality, Character, and Sociability.  Throughout the initiation process each pillar of Chi Epsilon must be demonstrated. See the documents on the right for the Initiation Checklist, Volunteer Activities Form, and Initiation Form.  Also see the Calendar tab for the dates these activities will take place.  To sign up for events please email at least 2 days prior to social events and 4 days prior to volunteer events.

Scholastic Requirements

Students accepted into Chi Epsilon must demonstrate Scholarship through high academic achievement.  Chi Epsilon extends an invitation to only a select few students who meet specific academic criteria:

  1. Chi Epsilon members must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better.
  2. Candidates must also be in the top third of their respective graduating class.

Community Service

Chi Epsilon strongly believes in giving back to our community and holds utmost the quality of Character in our members. Every semester, initiates and members participate in a community service project.  Our service projects include MESA days, Two Cities Marathon aid station, and Adopt a Highway.  Members and initiates are required to attend at least one community service event.  Typically initiates are required to complete a minimum of 8 hours community service as part of the initiation process.

Social Events

To build Sociability, one of the four pillars of Chi Epsilon, the chapter hosts at several social events each semester. Past socials include Bowling, Game Nights, Ice Cream socials, Tailgating, and more. See our calendar for more information. Typically initiates are required to participate in at least one social event as part of the initiation process.

Chi Epsilon recognizes the importance of both professional and casual socials. To develop professional networking and social skills, our members are encouraged to attend events such as the Professional Speaker series, the Networking Tailgates, and Professional Round tables.  Typically initiates are required to participate in at least one professional event as part of the initiation process. 


Initiation takes place each semester on Thursday during Dead Days and more information is emailed to the final initiates who have completed all requirements.  Participation in the initiation ceremony is the final requirement for joining Chi Epsilon and is required to become a recognized member. 

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