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Upcoming Event on April 23, 2015

Mochi Social


Images of the event can be found in the Photo Gallery

Research Paper:

Please check out the new research summary paper: The Academic Challenges of Southeast Asians at Fresno State in the "Works" section of our site.

About AFSA:

AFSA was founded at Fresno State in December 2008, and is seeking faculty and staff interested in supporting Asian and Asian-American issues and activities on campus.

The Asian Faculty & Staff Association (AFSA) is committed to bringing together members of the Asian faculty and staff to:

  • Promote a campus climate that is sensitive, representative, and fair to all ethnic groups, including the variety of Asian and other Asian-related groups of faculty and staff, with the purpose of creating a more harmonious and diverse community that includes students.
  • Provide support, activities, and programs for all Asian faculty and staff on campus including support for relevant curricular, professional, service, and social functions.
  • Create and promote a continued sense of community and leadership opportunities among the members of the AFSA.
  • Continue in building strong and proactive linkages between the University and the surrounding Asian-related constituencies both in the community and abroad.
  • All for a mere annual $15 membership fee!

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