Fresno State Asian Faculty and Staff Association (AFSA)

AY 201617 Book Awards Announcement


AFSA announces three Book Award winners for AY 2016-17:


  •     Mutsumi Ogaki: Department of Criminology (Undergraduate)
  •     See Xiong: Department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation (Graduate)
  •     Der Vang: Department of Social Work Education (Graduate)

Note: Each awardee receives $500


AFSA Book Awards Ceremony Luncheon:

    Date: February 11 (Saturday)

    Place: To be announced


AFSA Book Award. Each year, the AFSA honors and recognizes outstanding Fresno State students who excel academically, are financially in need, and display leadership roles in API community service. The AY 2017-18 application announcement will be made during Fall 2017.