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Upcoming Event on June 7, 2015

Povorello House

Dear Valuable AFSA members,
On behalf of AFSA board members, I am pleased to inform you about AFSA community service at the Poverello house ( on June 7, 2015 from 10am -12noon. We expect to help pack food, chop vegetables, and arrange the inventory, etc.
We welcome all AFSA members and their family and friends to join this annual community service that we started since 2013. Kindly RSVP to Dr. Srini Konduru ( by 5pm Wednesday, June 3rd.  This is important for logistic purpose.
We will be sending additional information about Poverello house guidelines, parking, etc. after we receive the RSVP. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Konduru.
Thank you for your support and looking forward to end the AY 2014-15 with the community service at Poverello house.
Best Regards,
Martha Vungkhanching, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Social Work Education
President, AFSA (AY 2014-15)

Research Paper:

Please check out the new research summary paper: The Academic Challenges of Southeast Asians at Fresno State in the "Works" section of our site.

About AFSA:

AFSA was founded at Fresno State in December 2008, and is seeking faculty and staff interested in supporting Asian and Asian-American issues and activities on campus.

The Asian Faculty & Staff Association (AFSA) is committed to bringing together members of the Asian faculty and staff to:

  • Promote a campus climate that is sensitive, representative, and fair to all ethnic groups, including the variety of Asian and other Asian-related groups of faculty and staff, with the purpose of creating a more harmonious and diverse community that includes students.
  • Provide support, activities, and programs for all Asian faculty and staff on campus including support for relevant curricular, professional, service, and social functions.
  • Create and promote a continued sense of community and leadership opportunities among the members of the AFSA.
  • Continue in building strong and proactive linkages between the University and the surrounding Asian-related constituencies both in the community and abroad.
  • All for a mere annual $15 membership fee!

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