I. Introduction

The purpose of the manual is to provide a comprehensive reference for California State University, Fresno of the most current policies issued by the university. Policy at this university is established by the President in consultation with faculty, managers, and students depending on the nature of the policy. The Manual of Administrative Policies & Procedures, (MAPP), is updated as policies or policy revisions are issued and is subject to change at any time.

Policies in the MAPP are organized in chronological order within subject area. Policies revised within the last year are annotated in the index with a "revised" note following the policy name, new policies with a "NEW" note. Each policy document contains the name, effective date and university office responsible for the policy.

California State University, Fresno will make every effort to post new and revised policies as soon as they are issued. An electronic copy of new or updated policies should be sent to Human Resources. Issuing offices are responsible for distribution of their policies to all MAPP "owners." Please direct questions concerning updates to the Human Resources Office. Questions about individual policies should be addressed to the issuing office.

This manual, the Academic Policy Manual, and the Collective Bargaining Agreements are the primary reference guides for campus operating policies and procedures. The policies and procedures apply to academic, administrative, research, and service units. The manual is a public document and should be made available to all campus personnel.