(Buildings, Grounds, Facility Development)

Name Department Number Approved Date Renewal Date
Aquatics Center, Policy on the Use of Athletics D-16 Nov 2015 Nov 2020
Buildings & Grounds, Policy on Use of University President D-08 Sep 2017 Sep 2022
Campus Planning Committee, Policy on President/VPA D-12 Nov 2012 n/a
Flag at Half-Staff, Policy on Display of President G-16 Oct 2003 Revision Pending
Free Expression (Interim), Time, Place and Manner of  Public Safety D-19 Sep 2015 Jun 2020
Key and Access Issuance, Policy on Facilities D-18 Jun 2015  Jun 2020
Naming of California State University Facilities & Properties President / University Advancement D-11 Feb 2014  Feb 2019
Peace Garden, Policy on Use of Facilities D-13 Sep 2015 Sep 2020
Facilities D-13  Aug 2010 n/a
Playfield (Kinesiology Field Space), Policy on Use of Facilities D-14 July 2018 Jun 2022
Signage (Temporary & Permanent, Interim), Policy on VPA D-17 Dec 2016 Dec 2019
Space Allocation & Changes, Policy on Facilities D-10 Aug 2015 Aug 2020
Facilities D-10 Sep 2015 Aug 2020
University Business Center (UBC) Reservations Craig School of Business   html-icon   n/a