Academic Policy Manual

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Academic Policy Manual (APM)


Section 100: Organization and Governance

Mission statement; statement on academic freedom; advisory boards; ancillary units.


Section 200: Academic and Curricular Affairs

Undergraduate and graduate education and curriculum; academic standards; grading; distance learning; international education.


Section 300: Personnel 

Appointment; faculty evaluation; faculty responsibilities and workload; professional development and leaves; nondiscrimination policies; other personnel-related topics.


Section 400: Student Affairs 

Student rights; discipline; miscellaneous policies relating to students.


Section 500: Research and Instructional Support 

Grants and contracts; human and animal subjects; handling of controlled substances; intellectual property.


Section 600: Miscellaneous Policies 

University income; gifts and endowments; communication; facilities and grounds; complaint procedures.


Section 700: Collective Bargaining Agreement 

The California Faculty Association (CFA) Unit 3 Collective Bargaining Agreement on the California State University website.