Human Resources

(Employment, Labor Relations, EEO, EAP, Diversity, Benefits, Payroll)

Name Department Number Approved Date Renewal Date
Accessibility, Interim Policy on Human Resources APM 624 Mar 2014  
Additional Employment: Faculty & Staff, Policy on Human Resources G-02 Feb 2003 Revision Pending
Additional Employment: Managers, Policy on Human Resources G-54 Apr 1999 Revision Pending
Additional Employment, Auxiliary: Written Employment Agreements, Policy on President's Office G-35  Sep 1999 Revision Pending
Administrative Appointments, Policy on Faculty Affairs APM 320 Nov 2012  
Assistive Device Program Human Resources G-05 May 2008 Revision Pending
Audits & Reports, Investigative: Access, Disclosures & Enforcement (California Government Code) Chief Financial Officer G-01 Feb 2015  

Background Check Policy

Human Resources HR 2015-08 Jun 2015  
Community Service, Policy on Release Time for Staff Volunteers for Human Resources G-10 Oct 2015  Oct 2025
Compensatory Time-Off (CTO), Policy on Human Resources G-11 Apr 2015  
Conflict of Interest, CSU Rules on CSU Chancellor’s Office html-icon   n/a
Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Against Employees and Third Parties and Procedure for Handling Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Allegations by Employees and Third Parties - Executive Order 1096, Systemwide Policy Prohibiting CSU Chancellor's Office EO 1096  Jun 2015  
Dispute Resolution, Policy on Academic Senate APM 415 Apr 1996  
Driving on State Business, Policy on Controller, EHS/RMS G-14 May 2015  
Drug Free Work Place, Policy on Human Resources APM 391 May 1989  
Drug Free Work Place - Brochure Human Resources G-15 1991  
Employee Fiscal Misconduct, Policy on Procedures for Investigating Human Resources G-41 Feb 2000 Revision Pending
Position Management & Employment Transactions, Delegation of Authority for Human Resources G-61 Sep 2015 Sep 2018
Ergonomics and Use of Special Funds, Policy on Workstation Human Resources G-19 Aug 2014  
Essential / Non-EssentialPersonnel,
Policy on
Human Resources G-58 Feb 2015  
Family Medical Leave Act(FMLA),  Policy on Human Resources    html-icon   n/a
Fee Waiver Program Human Resources    html-icon   n/a
Flag at Half Staff, Policy on the Display of the President G-16 Oct 2003  
Flexible Work WeekSchedule, Policy on Human Resources G-20 May 2015  
Gift to Agency Procedure (also see CSU Rules on Conflict of Interest) VPA G-64  Nov 2008  
Gift to Agency Form (also see CSU Rules on Conflict of Interest) VPA G-64 Form Nov 2008  
In-Range Salary Progressions, Procedures for the Request and Approval of Human Resources G-52 Dec 2002 Revision Pending
Job Descriptions Human Resources    html-icon    n/a
Jury Duty, Citizenship Service Human Resources G-48 Apr 2015  
Leave Due to Illness When All Sick Leave Has Been Exhausted, Procedure for Approving Human Resources G-53 May 2000  
Nepotism, Policy on Human Resources APM 303 Jan 2008  
Nursing Mothers and Lactation Support (Breast Feeding), Policy on Human Resources G-59 Mar 2012  
Organizations, Policy on Faculty & Staff VPA G-66 Feb 2013  Feb 2018
Position Descriptions Human Resources     html-icon   n/a
Probationary Period Waivers - see Delegation of Authority for Position Management & Employment Transactions (G-61) Human Resources      
Reassigning Permanent Employees, Process for Human Resources G-65 Sep 2007 Revision Pending
Reconsideration, Policy on Requests for Human Resources G-56 Apr 2002 Revision Pending
Special Consultant Classification, Policy on Human Resources G-27 Jun 1998 Revision Pending
Telecommuting, Policy on Human Resources G-29 Nov 1997 Revision Pending
Training, Policy on Human Resources G-37 May 2015  
Vacation Buyout ApprovalRequests, Policy on Human Resources G-30 May 2015  
Whistleblowers (Allegations of Retaliation), Policy on Human Resources html-icon   n/a
Worker’s Compensation Program Human Resources PDF icon    n/a