Student Affairs Policies & Procedures

Policy and Procedure For Requesting The Addition Of A Varsity Sport Athletics E-07 Feb 2000
Policy on Assignment of Grades and Policy on Reviewing and Appealing an Assigned Grade Academic Senate E-09, APM 242 Feb 2008
Policy on Buckley Amendment (FERPA) CSU Chancellor’s Office E-01 Feb 1997
Policy on Cheating & Plagiarism Academic Senate E-02, APM 235 Mar 2001
Policy on Determination of Competence in English and Mathematics (EO 665) CSU Chancellor’s Office E-03 Fall 1998
Policy on Dispute Resolution Academic Senate APM 415 Apr 1996
Policy on Disruptive Classroom Behavior Academic Senate E-11, APM 419 May 1990
Policy on Faculty-Student Consensual Relations Academic Senate E-13, APM 346 Jun 1992
Policy on Fee Referenda Process Academic Senate E-16 Jul 2000
Policy on Final Exams Academic Senate E-12, APM 339 Jan 1993
Policy on Off-Campus Events (Field Trip Policy) Academic Senate E-15, APM 626 Apr 2005
Oversight Policy on University Health Services Health Servics E-17 Sep 2003
Policy on Parental Notification for Drug/Alcohol Violations Student Affairs E-14 Dec 2000
Policy on Student-Athlete Code of Conduct Academic Senate E-04, APM 420 Jul 1998
Policy on Student Conduct in the State University System CSU Chancellor’s Office E-05 Apr 1997