Facilities Policies & Procedures

(Buildings, Grounds, Facility Development)

Amphitheater, Policy on the Use of Facilities D-15
Jul 2012
Aquatics Center, Policy on the Use of Facilities D-16
Oct 2014
Automatic Door Postings, Policy on Facilities D-09
Sep 1999
Buildings & Grounds, Policy on Use of University Facilities D-08
Feb 2014
Campus Planning Committee, Policy on President D-12
Nov 2012
CATI Conference Facilities, Policy on Rental of CIT D-01
Jul 1998
Key Control - Campus Keys,Policy on Facilities G-22
Mar 1999
Key Control - Campus Lockbox Procedures, Policy on Facilities G-55
May 2003
Kinesiology Field Space, Policy on Use of Facilities D-14
Feb 2012
Naming of Facilities and Properties on Campus, Policy on President / University Advancement D-11
Mar 1996
Peace Garden, Policy on Use of VPA D-13
Sep 2010
Space Allocation and Changes, Policy on VPA D-10
Jan 2011
Student Union Reservations, Policy on USU D-05
Jan 1996
University Business Center (UBC) Facilities, Policy on Use of Craig School of Business D-07
Jul 1991