Workability IV

Executive Director, Erica Ananian-Eastes, M.S.,C.R.C.

Erica grew up in Orosi, CA (Central California) and attended California State University, Fresno, where she received her B.A. in Psychology. Intrigued with helping people with disabilities find resources and options to strive, she was accepted into the Rehabilitation Counseling program at CSUF. Shortly before graduating with her Master's degree, she became employed as a Vocational Specialist with the California State University, Fresno Workability IV program. After two years with WorkAbility IV, she became the coordinator as well as an Adjunct Professor instructing various courses in the Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Counseling Program but primarily 268B Advance Job Placement.

Employment Specialist, Rhonda Swanson, M.S.


Internship Coordinator, TBA