Workability IV - DOR

Referring to Workability IV

The Workability IV Program is a collaborative effort between California State University, Fresno and California State Department of Rehabilitation.  Workability is open to all Fresno State students (and recent graduates) who are currently enrolled in an academic program (or are taking courses through the division of extended education/open university) and who are consumers of Department of Rehabilitation.  The goal of the Workability program is to provide students with disabilities with the tools and resources necessary to assist them in obtaining and maintaining meaningful careers in their academic field after graduation from Fresno State.

Debbie Rose Rehabilitation Supervisior Liason for Workability IV

Jennifer Klassen Rehabilitation Counselor Liason for Workability IV

Who can I refer:

Consumers that are Fresno State students or graduates of other universities
                                    - or -
Clients that take an Extended Education Course at Fresno State (please note that workability does not pay for the course)

When is the right time to refer:

The best time to refer your client is in their Junior year of college

How to refer a client:

  1. Fill out the referral form,  attach the Department of Rehabilitation consent to release form and the clients individualized plan for employment. Please send to Workability IV Attention: Erica Eastes 5005 North Maple Avenue M/S ED 302 Fresno, California 93740.  You are welcome to call and discuss any concerns (559) 278-0125.

Project Coding and Cost $

There is NO COST! Please code as primary CO8.