Workability IV

What Are Some of the Services the Workability IV Program Can Provide that Will Help Me Find a Job?

  • Access to a pool of employers who are open to hiring and are sensitive to the needs of people
    with disabilities.
  • Resume and cover letter creation/development
  • Interview skill review and practice
  • Finding job leads and internship opportunities
  • Coaching in business etiquette and office politics
  • Interpersonal skill development
  • Assistance with goal setting
  • Learning the pro’s and con’s of disability disclosure
  • ADA information and advocacy
  • Accommodation information and resources
  • Access to community resources and agencies
  • Collaboration with Department of Rehabilitation counselors on your behalf
  • Successful Strategies class offered for University credit
  • Continual follow up and supportive services for both employers and employees to ensure satisfaction and job retention.
  • Individualized placement services.