2016-2017 Leadership Workshops


Leadership in Action Workshop Series

This workshop series is designed for those interested in leading change. Perfect for individuals and teams.
Learn skills and strategies that can be applied immediately in any  K-12 leadership role.

M Franks



Featuring Dr. Mabel Franks

Distinguished educator and leader




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Featuring Dr. Nancy Akhavan

Author, lecturer, presenter and EL/ELD curriculum and program expert



2016-2017  Workshop Sessions

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Session 2:    Road to Reclassification                                  November 17, 2016

Dr. N. Akhavan, Presenter

Focusing on developing programs around the new ELD Standards and the new ELD Framework is not enough, leaders need to help teachers and students focus on student reclassification.  Leave with tools

to make program changes, plan goal setting meetings with students, and decide upon assessment and instruction that will make the difference for students on the road to reclassification.                                                

Session 3:  Dealing with Difficult People                               January 19, 2017

Dr.  M.  Franks, Presenter

Learn effective, concrete techniques for communicating effectively and dealing with difficult people in the workplace.  Create a positive work environment that encourages complainers to agree, bullies to surrender, non-communicators to participate and pessimists to see the brighter side of life.

Session 4:  One-Up Focus: ELs and Cognitive Rigor           February 16, 2017                                 

Dr. N. Akhavan, Presenter

Focus on raising the thinking level in lessons so tasks engage students cognitively and help EL students learn language.  Dip into learning about deep implementation of the ELD proficiency level descriptors, the ELD standards,  DOK and a tool to help teachers scaffold instruction based on levels of rigor, and student English proficiency levels to provide EL students with cognitive rigor and language support.                                             

Session 5:    Data Teaming to Support ELD Learners              March 23, 2017

Dr. N Akhavan and Dr. M Franks, Presenters

Target efforts on data-driven decision making to support and accelerate learning for the English Language Learner.  Learn and apply strategies to analyze formative assessment data to identify gaps, determine scaffolding supports, select instructional strategies, determine next steps for targeted ELD, set SMART goals, visualize results, and plan for continuous improvement of teaching and learning.

$175 per session   or   $125 per session when registering for 2 or more

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