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Program Description

The Office of Community-Based Learning in the Kremen School of Education and Human Development at California State University, Fresno facilitates an honors program for future teachers known as Teaching Fellows. The program recruits high school seniors (who maintain a 3.5 GPA) and provides a four year, enriched cohort experience for the Teaching Fellows as they complete degrees and credentials. Teaching Fellows are placed 15 hours per week as teaching assistants in low performing schools and receive financial assistance and personalized support through a counselor and staff in the Teaching Fellows office. Twenty-five students are selected for the program each year.

The Teaching Fellows program includes an additional cadre of students who are placed in paid, part-time positions to gain early field experience in education. These Teaching Fellows provide tutoring, mentoring, and after school program assistance in local schools. They are recruited as undergraduates and may be enrolled across a variety of college majors or disciplines. More than 500 CSU Fresno undergraduates currently participate in this segment of the program.

All Teaching Fellows participate in the Teaching Fellows Academy one Saturday per month to improve skills in literacy for second-language learners; problem-based learning with emphasis in science, technology and mathematics; and assets-based youth development. Enrichment opportunities include summer travel study, domestic and abroad, and other events such as white water rafting and in-state excursions to historical or educational sites.

Teaching Fellows at California State University, Fresno blends elements of the successful North Carolina Teaching Fellows and California Mini-Corps programs.

Application and Documents

2018 Freshman Application
2018 Junior Application

For more information, please call 278-0293.