Selecting Your Major and Catalog Rights

According to the California Code of Regulations all students pursuing a degree from a California State University must meet their graduation requirements according to established “Catalog Rights”. These rights protect students; and as a new student, you need to determine which requirements you should follow. It is not possible to choose the most beneficial catalog or a combination of catalogs. These requirements are based on the policy of Continuous Enrollment and are not negotiable.

**CONTINUOUS ENROLLMENT- see the following rules:
1. Begins - with first semester of enrollment in any California Community College (CCC) or California State University (CSU). Qualification does not begin until after high school graduation, and cannot begin at private or out-of state colleges or Continuing and Global Education.
2. Is continuously maintained
- by being officially enrolled at least one semester each consecutive calendar year - NOT academic year
3. Is "broken" - if there is a break in attendance of one calendar year or longer, rights to the original catalog are lost. Students must apply for admission to return and will establish catalog rights based on the year they return and remain in Continuous Enrollment.

There are three catalog choices that include:
Entrance Catalog
Transfer Catalog
Graduating Catalog

Liberal Studies students follow the choices in the table below.

Liberal Studies majors select their Catalog Rights according to the following chart:

Grade Level Catalog to Follow


Students will follow their ENTRANCE CATALOG effective with the year they begin their initial enrollment at Fresno State and maintain Continuous Enrollment.**
TRANSFERS from CCC or another CSU Students will follow their TRANSFER CATALOG effective with the year they initially enrolled at a (CCC) California Community College or a (CSU) California State University, NOT the year they initially enroll at Fresno State. Determination is based on initial enrollment and qualification requires maintenance of Continuous Enrollment**.
TRANSERS from Private or Out-of-State Colleges Students follow the ENTRANCE CATALOG for the year they transfer to Fresno State. This does NOT apply to transfer students from (CCC) California Community College or a (CSU) California State University.
FORMER STUDENTS Returning to Fresno State If the student has been out of school for one calendar year or longer, they follow the catalog in effect at the time they return to Fresno State.

See Choice of Catalog in the general catalog for more details.